Obituaries Ceylon Green Book 1932

Obituaries Ceylon Green Book 1932


Abayasekera, James Samuel; C.C.S, Office Asst. to the Controller of Indian Immigrant labour. Died 8th November 1931. Aged 56 years


Abdul Hamid, I.L.M.H.; Partner, Hamidson & Co. Died at "Salonica", Colpetty. 20th July 1931.


Abeyenaike, A.A.; Muhandiram, addl. Supdt., of Mails, G.P.O., Colombo. Died at Bambalapitiya, 14 Sept. 1931


Ahamed, Hadji Ibrahim Bin; The veteran merchant and land proprietor of Main St., Colombo. Died in Colombo 9th May 1931. Aged 105 years.


Alford, Ronald; The well-known merchant and race-horse owner of Colombo. Died at the Lady Carnavon Nursing Home, London, 22nd December 1931. Aged 68 years. He founded the firm Messrs. Alford, Buckle & Co. and was a partner of Messrs. Cutler, Plamer & Co.


Allan, George; Father of Mrs. W.G. Berry of Peenkande, Nivitigala. Died at Aberdeen, Scotland, 2nd December 1931


Alpin, Mrs. Lily; Wife of Mr. W.E. Alpin. Died at Southampton, 25th February 1932


Anastasia, Sister; Died at the Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya, 15th August 1931. Aged 71 years.


Anthonisz, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. Henry Anthonisz, Proctor, Avisawella. Died at Dehiwala, 7th Jan. 1932


Appleton, Dr. J.E.; Died at Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth, 5th April 1932. Aged 67 years.


Armstrong, Wilfred Spelddewinde; Died at Matara, 17th June 1931.


Arndt, Mrs. Alice; Widow of the late Mr. S.S. Arndt and mother of Dr. E.W. Arndt. Died in Colombo, 8th April 1932.


Arsekularatne, D.P.; Barrister-at-Law and Advocate of Colombo. Died 12th Sept. 1931


Balfour, Miss Daphne; Daughter of Mr. D.H. Balfour, District Judge, Jaffna and Mrs. Balfour. Died at Jaffna, 30th March 1932. Aged 16 years.


Balkhuysen, F.; Retired Sub-Inspector of Police. Ied 20th Feb. 1932 at Heneratgoda.


Barber, Miss Maude Alice; Daughter of Mrs. Annie Barber, of The Grove, Ukuwela. Died in Colombo 12 June 1931.


Barrow, Mrs. Myralda Claribel; Wife of Mr. Lloyd R. Barrow, of the British Ceylon Corporation. Died at "Myrloid", Havelock Road, Wellawatte, 18th Dec. 1931. Aged 31 years.


Bartholemeusz, Mrs. Francis Harriet; Widow of the late Mr. Alfred Bartholemeusz. Died May 1931


Bartholemeusz, Hugh Hamilton; Advocate of Colombo. Died at "Leander House" Turret Road, Colombo, 2nd September 1931. Aged 48 years. The late Mr. Bartholemeusz acted as District Judge of Colombo on a few occasions, he was Registrar of the Diocese of Colombo and a Warden of St. Michael's and All Angels' Church. He was nominated a member of the Colombo Municipal Council in August 1931.


Bell, Arthur Percy; Supdt. of Pingarawa Estate, Namunukula. Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 2nd Feb. 1932. Aged 56 years.


Bell, Very Rev. Fr. Isidore; O.M.I., Asst. General to the Superior General of the O.M.I. Died 12th Dec. 1931. Aged 70 years. Fr. Bell was well-known in Colombo where he was in charge of responsible posts. He was at one time Vicar-General to the late Dr. Coudert, Archbishop and served as Pro-Vicar of Missions.


Bibby, Vivian Kenneth Clover; Of Ketakelle Estate, Welimada. Died at sea, on board the Homeward bound P. & O. "Chitral", 9th May 1931.


Bingham, Mrs. Hope Augusta; Wife of Mr. J. Bingham, of Mt. Lavina. Died 27th Nov. 1931. Aged 70 years.


Bird, Albert; Chief Acct. of the Colombo Gas & Water Co. Ltd., Colombo. Died at the Joseph Fraser Nursing Home, Colombo, 4th dec. 1931.


Blacker, Mrs. Esther Virginia; Wife of Mr. A.L. Blacker of Messrs. Carson & Co. Ltd. Died 20th June 1931.


Bois, Fredric William; retired partner of Messrs. J.M.Robinson & Co., Colombo. Died in London 26th July 1931. Aged 85 years. The late Mr. Bois was connected with the firm of Messrs. Alstons, Scott & Co. for some ears before joining Messrs. J.M. Robertson & Co. He took a keen interest in the business life of the city. He was Secretary of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in 1870-71, Vice-Chairman in 1982-83 and Chairman in 1892.


Boustead, R. Claude; Of Maria Estate, Wattegama. Died at Exmouth, 1st April 1932. Aged 43 years.


Brereton, Henry Arthur; Formerly proprietor of Yarrow Estate, Pussellawa. Died 12th March 1932, at Jersey, Channel Islands.


Brohier, Louis H.; Late of the General Post Office, Colombo. Died 6th August 1931. Aged 68 years.


Brooke, A. Trafford; Senior partner of Messrs. James A Hadden & Co., Fenchurch St., London. Died in London, 19th March 1932.


Broom, Sir James Thomson; Formerly of Messrs. Whittall & Co., Colombo. Died in London, 29th August 1931. When Sir James came out to Ceylon in 1912 he was no stranger, for he had previously acted as Manager of Messrs. Jas. Finlay & Co., Colombo, when Mr. Alexander Fairlie was on leave. He eventually succeeded Mr. Fairlie when the latter retired in 1912. After 4½ years with Messrs. Jas. Finlay & Co., Sir James joined Messrs. Whittall & Co. as partner in April 1917, and he remained with this firm until he retired. Soon after his arrival in the colony, Sir James began to identify himself with every movement connected with the business life of the city, and he soon rose to occupy a prominent place in its activities. In 1914 he was elected Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and held that office in 1915 and again in 1917. He was Commercial Member of the Legislative Council from 1921 to 1923 and during this period took a prominent part in the debates in Council.


On the social side,!  Sir James was a keen member of the Royal Colombo Yacht Club, while his interest in polo was such that he presented a cup to the Colombo Polo Club for competition between its members. He was also a Director and Trustee of the Young Men's Christian Association of Ceylon. Born in 1866 in Glasgow, Sir James was a son of Mr. David Broom, merchant. He was educated at Glasgow Academy and was for many years in business in Calcutta. In 1915 he was created a Knight, he was married to Jane Riddoch-Spence and leaves his widow and one daughter who is the wife of Sir Charles Coupar Barrie.


Buckley, E.C.; Retired Head Guard, C.G.R. Died at Borella, 29th August 1931.


Burdayron, William; Died in Colombo, 27th Nov. 1931. Aged 24 years.


Byrde, William Lucius Walter; Who retired as Asst. Traffic Supdt., C.G.R. at the age of 49 years owing to ill health in 1915, after 19 years' service. Died at Guernsey, C.I., 3rd Dec. 1931. Aged 65 years.


Cader, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. A.J.A. Cader. Died 4th Nov. 1931.


Candiah, C.; Retired Station Master of Slave Island. Died at Jaffna Hospital, 12th Nov. 1931.


Cassels, A.M.; Formerly Acct. of the Chartered Bank, Colombo. Died at Medan, Sumatara, Sept. 1931.


Chapman, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. T.H. Chapman, O.B.E., retired Director of Public Works, Ceylon. Died at Bexhill, England, 2nd Oct. 1931.


Charsley, Clive; Of Sagga Estate, Negri Sembilan, F.M.S., son of Mr. H.J. Charsley formerly of Ceylon. Died at the Seremban Hospital, 15th Nov. 1931.


