by  Tony .P. Miskin - Former  Senior Lecturer, University of Moratuwa

6-7 Century

Iconographical finds in West Java point to a connection  between  Java  and  Sri Lanka - Ref (i) Prof Kekulawala’s  article in Kalyani-Vol.1. Oct 1982 p: 209  (ii) Pierre Dupont


Kalanga  Magha  arrived  with 24,000 Malay soldiers and took over the country. Ref:   Fergusons  Sri Lanka  Directory  1985-88. 123rd Edition, p: 43


King  Chanrabhanu, is said to have ruled the Jaffna kingdom  during part of this period Ref : Daily News of 14th Nov 1983-Article by Henry.P Abeysekera, on “ Historical Basis for national unity


King Chandrabhanu, a Malay King invaded Sri Lanka with a battalion of Malay Soldiers. Ref :  Mrs G Dains paper  presented  at the World Malay symposium “ Duniya  Melayu”- in 1985


Magha  the Malay Conqueror  was driven out of Polonnaruwa with Pandya assistance. Ref:  Fergusons Sri Lanka Directory 1985-88,123rd Edition p: 43


Malays beleived to have been brought to Ceylon by the Portuguese. Ref:  (i) H.M. Said’s  article on Ceylon Malays in 1926   Journal of Malaysian Branch  of Royal Asiatic  Society. (ii) John Crawford - History of Indian Archipelago


The storming of Galle by Admiral Coster and Malay troops. Ref:  E.Reimers Govt. Archivist- Jubilee book of the Colombo Malay Cricket  Club


Malays  under Captain Raja Talella  accompanied  Rycklof Van Goers and took part in the capture of Mannar and Jaffna. Ref:  (i) Ibid (ii)  E.Reimers Govt archivist -p: 158 of Jubilee book of Colombo Malay Cricket club


Susuna  Mankurat Mas- Ex King of Java landed in Ceylon Ref: Page 160 of Jubilee book of Colombo Malay Cricket club


Javanese Prince Pangeran Adipathi Amang Kurat 111, with family and retinue  was banished to Ceylon. Ref:  De Graf  (1949 pp 238-241) for this event in Javanese History


Group of 44 Javanese  including  Princes  and Chief’s sent to Ceylon. Ref: Article by CH Mantara- p: 166  of Jubilee Book of Colombo Malay Cricket Club.  


Chief Minister  Danuraja  was banished to Ceylon. Ref :   Page 160 of Jubilee book of Colombo Malay Cricket club


Arya  Mankunegara, a brother of king  Pakubuwana  banished to Ceylon by the Dutch.  

Ref:  Dr Husseinmiya’s -Paper presented at the Naleemiah Institute of Islamic studies Beruwela in 1984- p: 10


Death of Susuna Mankurat Mas  in Colombo, and his family sent back to Java. Ref :  Page  160  of  Jubilee  book of  Colombo Malay Cricket club


A Javanese  Noble,  Radini Adipati Nata kusuma was banished  to Ceylon by the Dutch. Ref:  Dr Husseinmiya’s  Lost Cousins  Page 45  (some historians  gives this date  as 1738)


Susuna Kuning - King of Java surrenders himself to Dutch  and is banished to Ceylon. Ref : Page 160  of Jubilee  book of Colombo Malay Cricket club


More troops  sent to reinforce  Malay  troops in Ceylon.


Formation  of Malay company  consisting of deportees and 31 slaves. Ref: Dutch Political comment of 1786


Arrival of Malay battalion from Batavia  led by Captain Baba Lye with  the intention  of capturing  the Kandyan  capital. Ref: Article “ History  of Malay “  by F E Gooneratne  p: 160 in Malay Jubilee book.


