Sri Lanka Sinhalese Family Genealogy

DIAS ABEYSINGHE - Family #3170

1  Don Joan Dias Abeysinghe Mohandiram b1691 d1742 + Dona Gimara de Silva of Galle.

   2  Dona Juana Dias Abeysinghe b:1718 + Phillipoe de Silva Jayathilake Goonaratne Mudaliyar, (m:1751, had 6 sons & 1 daughter)

       3  Juan Goonaratne + (1) Catharina Tennakoon

                                           + (2) Laurensia Wijesinghe

      3  Bastian Gooneratne Mudaliyar (1758-1812) + Ana Hetroyda Dias Abeysinghe (d/o Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe Amarasekere)

         4  Gooneratne d of Bastian Gooneratne + Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe Wijewardene b1801

      3  Gooneratne

      3  Gooneratne

      3  Gooneratne

      3  Gooneratne

      3  Gooneratne             

2  Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe Amarasekere Maha Mudaliyar(b: 8/5/1719, d:10/5/1794)(Received  medal from Hon Jan Schreuder in 1768, Received Gold medal in 1785 from Governor Van de Graaf (As a recognition and reward for his fidelity towards the company,medal given on 31/5/1785) from Governor Van de Graaf(MM1785-94)(M1) + Dona Clara Goonaratne (d/o Domingu Jayathileke Goonaratne, Mohandiram of Atapattu)M1757

(Nicholas lived at Pokunewalauwa, Pokunewatta in Dangedera, in Galle, and his Colombo Walauwa at Silver Smith Street).He also had a walauwa in Katunayake-Kotugoda. A mala padakkama said to have been conferred on him by the Kandyan King.

In 1784 Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe signed a contract with the Dutch Company,that he would attempt to clear and develop the fertile estate Diviture in the North West of Galle Province , by planting paddy,pepper,Cinnamon and coffee. In 1793 a suggestion by the Maha Mudaliyar to split up the company plantation, and give in small plots to the peelers were implemented, with title deeds.

      3  Don Balthazar Dias Abeysinghe Siriwardene (Sahabandar Maha Mudaliyar) + Maria de Saram, m:27/11/1785

2  Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe Amarasekere Maha Mudaliyar(b: 8/5/1719, d:10/5/1794)(M2)  + Adriana Gertruda Ilangakoon  (d/o Ilangakoon Maha Mudaliyar)   And had children Johannes,Abraham and Ana.            

      3   Johannes Welhelmus Dias Abeysinghe Amarasekere Mohandiram (Galle) + Dona Maria Bandaranaike (d/o CP Dias BandaranaikeMM and Louisa Atapattu

           4   Johannes Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe b1800

           4    Johannes Gustaaf b1802

          4   Simon Fredrick b1802                    

          4   Dona Florentina Dias Abeysinghe (b approx 1790) + (m:29/11/1809) Simon de Livera Samaranayake Seneviratne Mudaliyar Hewagam Korale b1779 (Son of Balthazar de Livera)(Simon's 2hd marraige)

                    5  Fredrick John de Livera, bp:9/10/1813)(District Judge Matara,Tangalle)d1854   (Fredrick died of cholera at age 44 in 1854.)(educated at Baptists of Calcutta India.)(Fredrick de Livera District Judge Matara active in 1841.)

                      6 Fredrick de Livera (FJ de Livera district judge Tangalle 1880 ?)(Fred)+Amelia de Saram.

                        7 Fredrick de Livera

                        7 Theta de Livera

                        7 Nellie de Livera

                        7 Ethel de Livera

                        7 Christopher de Livera

                        7 Gerald de Livera (Barister)alive 1880+Miss Morgan

                        7 Elsi de Livera

                        7 Mari de Livera

                   5 Johanna Petrenella de Livera bp:6/3/1815

                   5 Abraham Paulis de Livera bp:3/10/1816


         4   Florentina Dias Abeysinghe bp 15/10/1795 + Phillip Wijekoon Panditharatne Mohandiram

             5   Jhon Leonard Wijekon Panditharatne Mudaliyar Gangaboda pattu+Sussana Illangakon (daughter of David Illangakon Mudaliyar)

             5   Gertruda Panditharatne+Jhon Dias Bandaranaike Mohandiram

            5   Wilhelmina  Henrietta Panditharatne+Johannes Jacobus de Saram Wijesekere Abeyratne Mudaliyar  b:6/4/1791Mudaliyar of the Governor Gate, Assistant Interpreter to his Excellency the Governor and Superintendent of Ambatellen Pahala 