Chippindall, Rev. William Sydney; Died in 1931. Aged 50 years. The late Rev. Chippindall began his career as a tea planter in Ceylon and was later employed in the British Bank of South America in London. He was ordained in 1911, and afterwards graduated at Cambridge.


Christoffelsz, H.P.; Of Havelock Town, Colombo. Died 12th Feb. 1932.


Claessen, James G.; Retired Station Master, C.G.R. Died at Wellatte 30th July 1931. Aged 82 years.


Clarence, Mrs. Elizabeth; Widow of the late Mr. L.B. Clarence, formerly Judge of the Supreme Court of Ceylon. Died 12th Nov. 1931 at "Heath Lodge", Fleet, Hants. Aged 92 years.


Claridge, Mrs. E.; Mother of Mr. T.G. Claridge, of the Colombo Apothecaries Co. Ltd. Died 4th Sept. 1931, at Mitchell Hill, Truro.


Clarke, G.; Retired lay preacher of the Wesleyan Mission. Died at Mannar, 1st Jan. 1932.


Collette, H.A.; Retired Actg. Asst. Supdt. of Police. Died in Colombo, 26th June 1931. Aged 87 years.


Cook, Dr. J.C.; Retired Asst. Director of Medical Services. Died at Pepilyana, 28th August 1831. Aged 64 years. Dr. Cooke, who joined the Department in 1890 was appointed Provincial Surgeon of the Western Province in 1920 and in 1924 acted as Asst. Principal Civil Medical Officer. On the re-organisation of the Department later Dr. Cooke was appointed Asst. Director of Medical Services, from which post he retired in 1927. [Transcriber's note: spelling of Cook/e is as shown].


Coombe, John Antony; Asst. Manager of Poonagalla Group, Bandarawela. Died at Bandarawela, 3rd Oct. 1931. Aged 55 years. Mr. Coombe was a member of a family of brothers who have played an important part in the planting history of Cylon. Unlike his brothers, however, Mr. John Coombe was first engaged in seafaring. For some years he was in sailing ships and afterwards joined the British India Steam navigation Co. arising to the rank of Capt. He was a prominent figure on the B.I. routes and had many friends in mercantile shipping circles. He was one of the few members of the Seven Seas Club in Ceylon. About twenty years ago, Mr. Coombe gave up his seafaring life and came to Ceylon as a planter. He was for some time on Diyaluma Koslande, before taking up an appointment on Poonagalla Group and remained there until his death. Mr. Coombe was a capable planter and had the welfare of the tea industry at heart. He was a firm believer in the necessity for intensive advertising to bring !  Ceylon tea back to the prominent position it enjoyed years ago.


Cooray, P.A.; Agent for Messrs. Delmege Forsyth & Co., Ltd., at Alutgama. Died 24th Oct. 1931.


Crabbe, George Mortimer; The veteran planter and sportsman. Died at Arcadia, Diyatalawa, 14th Sept. 1931. Mr. Crabbe was born at Elkaduwa, Matale. He was educated in England, privately and at Dawlish, South Devon. He came to Ceylon in 1887, after being engaged for two years in farming in New Zealand. He started coffee and tea planting under the late Mr. Thomas Mackie on Great Western, Talawakelle, and opened up El Teb, Passara, belonging to Capt. Gordon. In 1895, Mr. Crabbe went to Malangi in Nyasaland as Manager of the Nyasaland Coffee Company, but returned to Ceylon two years later and assumed charge of Marawela Estate, Ratnapura, with which he was connected until his retirement about eight years ago. Since then Mr. Crabbe resided on his own property, Arcadia, Diyatalawa, and did some visiting work. Mr. Crabbe was for many years closely associated with planting politics. He held the office of Chairman of the Ratnapura Planters' Association, and later presided over the meet!  ings of the United Sabaragamuwa Planters' Association. He always took the keenest interest in the welfare of the district, and was one of the prime movers in the agitation for the Ratnapura Railway. He was also a prominent figure at the meetings of the Parent Planters' Association, serving on the General Committee and the Labour Committee. He was J.P. and U.P.M., and a member of the Provincial and District Road Committees. Mr. Crabbe was a great advocate of land settlement arising out of the Waste Lands Ordinance. He was one of the most ardent members of the Game Protection Society and was for a number of years either its Hony. Secy. or Chairman. He possessed a rare collection of slides and cinema films of life in Ceylon jungles and his contributions on matters pertaining to Game Protection have been invaluable.


Culanthaivalu, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. J.N. Culanthaivalu, Secy. Of the District Court of Badulla. Died in Jaffna, Jan 1932.


Daniel, Edwin Francis; Late prosecuting Surveyor, Colombo Municipality. Died 11th April 1932. Aged 54 years.


Daniel, Francis Lionel; M.B.E., J.P., U.P.M., retired City Coroner of Colombo. Died in Colombo, 22nd July 1931 Aged 84 years.


Darius, F.W.; Retired Salt Storekeeper of Mannar. Died 22 June 1931.


Da Silva, Cyril H.; Late of Messrs. Walker Sons & Co. Ltd., Colombo. Died 18th Nov. 1931.


Davis, Moses; Of the Church Missionary Society. Died at 'Hebron', Peradeniya, 26th July 1931. Aged 75 years.


Davies, William John; Engine Driver, C.G.R. Died at Koddamunai, 12th July 1931. Aged 41 years.


De Alwis, A.C.; Late of the P.W.D. Died 5th Dec. 1931. Aged 51 years.


De Breard, Mrs. Bella; Relict of the late Mr. E.G. Breard, the Colombo merchant. Died 26th March 1932. Aged 81 years.


De Bruin, James Alfred; Retired D.T.S., C.G.R. Died 23rd Jan 1932.


De Cruse, John; Late Shroff of the Queen's Hotel, Kandy. Died 26th Oct. 1931. Aged 80 years.


De Fonseka, Mudaliyar .F.; Died at the 'Walanwa', Horton Place, Colombo, 11th December 1931. Aged 77 years.


De Hoedt, Mrs. Maria; Relict of the late Mr. C.W. de Hoedt, of Kandy. Died in Colombo, 12th Jan 1932. Aged 87 years.


De Koning Miss D.M.; Died at Koddamunai, 9th July 1931.


De Kretser, Mrs. Ellen; Widow of the late Mr. Horace de Kretser, Landing Surveyor, H.M. Customs, Colombo. Died at 'Rexton', Fredrica Road, Wellawatte, 18th Dec. 1931.


De Livera, Henry Steuart; Proctor. Died in Colombo 19th Nov. 1931.


De Mel, V. Christian; Merchant. Died at 'Laxapathiya', Moratuwa, 18th Jan. 1932.


De Rooy, Mrs. Sarah; Mother of Lieut.-Col. W.E.V. de Rooy. Died 1st March 1932.


De Saram, Mrs.; Widow of the late Mr. Walter Morgan de Saram. Died at Stafford Place, Colombo, 18th Dec. 1931. Aged 76 years.


De Seigneux, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. R. De Seigneux and sister of Mrs. L.O. Gilliat. Died at Geneva, Switzerland, 6th Nov. 1931.


De Silva, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. J. Martin de Silva, C.C.S., Extra Office Assistant, Galle. Died at the Civil Hospital, Mahamodera, 7th Jan 1932.


De Silva, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. Newton M. De Silva, Proctor, Ambalangoda. Died at Panadura, 30th Sept. 1931.


De Silva, D.N.C.; Chief Clerk, Messrs. Somerville & Co., Ltd., Colombo. Died 22nd Jan. 1932.


De Silva, Mrs. Emelyn Weerasirie; Wife of Mr. A.J. de Silva, landed proprietor Narawala, Galle, and daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. D.F. Weerasirie. Died 23rd April 1931. Aged 25 years.


De Silva, Harris Richard; Asst. Supdt. of Police. Died at Bullers Road Colombo, 26th Feb 1932.


