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Lynnette Burge

Welcome to The Burge Genealogies!

Hello and welcome to our web site.  We are currently working on the history of our family, and trying to
put together the most complete ancestry of our boys,
Andrew and Ryan.    The information presented here
represents many hours of work done by several people, and is intended  to be fun and informative for

The site is broken down into several different levels… sections for each surname that we are pursuing, special interest material for those lines, general information, geographical and genealogical gleanings that we've picked up along the way, and an index, which also provides a full gedcom of the entire clan.

Initially, all of the links will not be functioning, but  as this is a site under construction, we ask for your
patience and that you will come back soon to see more updates and changes.  If you should find links which are incorrect (as opposed to not functioning)
please let me know so that we can correct the problem.  We welcome any comments about the information presented here, and are always open to suggestions on how we could make this a better, more accurate site.

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an overview

   ADAMS                 ALLEN                 BUNTS                 BURGE     

CAMPBELL              CRAIG                 CURTIS                  DAVIS         

    GEE                 HARBISON             HEIKKILA               KNIGHT   

KOLOVICH               LEWIS                MCNUTT                 PERA   

  RAMSEY                 ROOF                  SHARP                SHIELDS   

   SMITH              THOMPSON             WILCOX            WILCOXSON

The SurnameWeb The SurnameWeb

Birth, Death and Marriage  Records

  - extracts from obituaries and memorials

Cemetery  and Church Records
family associated

- putting a face with the name

Military Service Records 
- to honor those who served

Citations and Awards 
- notable family members

- with our eternal gratitude

Special Interest 
- a potluck of genealogical gleanings

Wills and Other Documents 
- extracts and abstracts

Logs and Journals 
- words they left behind

Family Lists 
- primary lines of research with indices

Surname Index 
- alphabetical listings of all surnames in the database

The Ships 
-  emigration and shipping information

- links of general genealogical interest and specific family lines

Where they Lived 
- past and present

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Mark and Lynnette Burge

LynBurge@aol.com          MBurge1021@aol.com

2021 North Sizer, #209
Jefferson City, TN  37760-5138

or wherever the Army happens to send us next!
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The information on this web site is copyrighted 1999 by
Lynnette Jane Burge.

All information presented here is intended to be fun and informative, and I would be tremendously appreciative of hints and  suggestions which would make this a better site.  My goal is to constantly expand the scope and  accuracy of all that is presented here.  In the meantime, please remember that this is the result of many people who have given their time and resources and that the facts here are to be used only as clues in your own research.  With that said, Good Hunting,  everyone, and God Bless.