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Sri Lanka - Country Study & Guide

Sri Lanka Census 2001 - Ethnicity

Sri Lanka Census 2001 - Gender

Sri Lanka Census 2001 - Religion

Sri Lanka Census Statistics 1881-2001 - Religion

Sri Lanka Census Statistics 1981 - Race

Sri Lanka Statistical Summary


Sri Lanka Heritage sites

Sri Lanka History site

Sri Lanka History & Archealogy

Sri Lanka on the World Statesmen Website

Sri Lanka References

South Asian History


Is Lanka Civilization the oldest in South Asia?



The rise of heteredox Buddhism in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka National Day Supplement 2000

Administrative Records of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)


The Pre History of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ancient Civilization

Sri Lanka Ancient Civilization

Religion in Pre-Colonial Sri Lanka

Mauryan Society introduced Bodhi Worship to Lanka

Ancient Kings contributed to Buddhism

The Vijaya questions?

Was Vijaya's arrival in Sri Lanka an accident?

PALI Language

Portuguese Battle at Gannoruwa

Some words of Portuguese origin

TANAP - Sri Lanka National Archives Website 

Colonial role in Tamil expansion

The Lion Flag

Yapahuwa and the Chinese Lion

54 Years of Independene - 2002


The Kings of Sri Lanka

Monarchs of Sri Lanka 


Sir John D'Oyly and the capture pf Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe
Bintenne Deviyo 

King Kavantissa & Princess Devi 

Was Maya Dannawa the Architect of Sigiriya? 


Udarata Kingdoms




Concubines of our last kings 

History of the Kerewelle Royal Clan

Chronology of Indian Kings & Rulers

Sinhala & Tamil New Year

Don Joao - The Black Prince of Sri Lanka

Matara - 50 years ago

1940 Esala Festival at Kataragama



The Kingdom of Jaffna

Nallur Rajadhani by V.N. Giritharan, translated by Latha Ramakrishnan 

Dynasty of Jaffna Kings by Dr Sengaiazhiyan Kunarasa 

Ancient Jaffna by Mudaliyar C Rasanayagam 1926


The buried Kingdom of Kotte

Why did the British banish the Kandyan King?

Kandy: A World Heritage City

History of the Kandyan Kingdom

How the wily British took the Kandyan King for a ride

Kandyan Convention & British policy

Kandy Rebellion

Surrender of Kandy in 1815

The Execution of Keppetipola Dissava

Capture of Monarawila Keppetipola

Ehelepola Maha Adikaram

King Wessanthara

King Wimaladharmasuriya I

"Meegomu Rala"

Elu langauge and ancient Sri Lanka

Sihalavatthu Pakarana


Uva Rebellion - 183 years ago

Velgam Vihara

The Vallipuram Buddha Image 

Chronology of historical events in Ceylon together with events in Jaffna 

from a Tamil perspective (500 BC to 1948AD)

 Ethnic Communities and Religions

Ethnologue- Languages

Early Settlements

Family Information

Library of Congress Country Studies-Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Heritage


Sankapalya Viharaya


2000 Years of China-Sri Lanka Relations

The Portuguese in Sri Lanka

The Dutch in Sri lanka

A Brief History of Muslims in Sri Lanka

The Tamils of Sri Lanka


The Colombo Chetties

The History of the Colombo Chetties


Excavation of Heritage

The Dutch Burgher Union of Sri Lanka

De-bunking Sri Lanka's history

History of Newspapers in Ceylon


Kotte Archealogical Museum

A Golden Discovery: Archealogy

Animal Friendly Cultural Heritage and royal decrees in the legal history of Sri Lanka


A Kandyan Wedding

Kandyan Bridal Jewellery

Life in the Kingdom of Kandy by Robert Knox


Galle Museum

National Maritime Museum Galle

Historic Mansion Museum - Galle Fort

Historic Galle

 Galle Fort

 Dr. Sidney Percival Joseph: “So Excellent a Man”

Reminiscences of Galle - Joe Simpson

 “Sons of the Soil and Strangers within the gates”

The story of the Ephraums family of Sri Lanka, by Joe Simpson 

 (BC, Canada & Richmond College, Galle teacher 1973-4) 

The New Oriental Hotel, Galle (NOH)

by Joe Simpson  (BC, Canada & Richmond College, Galle teacher 1973-4) 

A Morning Star: Remembering "Small of Richmond"

by Joe Simpson  (BC, Canada & Richmond College, Galle teacher 1973-4) 

Galle Road, take me home!

 Memories of Galle 70 years ago

by Cecil V. Wikramanayake 

 Aunty Fathuma

an appreciation by Buddhika Kurukularatne



The Sinhala-Muslim Riots of 1915


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