Llangattock Lingoed Genealogy: Court and Exchequer Records

Court, Exchequer and Other Legal Records

Abergavenny lordship leases
Leases made between 1687 and 1887 while the Neville family were lords of Abergavenny.
Court of Chancery
Documents relating to the sale, transfer or lease of land or to disputes over ownership.
(These are Equity Pleadings that came before the office of the Six Clerks. Those indexed at the National Archives are the C1 series of Early Proceedings (c1386 to c1558) and the C6 series that covers the period from 1648 - a few back to 1606 - to 1722.)
Documents relating to the conveyance of land and property.
Various documents dealing with transfer of land.
(The following series of documents are indexed in the National Archives:
E40: Exchequer: Treasury of Receipt: Ancient Deeds, Series A (c1100-1603); E117: Exchequer: Church Goods Inventories and Miscellanea (Edw VI-Phil & Mary); E134: Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Depositions taken by Commission (c1558-1841); E367: Exchequer: Pipe Office: Particulars, Warrants and Transcripts for Crown Leases (Elizabeth I - George IV))

Last updated August 2018