Brigadier T  S B Sally CSR

Brigadier T  S B Sally CSR

Brigadier Tuan Samayraan Buhary Sally, was born in Kandy on 18 March 1924. The eldest of four sons and four daughters in the family of Tuan Buhary Sally and Boodie Doole.

As a teenager, when WWII broke out in 1939, he was fascinated and impressed by the discipline and orderliness; the efficiency and courage displayed when relatives who had joined the forces visited his parental home in Haputale (a township close to the Soldier's Training Camp at Diyatalawala). He wanted to become a soldier.

In 1942, at the age of 18, his ambition was realized. He joined the Army. From that day onwards began a career that was always on a forward march. Here is his serviced record that no Sri Lankan Malay has been able to achieve within the ranks of the Sri Lanka Army, to date.

Nov 1942 - 2nd Lieutenant - 5th Battalion Ceylon Light Infantry

May 1946 - Released from Army service on termination of WWII as a Lieutenant. During his wartime career as a Platoon Commander specializing in 3" mortars after qualifying at Saugor and Dehra Dun in India.

Aug 1947 - Joined Corps of RMP (Ceylon). Performed duties in Singapore and Malaya.

Feb 4 1948 - Independence Day - Promoted to Captain.

July 1950 - Commissioned into the First Battalion CLI as Lieutenant in the regular Army of Ceylon.

July 1951 - Trained at British School of Infantry at Netheravon; on his return promoted to Captain.

Oct 1956 - Adjutant to Ceylon Sinha Regiment. Promoted to Major and commanded a Company of troops.

Mar 1967 - Appointed Lieutenant Colonel in Command of a Battalion.

May 1968 - Commander Sinha Regiment. Received training in Indinapolis, USA. Subsequently took up appointment at Army HQ.

Jan 1974 - Promoted to Colonel.

Dec 1, 1977 - Promoted to Brigadier. Appointed Chief of Staff till retirement on Mar 18, 1979. On two occasions Brig Sally was acting Commander of the Army when the Commander was overseas on assignments.

Today (Feb 2007), Brig Sally lives in peaceful retirement looking into the affairs of the SLMA, CMCC, and SLAMAC (Sri Lanka Malay Confederation). He was also a former General Secretary of SLAMAC.