Sir Joseph Bradney: A History of Monmouthshire

Deeds and other documents relating to properties in Llangattock Lingoed quoted by Sir Joseph Bradney, together with other information about later ownership or tenancy.

4 Dec 1561
Indenture between Thomas ap John alias Taylor of Llangattock Kellenyge, yeoman, of the one part, and Thomas ap Rice Howell of the said parish, yeoman, of the other part. The said Thomas, in consideration of ffortye sixtene shillings viijd, releases to the said Thomas ap Rice Howell a parcel of land. (Pool Hall)

10 Jun 1600
Deed (in Latin) dated 10 June, 42 Eliz., by which John ap Rees Powell Grono of Llangattock Lingoed, yeoman, in consideration of the marriage lately celebrated between his son and heir-apparent Richard John ap Rees with Mary vz. David, settles land and a water-mill in Llangattock. (Pool Hall)

20 November 1603
Indenture dated 20 Nov., 1 Jac. 1., by which Mary Powell of Llangattock Lingoed, widow, late wife of John Powell, gent., deceased, and William Powell of Llangattock aforesaid, son and heir of the said John Powell, in consideration of a marriage shortly to be solemnized between the said William Powell and Anne vz. Richard, one of the daughters of Richard Thomas of Tregaer, gent., settle all that messuage wherein the said Mary and William now dwell, and all other lands of John Powell Llewellin, deceased, father of the said John Powell, deceased, and grandfather of the said William Powell, in the parish of Llangattock, and other lands called Trawst-mawr, Tir-nant-y-gwithe [probably for gweydd (land of the weaver's brook)], Gworlod-y-perbren [the pear-tree meadow], Pen-y-lan, and Caeobry, which the said John Powell purchased of John Rees ap Howell Grono.  (Pool Hall)

27 January 1661
Indenture of Bargain and Sale, dated 27 January, 13 Car. II., 1661, between John Prichard of Llangattock Llingoed, gent., of the one part, and Sir Thomas Morgan of Llangattock Llingoed, knight and barronett, of the other part . . . the said John Prichard in consideration of £60 grants to Sir Thomas Morgan all that his four or five parcels of land called Gwern-Duw [God’s alders], Cae'r-lan-uchaf [the upper bank field], Cae’r-lan-isaf [the lower bank field], and Gworlod-y-cefn [the ridge meadow], containing 30 acres [these field names have all been given their modern spelling] abutting to the way leading from the house of Wm Prichard towards the lands of Lord Abergavenny called Park Llingoed, lands late of Thomas Watkin, lands of Humphrey Tailor, gent., lands of Pheellipp Cecill, esq., and lands of Anne Powell and John Powell . . . . (Pen-rhos)

18 September 1661
Dated 18 Sept. 1661. John Powell of Staples Inn and Thomas Morgan of Machen, esq. The said John Powell to marry Mary Packam of Machen, spr., daughter of Reginald Packham of Yorlden, Kent, deceased . . . . her fortune .£400; and the said John Powell to sell by fine to the said Thomas Morgan, William Jones of Tre-Owen, and Richard John Powell of Llanvetherine, Pool Hall and the Old House, etc. in Llangattock Glennig and Llanvetherine, customary lands purchased of William Powell Llewelyn and Anne his wife and Mary Powell, widow . . . . to the said John and Mary, remainder to James Powell, his brother, remainder to David Powell, another brother.  (Pool Hall)

10 May 1664
Indr'es between Humphrey Tailor of the parish of Llangattock Lingoed, gent., and Rose his wife of the one part, and Sir Thomas Morgan of Chenston, co. Hereford, knt. and bart., of the other part . . . . The said Humphrey Tailor and Rose incons’on of £740 grant to Sir Thomas Morgan all that capital messuage, etc., where the said Humphrey Tailor now or lately dwelt, and which heretofore was the land of Lewis Morgan of Llangattock aforesaid, gent., deceased, father of the said Sir Thomas Morgan, . . . . containing 80 acres in Llangattock, bounded by the brook Kimmer [Cymmer] to lands late of Watkin Morgan, gent., lands late of Lewis William Probert, lands late of John Price, lands late of Phillip Cecil, esq., lands late of Thomas Powell, gent., lands of William Prichard, and other lands late of the said Lewis William Probert, to the road leading from the church to the town of Bergavenny and a brook called Nant-y-carw . . . .
Endorsed on the outside:
A deed from Humphrey and Rose Taylor of Llangattock Hous & Land it self wch was ye seat of Lewis Morgan, my grandfather, 10 May 1664. (Old Court)

20 January 1665
To all &c. . . . John Powell of Llangattock Clenick, yeom,, son and heir apparent of Thomas Powell of Llangattock Clenick, gent., late deceased; Arnold Powell of the same, smith, one other of the sons of the said Thomas; and Anne Powell of the same, relict of the said Thomas and mother of the said John and Arnold send greeting . . . Know ye that we have released to Sir Thomas Morgan of Llangattock Clenick, knt. and bart., one messuage or mansion house called Cefn-mawr containing 18 acres, a second parcel called Cae-dan-y-ty [the field below the house], a third parcel called Crofft Cydrich [Cydric’s enclosure] containing 5 acres, a fourth parcel called Cae-dan-y-berllan [the field below the orchard] contg 12 acres, a fifth parcel called Cae-hir [the long field] containing 7 acres, a sixth parcel called Cae-ffynnon (still so called) [the well field] contg 10 acres, a seventh parcel called Rhandir-y-groes [the region of the cross] whereupon a cottage now stands contg 4 acres. (Pen-rhos)

20 May 1667
Indenture dated 20 May, 19 Car. II., 1667, between William Lewis of Llangattock Lyngoed, yeom., and Jane his wife; Morgan Lewis of the parish of Lambeder, co. Brecknock, yeom., and Margarett his wife of the one part; and Sir Thomas Morgan of Chenston, co. Hereford, knt. and bart., of the other part . . . . the said William Lewis and Jane his wife in cons’on of £22 bargain and sell to Sir Thomas Morgan all that close called Cae-ffynnon, containing 6 acres, abutting to lands of Sir Thomas Morgan, the brook called Nant-y-carw [the stag's brook], lands of Charles Lloyd and to the glebe lands called Y-cae-bach [the little field]. (Pen-rhos)

24 June 1768
Following the death of Sir John Morgan Old Court was sold to David Lloyd, "whose family seem to have been long tenants of the estate and owners of a small property called Ty-ffynnon [the well-house] close by. (Old Court)

24 June 1768
In accordance with the will of Sir John Morgan, Pen-Rhos was sold to Henry James, yeoman, described as 'all that messuage, land etc. called Penrose, wherein the said Henry James doth now inhabit'. (Pen-rhos)

Henry James was succeeded by his son John, whose eldest son was Thomas. He died in 1874. (Pen-rhos)

The estate was purchased by Mr Simon Bar-jonas Preece. (Pen-rhos)

25 December 1816
Charles Lloyd sold "Llangattock Court" to Thomas Davies of Tal-y-coed, Llanvetherine. The next purchaser was John Richards of Abergavenny, horse dealer, from whom it descended to his nephew, John Pye of Abergavenny, horse dealer. (Old Court)

c 1887
The estate was purchased by Mr Simon Bar-jonas Preece of Penrhos. (Old Court)


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