De Silva, J. Cecil E.; Supdt. of Aniakande Estate, Kandana. Died 9th April 1932.


De Silva, K. Lorenz; Died at Matara. 8th Dec. 1931.


De Silva, R.K.; Landed proprietor of Randombe, Ambalangoda. Died 30th May 1931.


De Silva, Simon; Of the Tutorial Staff of St. Joseph's College, Colombo. Died 30th May 1931.


De Vos, Dr. Cyril; Retired Provincial Surgeon. Died at 'Baron's Rhue', Station Road, Wellawatte, 2nd Dec. 1931. The late Dr. de Vos, who was 69 years of age, retired from the Medical Dept., after 33 years' service in 1922.


De Vos, R.A.H.; J.P. Proctor of Galle. Died 24th June 1931.


De Wilton, Major Albert Walter; Died in Jersey, 13th Oct. 1931. Major de Wilton was appointed Inspector-General of Police and Prisons, in succession to Major Knollys in 1900. When the two posts were separated he was succeeded by Mr. C.C. Longden, loaned from India, as Inspector-General of Police, and continued in the Prisons appointment. He retired in 1922, at the age of 60 years.


De Zilva, Leon Hope; Of Kuala Lumpur, F.M.S. Drowned off Mt. Lavinia, 31st Jan.1932. Aged 43 years.


De Zylva, John Charles; Retired Proctor. Died at Negombo, 25th April 1931. Aged 81 years.


Dep, Mrs.; Wife of A.J. Dep, of the Colombo Commercial Company Co., Ltd. Died 24th Jan. 1932.


Diacono, Mrs. Mary; Wife of the late Mr. W.F. Diacono of Maryhill Hotel, Nuwara Eliya. Died in Nuwara Eliya, 2nd March 1932.


Dias, H.G.; Surveyor. Died 10th Nov. 1931.


Dias, P.C.H.; Died at Panadura, 27th Nov. 1931. Aged 66 years.


Dickson, A.E.; Son of the late Mr. S.K. Dickson of Coolbawn Estate, Nawalapitiya. Died 26th June 1931. Aged 31 years.


Dickson, J.A.; Consulting Engineer, of Holbrook, Lindula. Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 16th Jan. 1932. Aged 62 years.


Dickson, S.K.; Supdt.of Coolbawn Estate, Nawalapitiya. Died 4th Feb. 1932. Aged 59 years.


Dingwall, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. Alexander H. Dingwall, formerly a planter in Ceylon. Died in April 1932. Aged 69 years.


Dole, B.H.; Retired Jailor of Galle. Died 16th Sept. 1931.


Don, Mrs Rosamond Margaret; Wife of Mr. E.W. Don, retired Station Master. Died 13th Oct. 1931.


Donohoe, Rev. Fr. Wilfred; Late of the Papal Seminary, Kandy. Born at Agra, 1884. Died at the Rangoon General Hospital, 5th ec. 1931


Dow, Roderick; Father of Mr. Leslie Dow, of Thotulagalla, Haputale. Died at Suffolk, 15th March 1932. Aged 67 years.


Ebert, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. E.F. Ebert, Surveyor, Ratnapura. Died 16th April 1931.


Ebert, William Jellis; Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 29th April 1931. Aged 59 years.


Edwards, Mrs. Barbara; Wife of Mr. Sidney James Edwards, of Messrs. Edwards, Reid & Booth. Died in Colombo, 19th July 1931.


Elapata, Dissawa E.A.; Died at Alpitiya, 21st Feb. 1932.


Elphinstone, Edmond; Of Bowhill Estate, Kotmale. Died in England, 3rd July 1931.


Emilda, Rev. Sister Mary; Died at St. Mary's Convent, Ganegama, 24th May 1931.


Ephraums, Arthur Edward; The well-known sportsman and hotel proprietor of Colombo. Died at the Grand Hotel, Mt. Lavinia, 10th Nov. 1931. Aged 52 years. The late Mr. Ephramus started business in a small way in Colombo many years ago, originally owning the Globe Hotel. He built up a vast business and about ten years ago acquired the Mount Lavinia Grand Hotel. He also owned the Anuradhapura, St, Andrew's and Bristol Hotels besides running the Railway Restaurant Cars and Rooms. He was a sound businessman and was one of the promoters of the Colombo Pharmacy Co., Ltd., of which he was a Director and also carried out the duties of Agent and Secretary. He had a remarkable career on the Ceylon Turf. He had been an owner for several years, one of his earlier successes being gained by Lithosian, who won him the Channer Stakes in 1916. He came into prominence when he became the owner of Orange William in 1922 and since then he had been once of the most prominent supporters of the local turf. He had one of the most prominent collections of racing trophies in the Island, including five King-Emperor's Cups, three Viceroy's Cups, two Robert's Cups, a Governor's Cup and numerous others. Not only was he a big owner, but for several years he was the lessee of the Colombo Course and his sound advice on matters connected with the administration of the Club was always highly valued. He leaves a widow and two sons.


Evarts, Archibald Tillear Andree; Retired Supdt. of Excise. Died 21st. Feb. 1932.


Feast, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. F. Penrose Feast, of Meddecombra Estate, Watagoda. Died 23rd. April 1931.


Felix, Dr. J.E.; D.M.O., Baddegama. Died at the Civil Hospital, Galle, 23rd Nov. 1931. Dr. Felix served as Captain in the Indian Medical service for a number of years. He joined up soon after the outbreak of the Great War.


Felix, John Joseph Pocock; Late of the C.G.R. Died at Ealing, 19th June 1931. Born in 1873. Mr. Felix was appointed District Traffic Supdt. of the railway and arrived in the Colony in 1905. He volunteered his services during the Great ar and served in East Africa. On his return to Ceylon in 1919 he was appointed asst. Traffic Manager and acted as Deputy in 1920. He was appointed Deputy three years later and acted as Traffic Manager in 1924. On the re-organisation of the Railway service in that year Mr. Felix was appointed Divl. Trans. Supdt. He acted as Deputy General Manager (Commercial) in 1927 and retired from service in 1928, after 22 years' connection with the department.


Fellowes-Gordon, Mrs. Millicent; Mother of Mrs. Marjory Tutein-Nolthenius and Mr. Abdy Fellowes-Gordon. Died 10th Nov. 1031 at Knockespoch, Aberdeenshire.


Fenwick, Charles; Youngest son of the late Rev. D.P. Fenwick, M.A., "Logie", Cupar, Fife. Died at Edinburgh, 19th Dec. 1931. Aged 45 years.


Fernandez, Mrs. Etta; Wife of Mr. A. Laurie Fernandez, of Nuwara Eliya. Died 14th May 1931.


Fernando, A.E.; Postmaster, Pundaluoya. Died 14th March 1932.


Fernando, T.S. Daniel; Forwarding Agent and Merchant of Halgranoya. Died at "Fenn Lyn", Moratuwa, 17th Jan. 1932.


Fernando, Vincent W.; Late of the Chartered Bank, Colombo. Died 1st Oct. 1931.


Fernando, Rev. W.P.; Late Vicar, St. John's Church, Kalutara, and formerly Incumbent of St. Mark's Church, Dandegama. Died at Kalutara, 22nd. Sept. 1931.


Fonseka, D.E.; Retired Station Master, C.G.R., Bambalapitiya. Died at 17, Queen's Road, Aberdeen, 18th Nov. 1931. Aged 77 years.


Forbes, Alexander Mansfield; Formerly fo Coreen Estate, Talawakele. Died at 32 Earls Avenue, Folkestone, 27th July 1932. Aged 74 years.


Fowler, Reginald Capel; Planter, Bearwell Estate, Talawakelle. Died at the Radella Club, Manu Oya, 10th June 1932. Aged 54 years. He came out to Ceylon in the late 'nineties and one of his earliest appointments was on Oliphant, Nuwara Eliya. In 1908 he was on Albion, Lindula, 1914 found him on Maria, 1917 on Lippakelle, both in the same district, while he was Supdt. of Bearwell, Talawakelle, until his death.


