Llangattock Lingoed Genealogy: James Davies School

James Davies School

Staff  Years

James Davies

1848 - 1849 

Anne Evans  1851 census 
Elizabeth Rogers 1861 census 
Sarah Powell (m. Bowley)  1871 and 1881 censuses 
John William Robinson  1883 - 1888 
T. Bonner Chambers  1889 
Edward Brindley  1889 - 1894 
G. S. Webber  1894 
G. R. Rumbol  1894 - 1895 
Jonathan Badcock  1895 
Rosina E. Badcock  1900 (assistant) 
Jestyn Griffiths  1902 
Catherine Luxton  1906 - 1918 
Mary Ellen Thomas  1919 
Joyce Jones 1920s
Mrs. Warren  1922 - 
Mrs. M.G. Prout c.1950s (Head Mistress) SEE ALSO


Year of admission**

Enumerated as 'Scholar' in 1851, 1861 and 1871

1881 - 1889

1890 - 1899
(not yet complete)

1900 - 1909
(not yet complete)
1910 - 1919
(not yet complete)

**These lists have been transcribed from the school log books. The originals, which are available at the Gwent Record Office, also show the exact date of admission and, in some cases, when and why the child left and his or her previous school.
Pupils living in the parish have been linked to their home; for those simply entered as "Llangattock Lingoed" (presumably meaning the village), actual dwellings have been identified as far as possible. Others addresses are as they are given, although cross-checking with the census suggests that they may not always be accurate. However, differences may also be a result of families having moved. The date of a child's admission is a good clue as to when a family moved into the area. 

School Photographs
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If you see any mistakes in the names of the children or can name any of those not identified, please contact us via the Home Page.

early 1920s

Late 1920s

 Thumb: school photo 1932
 Thumb: school photo 1933
 Thumb: school photo c.1939
c. 1939
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 Thumb: school photo 1952

 Thumb: school photo 1956

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