Sri Lanka Tamil Family Genealogy

Sri Lanka Tamil Family Genealogy

SELLAMUTTU - Family #5038

Arumugam Sellamuttu MBE + Third Daughter Kulaveerasingam   aka Babachimaami (d/o Saravanamuttu Kulaveerasingam  , granddaughter of Saravanamuthu of Manipay )

    2 Somasundaram Sellamuttu + Nageswarie Rasaratnam
        3  Rama Sellamuttu
b:1948, d:Thu Jun 5 2008 in Sydney, Australia + Christine Suvendrini Sheryll Emmanuel
            4  Kamalesh Sellamuttu + Rosanne Tindal
            4  Anasuya Sellamuttu
            4  Sarvesh Sellamuttu
        3  2nd spouse of Rama Sellamuttu + Pathmini Romaine Ursula Selvanayagam
        3  3rd spouse of Rama Sellamuttu + Christine Sharmini Velayuthen  (7016)

SELLAMUTTU - RAMA Darling husband of Sharmini (nee Velayuthen), dearly beloved son of Somasundaram and Nageswarie. Died peacefully on 5th June 2008 in Sydney, Australia and cremated on 7th June 2008.DN Thu July 3 2008

    Sivanathan Sellamuttu + Padmini Segarajasingham

    Baleswari Sellamuttu + Dr Sega Thiyagarajah

    2  Nagendra Sellamuttu + Kamini Tambyah
        3  Arumugam Sellamuttu + Aloma Dias

    2  Sellamuttu
        3  [1] Wignarajah Sellamuttu + [2] Shiranee Rockwood (5027)
            4  Rajiv Sellamuttu
            4  Dinesh Sellamuttu + Unknown
        3  Laxshmana Sellamuttu + Cheryl Winter
        3  Ramana Sellamuttu + Shiranthi Ratnavale

    2  Sangarapillai Sellamuttu OBE + Gnaneswari Tambyah, d:Mar 2002
        3  Rajan Sellamuttu + Shiraz Thaha (40)
            4  Praveen Sellamuttu
            4  Sonali Sellamuttu
        3  2nd spouse of Rajan Sellamuttu + Maeve Martenstyn
        Umesha Sellamuttu d:Dec 2008 + Manohari Somanadhan
            4  Sudharshan Sellamuttu (deceased)
            4  Lakshana Sellamuttu (deceased as a baby)

SELLAMUTTU - UMESHA Dearly beloved husband of Manohari, father of late Sudharshan and late Lakshana, son of the late Sangarapully and Gnaneswari Sellamuttu, brother of Rajan Sellamuttu. Cortege leaves residence on 17th December 2008 at 10 a.m. for cremation at General Cemetery Kanatte [Hindu Section] at 10.30 a.m. 22/1, 28th Lane, off Flower Road, Colombo 07. DN Wed Dec 17 2008 

SELLAMUTTU - GNANESVARI   Beloved wife of late Sangarapulle Sellamuttu, mother of Rajan and Umesha, grandmother of late Sudarshan, Praveen and Samantha, expired. Cortege leaves residence   70/6, Medawelikade Road, Rajagiriya on 2nd March at 1.00 p.m. for Cremation at General Cemetery, Kanatte. SO 2 Mar 2002 

     2  Rajeswari Sellamuttu + Alfred Leo Saverimuthu Thambiayah, Alfred Leo also married Devika Gunaratne and has the following children by her:- Ravi Thambiayah + Nimmi Cabraal, Indumathy Thambiayah + Dr Rajiah, (son Dhiran Nirmalingam )
        Shivantha Thambiayah + Karuna (Maharaj Kumari of Burdwan)