Frieze, Charles T.; Foreman Platelayer, C.G.R., Bandarawela. Died at Bandarawela, 2nd April 1932.


Gardiner, Samuel Vyramuttu; Died 13th Sept. 1931. Aged 61 years.


Garforth, Frederick; Formerly a planter in Ceylon. Died in South Africa, 28th Nov. 1931.


Girihagama Kumarihami, Mrs. J.A.; Died 25th Feb. 1932.


Gooneratna, Francis Ernest; Mohotte Mudaliyar of the Gale Attapattu. Died at Galle, June 1931. Aged 93 years.


Goonetilleke, Mrs. Esther; Wife of Mr. O.E. Goonetilleke, Auditor-General. Died 5th August 1931.


Goonetilleke, E.A.; Actg. Asst. Supdt. of Police. Died at Mutwal, 18th June 1931. Aged 40 years.


Goonewardhana, D.A.J.; Proctor, S.C. Died 7th July 1931.


Gordon, Cosmo M.; Former partner of Messrs. George Steuart & Co., Colombo. Died in Scotland, 15th June 1931. The late Mr. Gordon, who was about 60 years of age, came out to Ceylon in 1897, and was on Hope Estate, Hewaheta. He became a partner of Messrs. Geo. Steuart & Co. in 1901, and retired from active business in 1923. He retired from partnership in the firm in 1928. Mr. Gordon was a son of the late Mr. John Lewis Gordon, who was connected with Messrs. Geo. Steuart & Co. from 1863 to 1902, and married Miss Gladys Anderson, daughter of Mr. William Anderson, who was associated with Messrs. Geo. Steuart & Co. in 1908. Mr. Gordon occupied a prominent place in the business life of Colombo.


Gowans, Wiliam C.; Formerly of the Colombo Apothecaries Co. Ltd. Died 25th Dec. 1931, at "Edzell", Scotland. Aged 68 years.


Grigg, Hubert A.; Formerly of Portmore Agrpatnas. Died in Paris, 26th Dec. 1931. Aged 60 years.


Gunasekera, J.E.; Principal of Mahabodhi College. Died 2nd Nov. 1931.


Gunasekera, Mary Catherine; Wife of Mr. J.F. Gunasekera. Died at "Watersmeet", Mutwal, 11th Oct. 1931.


Gunawardene, Gerald Conrad; Ledgerkeeper of the Mercantile Bank, Colombo. Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 15th Jan. 1932, of injuries sustained in motor cycle accident.


Hall, Mrs. Charlotte Anne; Mother of Mrs. F.E. Mackwood, Mrs. Oscar Johnson and Mrs. R.S. Hall. Died in England 3rd. Dec., 1931.


Halliley, C.F.W.; Retired Supdt. of Surveys, Ceylon. Died at Edgeware, Middlesex, 1st feb., 1932. Aged 60 years.


Hampshire, Mrs. Laura Elsie; Second daughter of the late Major George Trenchell of the Ceylon Rifles and Perak, F.M.S. Died 23rd May, 1931 in a London Nursing Home. Aged 56 years.


Hampton, Joseph Lewis; Late of the Ceylon Government Service. Died 19th Nov., 1931, at 37, StradaTigne, Sliema, Malta.


Harmant, Rev. Alfonse; O.M.I. Died at St. Vincent's Home, Maggona, 7th Feb., 1932.


Harris, M.R.; Of Kepitigalla Group, Matale. Died at the Kurunegala Hospital, 5th Jan., 1932.


Haw, Rev. Albert; M.C., B.A., late of Batticola. Died May, 1931.


Haward, Mrs.; Wife of M. F.A. Haward of Vykumbra Estate, Passara. Died at Badulla, 15th August 1931.


Hayes, Mrs. Annie; Widow of Mr. H.E.H. Hayes, retired Provincial Engineer of the P.W.D., Ceylon. Died in England, 26th May, 1931.


Hayes, Major A.T.H.; Of South Cerney, Cirencester, who was in Ceylon for several years before the War. Died in March 1932


Henderson, Capt. Arnott; Died at Kotagiri, Nilgiris, 18th June 1931. Aged 85 years.


Hepponstall, Colin E.; Proctor of Kalutara. Died 15th Feb., 1932.


Heyzer, Mrs. Dagmar Maisie; Wife of Mr. Arthur Heyzer. Died at Bambalapitya, 15th June 1931.


Hudson, Mrs.; Widow of the late Mr. T.P. Hudson, Pricnipal of the Manipay Hindu College. Died 31st July 1931. Aged 50 years.


Hudson, Thomas;The veteran planter of Glenanore, Haputale. Died in London, 14th June 1931. Aged 69 years.


Hunter-Blair, Reginald Eustace; Of Watagoda Estate. Drowned while bathing at Watagoda, 17th May 1931. Aged 26 years.


Ievers, Mrs.; Widow of Mr. Robert Wilson Ievers, C.M.G., of the Ceylon Civil service. Died Nov., 1931.


Jacks, Mrs. Mabel Elizabeth; Wife of Mr. Walter Raymond Jacks of Akramboda Group. Died at the Kandy Nursing Home, 17th March 1932.


Jago, H.; Supdt. of Leangawella Estate, Haputale. Died at Haputale, 23rd May, 1931.


Jayasinghe, T.W.A.; Of Delmege Forsyth & Co., Colombo. Died 2nd May, 1931. Aged 38 years.


Jayasuriya, Francis; Proctor of Matara. Died in the General Hospital, Colombo, June 1931.


Jayatileke, Mrs. Ethel Ruth; Wife of Mr. Elmore Jayatileke. Died at Undugoda. 18th Dec., 1931.


Jayatileke, Ronald; Excise Inspector. Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 10th Feb., 1932.


Jayawardene, Mrs.; widow of the late Muhandiram A.M. Jayawardene. Died at "Fern Bank", Moratuwa, 1st Jan., 1932.


Jones, Mrs. Deborah Powell; widow of Mr. Charles Powell Jones, formerly of Ceylon. Died at Bedford, 1st Feb., 1932. Aged 79 years.


Karunaratne, Dr. D. T. A.; Of Panadura Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 16th August, 1931.


Keith, Mrs. Rosalind; Widow of the late Mr. J. N. Keith, Proctor of Colombo. Died in Kandy, 24th Jan., 1932. Aged 88 years


Kemps, Frederick William; Propry. Planter. Died at Matara, 11th Jan., 1932. Aged 61 years.


Kingston, W. J.; Late of the Colombo Harbour Works. Died 3rd Feb., 1932.


Kobbekaduwa, Dr. Tikiri Banda; M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Died at Kandy, 29th Dec., 1931. Aged 54 years.


Koch, Gladwin Ellis; Advocate. Died at " St. Alban's " Flower Road, Colombo. 30th June, 1931. Aged 55 years He acted as District Judge, Colombo, Municipal Magistrate, Colombo, and Police Magistrate, Gampaha


Kolemeyer, John lexander; Of Allan Avenue, Dehiwala. Accidentally drowned at Wattala, 26th Sept., 1931. Aged 60 years.


La Brooy, John Cameron; Died at Mutwal 8th June, 1931.


Lawson, Mrs. Lucy; Died at the Nuwara Eliya Hospital, 10th., Jan., 1932. Aged 75 years.


Leetham, Arthur Richard Patrick; Late of the Education Dept., Ceylon. Died at Ratcliffe Leicester, 20th July, 1931. Aged 65 years.


Leonard, W. E.; Late of the Times of Ceylon Co., Ltd., Colombo. Died 7th July, 1931. Liesching, Mrs. Kate Way ; Widow of the late Mr. Louis Liesching formerly District Judge, of Galle Died in England, 25th Oct., 1931. Aged. 83 years.