Batara Gowa Amas Madina 11. the former King of Gowa  was exiled to  Ceylon   by the Dutch.  Ref:  Dr Hussainmiya  Lost Cousins  p:  44


Javanese  Pandan  Balie  donates land in Wekanda, Colombo to build a Malay Mosque.   The Mosque was built in 1786. Ref:  CH Mantara, Jubilee Book of  Colombo Malay Cricket Club (p: 167)


The death of the King of Goa after 30yrs of life in exile in Ceylon. Ref: Dr Hussainmiya’s Lost Cousins (p: 44).


The appointment of a Malay Committee by Frederick North, the first British Governor of Ceylon to inquire into the grievances of the Indonesian Princes and Noblemen.


Capt. Nouredeen, Commander of Malays, executed by the Kandyan King for refusal to sever his allegiance to the British, and enter the Kandyan King’s service. Ref:  p: 163 of Jubilee Book of Colombo Malay Cricket Club


Arrival of 413 men from Surabaya to join the Ceylon Malay Regiment during the governorship of Robert Brownrigg. Ref: Dr. Hussainmiya’s article “Exiles No Longer” in the publication Hemisphere


Arrival of 228 of Javanese soldiers and thier families to Ceylon from Semmreng and Gresik in Java. Ref: Dr Hussainmiya’s Lost cousins (p: 61)


Migration of Malay’s to Ceylon. Total of 332 Malay’s migrated to Ceylon. Ref: Dr Hussainmiya’s Lost Cousins (p: 62).


Setting up recruiting depots in Penang and later in Singapore for Malays from the Malay Peninsula for Permanent settlement in Ceylon. Ref: Dr Hussainmiya’s Lost Cousins (p: 12)


Publishing of Alamat Lankapuri, a fortnightly Malay language paper by Baba Ounus Saldin in Colombo. Newspaper published in the Jawi Script. Ref: Dr. Hussainmiya’s article “Exiles No Longer” in the publication- Hemisphere


Formation of Colombo Malay Cricket club. The first ever Malay sports club in Ceylon. Ref: Durham Saldin’s paper presented at World Malay Symposium of 1985, titled “Malay Organisations and Social Movements in Sri Lanka”


The disbandment of the Ceylon Rifle regiment of Malays. Ref: CH Mantara’s  article-Jubilee Book of Colombo Malay Cricket club


Formation of all Ceylon Malay Association. The patron being his Highness the Sultan of Johore. The first President being Mr. MK Saldin.   Ref: Jubilee Book of Colombo Malay Cricket Book of 1924


Election  of first Malay, Dr TB Jayah to the legislative council.


A Malay was nominated to the legislative Council / Parliament except in the year 1952. Among those  nominated were :- Dr TB Jayah -1924, Mr M K Saldin -  1931-36, Dr. M F Drahman  -1956-60, Mr Zahiere  Lye-  1960-65, Ref: Dr Hussainmiya’s Lost Cousins  p: 20-25


Establishment of the Sri Lanka Malay  Confederation abbreviated “ SLAMAC” in English. The Malay name being Konfederasi  Rakjat Melayu Lankapuri abbreviated “KORAMEL”  . SLAMAC  consists of 23 Malay organisation and a Presidium of 6  Malays. Ref: Durham Saldins paper- “Malay  Organisations and Social movements in Sri Lanka.


The 2nd World Malay Symposium- “ Duniya  Melayu  85 “ was held in Colombo  from 4th-6th August 1985. The President of Sri Lanka, His Excellancy  J R Jayawardene  was the chief guest.


Publication of the book “ Lost Cousins “ -the Malays of Sri Lanka by Dr Hussainmiya- a Sri Lankan Malay University Lecturer.


Nomination of Mr MH Amit as a member of Parliament by the United National Party  from the National list.

20 Century

General   -  Malays   play a more important role in the economic and social  development of Sri Lanka. The Malays of today include Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants, Architects, Company Directors, University Lecturers, Administrators   etc.


                   Ref: Malay Directory , published in 1990 by the Sri Lanka Malay  Association.  


Note  This is an extract of the Malay Directory, written by Tony. P. Miskin and  published by the Sri Lanka Malay  Association.