    2  Rajasingham Sellamuttu + Sonia

    2  Balendra Sellamuttu + Nahammah Karalasingham

        3  Shivahari Sellamuttu + Sherwin Pierie

        3  Ramani Sellamuttu + Wickram Thambuswamy

        3  Ramana Sellamuttu + Sundarie Mahadeva

            4  Sivanjili Sellamuttu

        3  Dayalan Sellamuttu + Janani Ahathiyan

            4  Rukmandiran Sellamuttu

        3  Balasubramanium Sellamuttu

    2  Sunthereswari Sellamuttu + Rasa Rockwood
        3  [2] Shiranee Rockwood + [1] Wignarajah Sellamuttu
            4  Rajiv Sellamuttu
            4  Dinesh Sellamuttu + Unknown
        Janaka Rockwood + Kamala Rajendra
            4  Vibushana Rockwood
            4  Jatu Rockwood
       Neelakanthan Rockwood + Unknown

   2  Yogeswari Sellamuttu + Dr M Sivarajah
       3  Maithra Sivarajah

    2  2nd spouse of Yogeswari Sellamuttu + Mahes Rodrigo
        3  Tarini Rodrigo


Winter Ball 2008

Sunil de Silva

It was 'Ball Time' once again. Not your western style “Ball” with men in tuxedos as stiff as their upper lips and ladies in evening gowns gliding gracefully yet formal motion to the soft sounds wafting from an orchestra of strings.

This was the Sri Lankans having a 'Ball'. Seductive silk saris draped on sylph like shapes, bejewelled and bangled with pendant ear ornaments, some men in lounge and others in formal wear, a youthful band of Sri Lankan calling themselves “Fusive”spinning out mesmerising music from electronic instruments and the golden throat of the lead singer.

Yes, 2nd August '08 - a synthesis of two cultures - the formality of a Ball tempered with the flavours of the Orient..

The 'Freshwater Ballroom at the Novotel – Olympic Park was the venue of the Winter Ball 2008, another well planned and exquisitely presented event organized by the Sri Lanka Association of New South Wales.

The minor irritation of a few minutes delay, occasioned by a political party that had lease of the ballroom for the earlier part of the afternoon having overstayed, was soothed by the music of a Chilean Band and by the pre-dinner drinks of wines red, and white, and cool beer in tall glasses.

Aubrey Joachim a past President of the Association welcomed the guests to a grand show. Tables with elegant table décor by Lasha Renugadevan, and gleaming cutlery arranged leaving ample space for the dance floor foretasted the guests to an outstanding night.

A Sri Lankan “Prinz and Prinzess” opened the Ball with a polished performance of music in motion – sadly bring memories of a friend who passed away recently – the late Rama Sellamuttu who with his spouse Sharmini did the honours at so many Sri Lankan dances.

The President Kumar Athulathmudali welcomed the guests, thanked the advertises, the sponsors all those who had helped make the evening a success, the compeer, Ozlanka, helpers, coordinators, the Hotel Staff and the attendees.

Kumar told us that the High Commissioner, His Excellency Senaka Walgampaya PC who was expected to attend the function had to remain in Canberra for urgent official business.

Gracing the occasion were Ms Gothami Indkadahena the Consul General for Sri Lanka, Hon. Laurie Ferguson, Parliamentary Secretary For Multi Cultural Affairs and Settlement Services, Nick Berman the Mayor of Hornsby and Upul Pushpakmara Consul for Sri Lanka.

The Hon. Consul general for Sri Lanka, Gothami Indikadahena conveyed the good wishes of His Excellency the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka.

The dinner was superb, the entrée of Thai prawns and Cajun spiced salmon, with the main Tandoori chicken alternating with Dhufish. Wine with the meal and dessert of Tiramasu and apple crumble and coffee satisfied the inner being.

The youthful Fusive entertainers moved from the nostalgic past to the modern and back again and finally to a baila session with the smoothness of Rolls Royce changing gears. It brought the whole crowd to the floor possibly highlighting the underestimate when laying the dance floor.

The salsa by Dale Joachim and Laree Gadenne was a display of professional elegance.

The auctioneer Aubrey Joachim drew the maximum for the air tickets and the cricket memorabilia including Murali's signatured ball. A raffle draw added to takings to augment the coffers of the Association for yet another year of social service.