Lipton, Sir Thomas Johnstone; Died 2nd Oct., 1931. The late Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton, who built up a great provision business and whose hobby was yachting, was born at Glasgow in May, 1850. His father was an Irish farmer but he left Clones, Co., Tyrone, and set up a small provision shop in Glasgow. The venture was not a success, and young Lipton left school of his own accord at the age of nine to help the family by taking a job as errand boy at 2s. 6d, a week. When he, was 17 he left Glasgow for America as a stowaway. There he worked on a plantation in South Carolina and in a store at New Orleans. Having got together £100, he left New York and returning to Glasgow, opened a small provision shop in 1876. From this modest beginning he built up a vast business, adding shop to shop, until 22 years later the concern was bought by a company for £2,500,000, the issue being enormously over-subscribed. His first ex­pansions took place in Scotland, whence he extended his operations to Ireland and then to England. Within ten years, of starting his first shop he was employing 8,000 men, and before he was 40 he was a millionaire,


In 1889 he entered the tea trade, and although this is a business in which England leads the way, he came rapidly to the front, buying plantations in the East and growing his own tea. His success was largely due to his genius for advertising in which he was a pioneer. He was knighted in 1898, and received a baronetcy in 1902. He first expressed a desire to win back the America Cup in 1887, but it was not till 1898 that he had a yacht designed for that purpose by Wm. Fife. The race was in Oct., 1899, but the Shamrock was beaten. He tried again in 1901, 1903, and 1920 with the same result and his total expenses in connection with one of his efforts came to nearly £250,000. But the America Cup was an obsession with him. In 1926 he announced his intention of building yet another Sham­rock. It was not, however, until 1930 that Shamrock V. took the, water, leaving for the U.S. under her own sail, escorted by his steam yacht, in July, to meet the American defender which was selected from four yachts specially built for the race. Shamrock V. was built at Gosport and had a huge Bermudian main-sail. The Chal­lenger was again defeated, but the people of the United States paid a spontaneous tribute to the "world's greatest loser" by presenting him with a loving cup.


Apart from this particular contest, Sir Thomas was a keen yachtsman, and a member of many yacht clubs. On the eve of his 81st birthday, last May, he was selected a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron, the most exclusive club in the world. His boats were seen at every big regatta in Europe. His unnumbered Shamrock, which sailed in home waters, has won the largest collection of yachting trophies in the world. He spent a fortune on his yachting. During the War his splendidly equipped steam yacht, "The Erin," was sunk by a mine while it was performing valuable work for the Serbians as a hospital ship.


Lodewyke, Mrs. Adeline Christobel; Widow of the late Mr. Philip Lodewyke of Kandy Died at "Trinity Lodge," Nuwara Eliya 4th June, 1931. Aged 76 years.


Loudoun-Shand, John Loudoun; Died 2th Feb., 1932 at Craigellie, Alleyn Park, Dulwich. Aged 86 years. Arriving in the Island in 1864 Mr. Loudoun-Shand did a lot of planting, chiefly in the Dimbula and Dickoya districts. So keen was his interest in planting politics that in 1879 and 1880 he was elected Chairman of the Planters' Association of Ceylon and in 1882 and 1884 he was Planting Member of the Legislative Council. One of the finest speakers that ever came to Ceylon, Mr. Londoun-Shand was popularly known as "Silver-tongued Shand." The two years in which Mr. Loudoun-Shand was Chair­man of the P.A. were probably the worst years Ceylon had and "a very dark cloud was over us," be himself wrote some time later. Nevertheless the Association made good progress in that period. Mr. Loudoun-Shand took a particular interest in bringing about the affiliation of District Associations for which he will be chiefly remembered. Mr. Loudoun-Shand retired in the 'nineties, but he con­tinued!

  to take a keen interest in planting affairs in Ceylon, and was an Hony. Life Member of the Ceylon Association in London. A brother of Mr. P. R. Shand, the late Mr. Loudoun-Shand has a son, Mr. C. B. Loudoun-Shand at Delta, Pussellawa. Another of his sons was an Oxford Rugger " Blue."


Ludovici, Mrs. Ethel Lydia; Wife of Dr. H. Ludovici, of Kandy. Died at Edinburgh, 6th Sept., 1931.


Ludowyk, Mrs.; Widow of the late Dr. M. A. Ludowyk, J.M.O. Galle. Died at Galle, 22nd Jan., 1932.


Lumsden, Capt. Ernest Francis; Of Balmedie, formerly a planter in Ceylon. Died in a Nursing Home in Aberdeen, 8th March, 1932.


Luschwitz, Albert Ernst; Former Band­master of the Ceylon Volunteers. Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 8th Dec., 1931. Aged 62 years.


Lutersz, Dr. Francis M.; Died at Katugastota, 12th Jan., 1932. Aged 70 years.


Mac Donald, Miss M.; Late of the Staff of Methodist College, Colpetty. Died in the Galle Hospital, 26th Sept., 1931.


Mac Ewen, John M.; Of Vogan, Neboda. Died 17th August. 1931.


Mackenzie, Mrs. Beryl; Wife of Mr. J. M. Mackenzie of Halpe Estate, Padukka. Died 23rd Oct., 1931.


Mackwood, Frank Mitchell; Director of Messrs. Mackwoods, Ltd., Colombo. Died at the General Hospital. Colombo, 19th June, 1931. Aged 87 years. Mr. Mack­wood came out to Ceylon in 1861, and was planting a few ,years, being on Guava Hill, Gampola, before setting up as a merchant in Colombo. He occupied a unique position in the Mercantile Com­munity and in the 'eighties he was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, while he occupied the chair of the Chamber in 1895, 1897, 1899, and 1900. For many years he represented the general European community in the Legislative Council. He was a keen student and took a prominent part in the activities of the Royal Asiatic Society. He was Secretary for many years of the Friend-in-Need Society, and he was a visitor of the Weli­kade, Hulftsdorp and Mahara goals and the Borella Convict Hospital. He was a J.P. for the Island. He leaves two sons (Mr. F. F. Mackwood of Colombo and Mr. G. G. Mackwood of Raxawa, Panwila) and a d!  aughter (Miss A. F. Mackwood).


Manning, Brig.-Gen. Sir William Henry; G.C.M.G., K.B.E., C. B., Governor of Ceylon 1918-25. Died 1st Jan., 1932. Sir William Manning, who was born in 1863, was educated at Cambridge and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and was gazetted a Lieutenant in the South Wales Borders in 1886. Two years later he joined the Indian Army. He saw considerable active service chiefly in Africa. He went through the Samana and Hazara expeditions of North-West Frontier of India, in 1891, for which he was awarded a clasp. He was fighting in Central Africa in 1893-94" and was awarded a medal.


For the next, four years he saw active service in Central Africa and Rhodesia, obtaining a clasp with the Brevet of Major and Lieut.-Colonel. He went through the. Somaliland campaign and afterwards became Deputy Com­missioner and Consul for British Central Africa in 1897, acting on two occasions as Commissioner and Consul-General. He raised and commanded the Central African Regiment and was inspector-!  General of the King's African Rifles from 1901 to 1907.


In 1907 Sir William was appointed Acting Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Nyasaland Protectorate. He retired from the army in 1910 and was appointed Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief of the Nyasaland Protectorate. In this position he remained until 1913, when he went to Jamaica as Governor. In 1918, he was appointed Governor of Ceylon. During the tenure of service in the Colony, from 1918, Sir William showed a keen interest in the development of the Island and his adminis­tration in Ceylon was marked by a big advance in the constitution.


Sir William arrived two months before the Armistice. He had not been long in the Island when the country was faced with severe depres­sion, and his able administration was beset with difficulties. When he left the Island, however, the country had entered upon a period of great, prosperity. Sir William did a great deal to harmonise the differences between the several communities in Ceylon and was instrumental in establishing the Reformed Council, which was in operation from June, 1921, to August, 1924, and also inaugurated the next Council which came into being.


