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ii A deed dated 1 December 42 Elizabeth [1600] between "Thomas Winston of the parish of Comioye in the county of Hereford and Richard Thomas of the parish of llangattock Klennick in the county of Monmouth", by which "Thomas Winston letts and setts to Richard Thomas the water griest mylle, water course, weare &c. in the parish of Comioye". (This is what remains of a deed used as binding.)
143 Dyddge [= lovely day] vegh howell gwyne ma[rried] ll[ewelli]n Tho[mas] of llangattock llingoed of whom desendeth w[illia]m Powell of llangattock aforesaid & Tho[mas] Jo[h]n hughes of llanvetherin.
145 John d[avi]d g[wi]ll[i]m ma[rried] Alson da[ughter] to gwillim myrick of llangattock Clenick, & had issue. See also.
146 James John powell g[wi]ll[i]m ph[ilip]e Colye ma[rried] Joan, da[ughter] to ph[ilip]e d[avi]d powell of llangattock Clennig, & had issue 2 sones and 2 da[ughters] Richard and howell, Jonett and margaret.
162 Hughe Barrie ma[rried] Jonet, da[ughter] and heire to Jo[h]n ap John of llangattocke Klennick, and have issue John Barrie and 2 da[ughters], Eliza Barrie and [blank] Barrie.
178 Jonett, 4th da[ughter] [of Sir William Thomas ap William, kt., High Steward of Edward IV] ma[rried] david Barrie of llangattocke Clenig. (Footnote: Jenet is generally given as illegitimate.) See also.
342 Margaret Jones ma[rried] Howell pricherd of Campston, sone to Richard ap pricherd ap howell ap d[avi]d ap howell ap Ievan ap ph[ilip]e ap Ioroth of llangattock Clennicke, and have issue will[ia]m pricherd, & John pricherd.

The said Jonet vegh Ph[ilip]e Thomas ap Ievan ap Einen ap Samson ap Philo married David ap howell ap Ph[ilip]e ap Ioroth of llangattocke Clennicke who had issue Howell d[avi]d powell, Thomas d[avi]d Powell, Rees d[avi]d Powell, John d[avi]d Powell .... d[avi]d Powell S[i]r Richard ...., vicare of grossemond, & others. [Sir Richard ap David ap Howel ap Philip was vicar of Grosmont in 1500.] See also.

Lewis pricherd ma[rried] margaret, da[ughter] to Tho[mas] Jo[h]n Lewis of llangattock Clennick.



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