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The mailing list is named Trier-Roots-L. It is located at the Rootsweb located in Frazier Park, California.

The purpose of the list is for queries, assistance, history of the area that encompass the Saarland, Rheinpfalz and Duchy of Luxembourg.

The subscribers voted to keep the list together as one because the population and interests of the area is interwoven.

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at one time around 1745 encompassed the Saarland and much of the Rheinland portion of Rheinpfalz.

To subscribe to the list, please send your message to [email protected] and put one word and no other word without quotemarks "Subscribe" in the body of message.

After you receive the welcome messages - you may post messages to
[email protected] Please note this address do not have "-request" in it because that is for subscribe and unsubscribe only.

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