He may well be called the pioneer of democratic development in Ceylon. By his untiring patience and conscientiousness he endeavored to meet all legitimate political aspirations and succeeded in completely winning the con­fidence of the Council. He took great interest in education and was extraordinarily keen on the establishment of a University.


In 1920 Sir William Manning was married at Queen's House to Miss Olga Sefton Jones, the event being unique as it was the first occasion on which the head of the administration married in the Island. It was during Sir William's regime that H.R.H. the Prince of Wales visited Ceylon in 1922. Sir William was created C.B. in 1903, K.C.M.G. in 1904, K.B.E. in 1918, and C.C.M.G. in 1921.


Martin, Edward James; Formerly Manager of Elkaduwa Group, Elkaduwa. Died 13th May 1931 at 56 Grand Avenue Worthing England.


Martin, Sam; Proctor of Chilaw. Died 6th June, 1931


Martin, W. D.; Proctor of Kalutara. Died 29th Jan. 1932


Mathew, C. James; Of Messrs. C. Mathew & Co. Shipchandlers of Colombo. Died at Barnes Place, Colombo, 8th August 1931. Aged 56 years.


Mc Comas, Rupert; Planter of Leangawella. Bandarawela. Died at Nuwara Eliya 4th Feb., 1932. Aged 43 years.


McMillan, James A.; Of Messrs. McMillan & Gould, Lister St., Glasgow and formerly of the Colombo Commercial Co., Ltd. Died at Glasgow 8 Jan., 1932.


Meedeniya, J. H.; Adigar, Member of the State Council for Ruanwelia. Died at " Ruanwella Walauwa," Ruanwella, 5th Sept., 1931. Mr. Meedeniya was born in 1867, and received his education at St. Thomas' College. Entering Government service in 1886, he rose to the position of Adigar in 1920. He was nominated to the legislative Council in 1917 and was returned unopposed to the State Council, at the general election, representing the Ruanwella constituency. Mr. Meedeniya's activities in the sphere of politics have been many. It was on his urgent representations that the Buddhist Temporalities Commission was appointed, and the new draft Ordinance, in this connection, was largely the result of the investigations which he initiated. If there was one subject which interested him, it was agriculture and the Kandyan "goiya " owes much of his improved status to the practical suggestions and proposals, now in operation, which Mr. Mee­deniya either originally put forward or warmly support!  ed in Council and Committee. Mr. Meedeniya's only recreation was elephant hunting. He was said to be the greatest hunter Ceylon ever knew, bar only Mr. Maduwanwela. And whether at Panamure or Peelia or Kalawane, no elephant kraal was complete without the enthusiastic Adigar.


Meedin, T.A.; Inspector of Police. Died in Kandy, 17th Feb., 1932.


Mee-Power, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. Charles J. C. Mee-Power, who was a planter in Ceylon, for 15 years. Died 7th Dec., 1931, at Bordighera, Italy.


Meier, Dr.  Ivo Eric ; D.M.O., Haputale. Died in Colombo, 17th June, 1931. Aged 42 years. He leaves a widow.


Melder, William Edward; Major, Salvation Army. Died at Cotta, Road, 30th June, 1931.


Mendis, Mrs. P. H.; Died at the Galle Hos­pital, 2nd March, 1932.


Meuling, Miss Francis Jennie; Died at Matara, 15th August, 1931. Aged 71 years.


Milliner, Rev. Fr. J.; O.M.I. Born in 1877 at Quimper, France. Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 3rd April, 1932. He had been a Missionary in Ceylon for over 29 years.


Milne, Robert Alexander; Formerly Works Manager of Messrs. Walker, Sons & Co., Ltd., Colombo. Died in London, 25th March, 1932. He leaves a widow.


Mirihella, D. P. D.; Chief Clerk, D.R.C., Kegalla. Died 1st March, 1932.


Misso, Henry E.; Formerly of the General Post Office. Died at Bandarawela, 19th Oct., 1931. Aged 58 years.


Mitchell, Kenneth William Sanderson; Retired Supdt. of Surveys, Ceylon. Died at Southampton, 20th March, 1932. Aged 47 years.


Modder, Theobald Reuben; Off Clifford Place, Bambalapitiya, Colombo. Died 15th Feb., 1932. Aged 73 years.


Moldrich, V. R.;  J.P., Retired Secy. of the District Court, Colombo. Died at Dehiwala., 8th Nov., 1931. Aged 72 years.


Moreira, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. A. E. Moreira, Editor of the " Times of Malaya," formerly of Ceylon. Died at Ipoh, 25th June, 1931.


Morgappah, Mrs. Christina; Widow of the late Mr. L. N. Morgappah, Appraiser, H.M. Customs. Died 28th Dec., 1931. Aged 91 years.


Muller, Mrs. Rosaline Maria; Relict of the late Mr. Alfred H. Muller. Died 25th August, 1931. Aged 71 years.


Neligan, Lancelet Victor; Planter of Troy Estate, Ruanwella. Died at Sea, 8th May, 1931. Aged 44 years.


Nelson, Charles Burrard; Formerly Manager of Welimada Group, Welimada. Died in England, 2nd August, 1931. Aged 63 years.


Newton, Rev. Henry; M.A., formerly of Galle Face, Colombo. Died 14th April, 1931, at Highgate, Grerrad's Cross.


Neydorff Lucien B.; Retired Broker. Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 17th Jan., 1932.


Neydorff, M. B.; Of Messrs. Walker, Sons & Co., Ltd., Mutwal. Died at Kotahena, 25th Oct., 1931.


Nicholson, James Alexander; Planter, of Kalaar Estate, High Range, Travancore, S. India. Died 22nd Nov., 1931. Aged 36 years.


Niles, John Rajanayagam; Broker of Messrs. Cumberbatch & Co., Colombo. Died at "Kingsland Lodge", Colpetty, 28th Dec. 1931. Aged 44 years.


Nonis, Mrs.; Wife of Rev. H.A. Nonis, Circuit Minister of the Wesleyan Mission, Panadurs. Died 6th July 1931.


Norton, Eardley; The retired Advocate of Madras. Died in Kent 13th July 1931. Aged 79 years.


O'Connell, Mrs. Beatrice Mary Winifred; Wife of Douglas G.W. O'Connell of Ireby Bungalow, Norwood. Died at Freehills, Nuwara Eliya, 3rd Dec. 1931.


O'Connell, George Bernard; Late of the Colombo Commercial Co. Ltd., and formerly Q.M.S. of the Ceylon Defence Force. Died in Colombo, 3rd May 1931.


Olney, Miss Toy; Elder daughter of the late Hubert Olney, of Canterbury N.Z. and Mrs. Olney of Arundel, Nuwara Eliya. Died 13th June 1931.


Omar, Mrs.; Widow of the late Dr. I. L. Omar. Died 8th Sept. 1931.


Parkes, Earnest Frederick; Works Acct. Walker Sons & Co. Ltd., Colombo. Died at Colombo, 7th August 1931. Aged 45 years.


Paterson, Mrs. Margaret; Widow of Mr. Charles Robert Paterson of Cranley, Dimbula and Cranley, Prestwick, Ayreshire. Died 17th May 1931. Aged 70 years.


Paulusz, Dr. Richard; Died in London 31st December 1931. He served in the Medical Depts. of Ceylon and Singapore and settled down in London on his retirement from service.


Peacock, Rev. W.R.; Formerly Pastor of the Cinnamon Gardens Baptist Church, Colombo. Died at Reading, England, Dec. 1931.


Peiris, Muhandiram Edward J.; Died 2nd Sept. 1931. Aged 70 years.


Peiris, D.P.J.; Of Matugama. Died 3rd May 1931. Aged 77 years.


Peiris, J. Solomon; Station Master Hikkaduwa. Died at Moratuwa 2nd Feb. 1932.


Peiris, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. Joseph Peiris. Died 2nd Oct. 1931.


Pereira, Mrs. Edith Ethel Laura Stanley; Second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Stanley of Uva, Ceylon. Died in Singapore 19th Jan. 1932.


Perera, Mrs. Jane Angarie; Wife of Mr. L.H. Perera. Died at Alpitakande, Gambola. 9th Jan. 1932.


Philpott, Rev. H.J.; Late of the Wesleyan Mission, Ceylon. Died at Taunton. June 1931.


Pieris, Titus Andrew; Retired Chief Clerk, Colombo Kachcheri. Died 26th Sept. 1931.


Plate, A.W.A.; Founder of the firm of Plate Ltd., Colombo. Died at Liuz, Austria, 9th Oct. 1931.


Pontin, Mrs. Millie; Wife of Mr. Bruce Pontin of the Colombo Ice & Cold Storage, Colombo. Died in England, 23rd Jan.1932.


Ramsay, Keith Whitehead; Manager Messrs. J.H. Vavasseur & Co. (Ceylon) Ltd., Kakkapalliya Mills, Kakkapalliya. Died at Chilaw, 12th Nov. 1931.


Ranasooriya, D.T.; Postmaster of the Pettah. Died at Panadura, 17th Aug. 1931.


Ratnaike, J.H.; Late of the Kandy Municipality. Died at Kandy, 20 Sept. 1931.


Ratnayake, J.V.; J.P. Late Chief Clerk, Stamps Office, Colombo. Died 4th July 1931.


Redlich, Mrs. Evelyn Harriet; Relict of the late Mr. Sam Redlich of the Ceylon Wharfage Co. Died at Wellawatte, 30th Dec. 1931. Aged 82 years.


Reimers, A.E.; Retired Post and Telegraph Master. Died at Kandy, Nov. 1931. Aged 82 years.


Robertson, T.; Director of Messrs. Lee Hedges & Co., Colombo. Died of injuries sustained in a motor accident at the Kantalai Rest-house, 26th March 1932. Aged 38 years. He leaves a widow.


Robinson, Major Walter Herbert; Retired First Supdt. of Prisons, Ceylon. Died 12th Dec. 1931 at Cairnmore, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay.


Rode, Mrs. Josephine Mathilda; Widow of the late Mr. Francis Edward Schrotter Rode of the Surveyor-General's Dept. Died in Colombo 2nd Jan. 1932


Rodrigo, H.O.; Planter and Member, U.D.C. Panadura. Died at Kadugannawa, 16th Oct.1931.


Rogrigo, Rev. Fr. L; O.M.I. Died at the Civil Hospital, Kayts, April 1931. Aged 53 years.


Rosmalecocq, Miss Alice; Died in Kandy 18th Oct. 1931. Aged 75 years.


Rothwell, John; Engineer, of 27,Centre Road, Mattacooly. Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 1st Jan., 1931. Aged 44 years.


Ryan, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. Charles G. Ryan the former Ceylon planter. Died at "White Halls", The Bishop's Avenue, London, 9th Feb., 1932.


Sameresinghe, Abraham; Retired Master of the Royal College, Colombo. Died 13th Jan., 1932 at the General Hospital, Colombo.


Sansoni, Mrs. R.; Wife of Mr. Rienzi Sanson of Kandy. Died at the Kandy Hospital, 16th Dec., 1931. (Note: variation in name as printed in book)


Schokman, Walter Denzil; Late of the General Rubber Co., Colombo. Died in the General Hospital, Colombo, 2nd Dec., 1931. Aged 37 years


Schokman, W.H.; Propy. Planter. Died at Kekanadura Estate, Matara, 2nd Feb., 1932


Senanayake, Don Charles; Proprietary planter and merchant. Died at "Sirimedura", Castle St., Colombo, 7th June 1931. The late Mr. Senanayake who was born in 1878, was a son of the late Mudaliyar D. S. Senanayke. He was educated at St. Thomas' College. He owned several estates and was a prominent member of the community. He was greatly interested in social work and was a staunch Buddhist. He was a member of the Committee of the Low-Country Products' Association and the Plumbago Merchants' Union and served on the Excise Advisory Committee. He was also President of the Lanka Maha Jana Sabha. He was married to a daughter of the late Mr. R. R. Dunuwille, Secretary of the Colombo Municipal Council, and leaves a widow and five children. His brother is Hon. Mr. D. S. Senanayake, Minister for Agriculture and Lands and Member for Minuwangoda, in the State Council.


Sheridan, R. P.; Of the Straits Settlements Police, and formerly of the Ceylon Police. Died in England, Oct. 1931. Aged 34 years.


Sinnatamby, Rev. J. K.; Died 28th July 1931. Aged 56 years.


Siriwardene, Arthur P.; Of Kegalla. Died 21st Nov. 1931.


Sivaparasam, K.; Proctor, S. C., of Jaffna. Died 27th Jan 1932.


Skrine, Mrs Edith Clara; Widow of Mr. Sholto Skrine. Died 28th sept. 1931.


Smith, Mrs. Atkins; Wife of Mr. D. W. Atkins Smith, Dental Surgeon of Colombo. Died at "Ardmore", Edinburgh Crescent, Colombo, 22nd June 1931.


Smith, Joseph Edward Geoffrey; Of Yogama Group, Eheliyagoda. Died at the Fraser Memorial Home, Colombo. Aged 42 years. Born in 1889. Mr. Smith came out to Ceylon at the age of twenty years and was an Asst. of Yogama for some time. He was later on Erracht,Dehiiowita, and was on home leave when the War broke out. He volunteered his services and secured a commission in the 7th Somerset Light Infantry, with which he saw considerable service. He was wounded in Sept. 1916 and was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in action. After the Armistice he returned to Ceylon and in Nov. 1926, was appointed Supdt. of Yogama, a charge he held until his death.


Smith, Lionel Seddon; Late of Messrs. Skrine & Co., Colombo. Died 7th Sept. 1931 at Bloemfontein.


Soames, Mrs. Katherine M.; Widow of the late Mr. Harold Soames of Lilliput, Dorset. Died at Taxhill, Bentley, Hants., 4th Feb. 1932.


Solomons, Clarence Cuthbert; Laboratory Assistant, Colombo Museum. Died at Nugegoda, 2nd Nov. 1931.


Sourjah, Dr. A. A.; D.M.O. Kalmunai. Died 16th Feb. 1932 at the Civil Hospital, Batticola.


Spence, Mrs.; Widow of Mr. Patrick George Spence. Died in England, April 1931. Aged 86 years.


Stent, Mrs. Mary; Wife of Mr. Vincent H. Stent of Taldua, Avisawella. Died 4th July 1931.


Still, J. W. R.; Formerly of the Colombo Commercial Company., Ltd. Died in England, 14th Sept. 1931.


Stork, Mrs. Sophia Eleanor; Widow of the late Mr. Louis A. Stork formerly of Ceylon and later of the F.M.S. Died at Bangalore, 10th April 1931. Aged 80 years.


Stork-Krickenbeek, Mrs Rebecca Jane; Widow of Mr. John Justin Krickenbeek, Cjief Clerk of Prisons Dept. Died 7th Oct. 1931. Aged 84 years.


Tambimuttu, Rev. J. R.; Late Org. Secy. of Diocesan Schools. Died in Colombo, 17th Feb. 1932.


Tambimuttu, Samuel; Brother of Mr. E. R. Tambimuttu, Advocate and Rev. J. R. Tambimuttu. Died at the Batticola Civil Hospital, 4th Oct. 1931.


Taylor, William; Founder of the firm of Taylor, Noble & Co. Ltd., London and formerly a tea planter in Ceylon. Died 21st March 1932. Aged 92 years.


Thomasz, Michael; Died at the General Hospital, Colombo, 1st Sept. 1931. Aged 67 years. The late Mr.Thomasz, who was a member of the Colts Cricket Club, was a prominent figure on the cricket field in the 'eighties and early 'nineties, he figured in the 'All-Ceylon' team against Lord Sheffield's team, which included Dr. W. G. Grace.


Thompson, William James; Died in England, 23rd Dec. 1931. Aged 88 years.


Tilly, Col. Robert; M.C., Rajaputana Rifles, younger son of the late Mr. John Tilly and Mrs. Tilly of Galkandewatte, Talawakelle. Died at nasirabad 5th April 1932.


Tringham, Edwin S.; Brother of the late Mr. W. R. Tringham of Dolosbage. Died at Ranchi, India, 19th June 1931. Aged 79 years.


Van Cuylenburg, Mrs.;Wife of Mr. R.G.H. Van Cuylenburg, Inspector of Police. Died in Colombo, 13th May 1931. Aged 26 years.


Vanden Driesen, Richard; Died at No. 3 Cotta Road, Borella, Colombo, 26th Dec. 1931. Aged 81 years.


Vander Straaten, Arthur Melchers; The Kandy Proctor. Died at Kandy 23rd August 1931. Aged 81 years.


Vander Wall, C.D.; Late of Deikeriya Estate, Matale. Died 23rd August 1931.


Van Dort, Mrs. S.A.; Died at Rajakadaluwa, 13th Nov. 1931.


Vane, Mrs. Louisa Frances; Wife of Mr. F.W. Vane, I.S.O., late Ceylon Govt. Service. Died 17th Feb. 1932. Aged 75 years.


Van Geyzel, Mrs. Alice; Wife of Mr. Walter Van Geyzel. Died at Bambalapitiya, 26th Dec. 1931.


Van Geyzel, Lieut.-Col. John Lawrence; Of Ealing, a retired officer of the Indian Medical Service. Died at Cannes, 1932. Born in Colombo in June 1857, he was educated at the Royal Academy, Colombo, and at Aberdeen University and entered the Indian Medical Service in 1880. He was also professor of Chemistry at Madras medical College. Owing to his reputation as a photographer, he was selected by the Madras Government to accompany the Madras Astronomers' Expedition to observe the total solar eclipse of 1898. After his retirement in 1911, he was appointed examiner of medical stores at the India Office in London, a post which he held until 1920. He was created a C.I.E. in 1921. Lieut.-Col. Van Geyzel married Catherine Alice, daughter of Mr. W.J. Palmer of Hertford.


Van Houten, Mrs. E.B.; Widow of late Mr. James Van Houten. Died in Colombo, 13th August 1931. Aged 87 years.


Van Langenberg, Lloyd; Planter of Pallagoda, Bentota. Died at Bentota, 13th Dec. 1931.


Van Twest, Mrs. Grace Maria; Widow of the late Dr. G.W. Van Twest. Died in Colombo 16th October 1931. Aged 61 years.


Vickers, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. H.W. Vickers of Nikakotuwa, atale. Died 31st March 1932.


Walker, Edmund; Life Director and formerly Chairman of Messrs. Walker, Sons & Co. Ltd. Died in England 20th March 1931. Mr Edmund Walker was a son of the late Mr. William Walker and a nephew of the late Mr. John walker, who founded in Kandy in 1854 the firm of John Walker & Co., from which evolved Messrs. Walker, Sons & Co. Ltd., the designation which was adopted in 1890, when the present company was formed. Mr. Edmund Walker was an original Life Director of the company, and was Chairman from 1913 till 1926 when, owing to advancing years, he retired in favour of his brother, Mr. Murray Walker. Mr. Walker's connexion with Ceylon extended over the long period of 58 years, of which he was resident in the Island for 22 years from 1876 till 1898 and throughout the whole of this time he took the keenest interest in its development and progress, both economic and social. During the last few years Mr. Walker had been living in comparative retirement in Bedford, of which County he wa!  s a Justice of the Peace. He is survived by his widow and family.


Walker, Frank Fortay; Director of Messrs. Walker, Sons & Co. Ltd. He came out to Ceylon from South Africa and served with the company from 1906, and in 1920 acted as General Manager. He retired from Ceylon in 1925 and served in the London office, being made a Director of the company in 1929. Mr. Walker was a member of several clubs, including the Royal Colombo Golf Club, the Royal Colombo Yacht Club, and the Colombo Club. He was 54 years of age, and was unmarried.


Walker, Murray; Chairman of Messrs. Walker, Sons & Co. Ltd., Colombo. Died in England, 31st March 1932. Aged 65 years.


Wallace-Tarry, Mrs. Alice M.; Wife of Mr. A.F. Wallace-Tarry of Colombo. Died in London, 30th June 1931.


Walmesley, Humphrey Gerard; Died in England, 29th Feby. 1932. Mr. Walmesley was formerly a planter on Lowmont and Pembroke Estates in the Kalutara District.


Watson, Miss. Jessie Mabel Fuller; Daughter of the late Col. and Mrs. Watson of Kandy. Died at Yellergeri Hills, S. India, 5th Oct. 1931.


Weerasingha, D.T.; Of the Colombo Municipality. Died 19th April 1932.


Weerasirie, Mrs.; Widow of the late Mr. D.F. Weerasirie, the jeweller of Kandy. Died at "Sirinewasa", Elliott Road, Galle, 25th July 1931. Aged 57 years. Whatmore, A.E.; Senior Covenanted Guard, C.G.R. Died in the General Hospital, Colombo, 15th May 1931.


Whieldon, Miss. Eleanor; Died at "Fairness", Nuwara Eliya, 11th Jan. 1932.


White, Mrs. Annie Jane; Wife of Robert White, late of the C.G.R. Died 20th Feb. 1932. Aged 80 years.


Wickremesekere, Mrs. Alice Maud; Wife of Dr. Samuel Wickremesekere of Giriulla. Died 5th Jany. 1932.


Wickwar, V.R.; Died in April 1932. Aged 75 years.


Wiggins, Miss Ruby Chase; Only daughter of Mr. J.C. Wiggin. Died at "Fromfield", Bandarawela, 27th July, 1931.) (Note entry is under Wiggins not Wiggin).


Wijayatilleke, Mrs.; Wife of Mr. S.W. Wijayatilleke, J.P., U.P.M., Proctor of Matale. Died 6th August 1931.


Wijesuriya, Lenty; Coroner, Matugama. Died 12th Oct. 1931. Aged 48 years.


Wijeyakoon, Richard Gerard; Of "Rock House", Matale. Died 9th May 1931.


Wijeyeretnam, J.H.P.; Proctor of Jaffna. Died 1st July 1931.


Willis, Mrs.; Wife of Dr. J.C. Willis, F.R.S., late Director of Royal Botanics, Ceylon. Died in Switzerland, Sept. 1931.


Willis, Miss M.M.D.; M.A., Lady Principal of the C.M.S. Girls' College, Chundikuli. Died 30th Jan. 1932.


Winter, Miss Alice Beatrice Deslandes; Daughter of Mr. G.W. Winter of Ceylon. Died 27th Oct. 1931 at Wolverhampton.


Winter, Alfred William; The veteran planter of Pillagoda Valley, Baddegama. Died at the Galle Hospital, 22nd Dec. 1931. Aged 67 years. Alfred William Rosmale Coq Winter of Pillagoda Valley, Baddegama, b:21-Nov-1864 at Unanvitiya, a small estate belonging to his father on the banks of the Gin Ganga below Mapalagama, d:1931 married Dorake Vithanagé Johana alias Hinnihamy (common law spouse), who was b:1880, d:1919 at Galle Hospital, m:1897


Wright, Christopher Ross; The veteran Ceylon planter. Died 2nd May 1931. Aged 73 years. Mr. Ross Wright retired in 1929 after 51 years planting in Ceylon. He leaves a widow.


Wright, Miss Matilda Agnes; Died at Stubton, Rakwana, 6th July 1931.