                 6   Phillip de Saram

                6   Peter George de Saram (Stc) b1852 (Police Magistrate) + Florence Ellen de Alwis 

                    7   Clarice de Saram + Dr Valentine Goonaratne  (Son of ERJ Gooneratne)

                   7   Lionel Wellington(duke) de Saram + Ethel Pieris

                       8   Helen de Saram + Oscar de Livera

                           9   Asela de Livera + Shama Dassenaike

                               10   Ashan de Livera

                              10   Shanila de Livera

                      8   Phillip de Saram

                7   Beatrice de Saram + Arthur Dassenaike

                7   Helen de Saram

                7   Elsi de Saram + Guy Dassenaike

                   8   Naomi Dassenaike + Titus Abeysundere

                      9     Hiranthi Abeysundere

                      9     Shirani Abeysundere 

                 8   Alistaire Dassenaike + Erin Perera

                 8   Territ Dassenaike

                8   Yvette Dassenaike + Upali Seneviratne

                    9   Aanjanee June Seneviratne

                   9   Upamalie Seneviratne

           7   Cyril de Saram + Linda de Alwis

              8   Cynthia de Saram (d:2010) + Berte de Alwis

                 9   Christine de Alwis

             8   Sheila de Saram + Basil de Alwis

               9   Devinda de Alwis

               9   Sharnelle de Alwis

               9   Rohan de Alwis

               9   Niloo de Alwis

          8   Neliya de Saram

      7   Maud (Girlie) de Saram + Cyril Tillekaratne

        8   Patrick Tillekaratne

           9   Patricia Tillekaratne + Eric de Livera

              10   Priyanee de Livera

          5   Phillip Gysbertus Wijesekere Panditharatne Mohandiram (Phillip Panditharatne’s son) + (1) Florentina daughter of JW Dias Abeysinghe  (2)Angenitta Catharina Ekanayake daughter of Perera Ekanaike Mudaliyar 

     4   Clara Louisa Dias Abeysinghe bp:9/1797 + David de Livera Wijewardene Tennakoon b:1794

          5  Julias Earnest de Livera + Jane Maria de Livera

          5  Franciscus de Livera + Charlotte Fredricka de Livera

             6  Dr Edwin de Livera b:1849 + Alexandra Maartensz

             6   Walter de Livera + Elizebeth Dias Bandaranaike

                 7  Manique de Livera b:1892

                 7  Princess de Livera b:1900 + Reginold Felix Dias Bandaranaike b:1891(his 1st marriage)

                   8  Reginold Walter Dias Bandaranaike b:1921 + Noraha Hunter Crabb

                      9  Alison Dias Bandaranaike

                      9  Julia Dias Bandaranaike

       4   Florentina Leonara Dias Abeysinghe bp:2/8/1810 

   3   Don Abraham Dias Abeysinghe Amarasekere Mudaliyar,(son of NDA) b:circa 1768, Guard Mudaliyar, Galle + m: in 1798 Dona  Hetroyda, daughter  of Don Johannes Wijewardena Navaratna Tennakoon Mudaliyar,

(Abraham Dias Abeysinghe Amarasekere, Mudaliyar of the Guard, and chief interpreter received a medal from Sir Robert Brownrigg, Governor of Ceylon, in 1819 for proof of His Excellencys satisfaction with his public service during the period of his government.)

The foundation stone of the Baddegama Church was laid by the Guard Mudaliyar.

(It is said that the Richmond College first started in the upstair house of Mudaliyar Abraham Dias Abeysinghe, in Dickson Road Galle. May be around 1814.)

       4   Adriana Gertruda Dias Abeysingha b:1800 + Don David Jayathileke Goonaratne Mohotti Mudaliyar 

       4   Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe Wijewardene Mudaliyar b:6/4/1801 Mudaliyar of the Gate and Atapattu, Interpreter of the Cutcherry of Point de Galle + daughter of Don Bastian Goonaratne Mudaliyar 


            5  Don Abraham  Dias Abeysinghe Wijewardene Mudaliyar b approx 1820 (Guard Mudaliyar)

(Abraham Dias Abeysinghe Advocate alive 1850 educated in Calcutta)

              6   Rev Abraham Dias Abeysinghe Wijewardene b: approx 1840 (Colonial Chaplain)(Chaplain of All saints Colombo.Rev 1859)

    7   Eugine Godfred Dias Abeysinghe b:1868 Surveyor (STC & Royal) (Mudaliyar Bentota Wallalwita Korale + (M1) daughter  of AJ Perera

                7   2nd spouse of Eugine Godfred Dias Abeysinghe b:1868 Surveyor (STC & Royal) (Mudaliyar Bentota Wallalwita Korale + (M2) daughter  of AJ Perera

                    8  Dias Abeysinghe

                    8  Dias Abeysinghe

                    8  Dias Abeysinghe

                7   Don Abraham Dias Abeysinghe b1874 (Proctor)(Stc)Colonial Chaplain +(m1903) Eva Gooneratne(daughter of ER Gooneratne)( photo attached)(Residence Guardia Walauwa Galle built in 1712.)

                   8  Blanche Dias Abeysinghe

                   8  Vernon Dias Abeysinghe + Audry de Livera

                      9  Dharshani Dias Abeysinghe + Dr Janaka Goonetilleke

                       10 Ranil Goonetilleke

                       10 Dr Prasanna Goonetilleke

                   8  Roland Hugh Dias Abeysinghe(Barrister)(M1) +Mahil Lilette Illangakoon (d of SW Illangakoon)

                     9 Ayunil Dias Abeysinghe

                     9 Jayanthi Dias Abeysinghe + Ranjith Weerasinghe

                   8  Roland Hugh Dias Abeysinghe (Barrister)(M2)+ Gwen Esther Dias Bandaranaike (b approx 1925) Principal Bishop's College.

                      9  Yohan Dias Abeysinghe +Manjari Wickremasinghe

                         10  Hasulie Dias Abeysinghe

                        10  Chandana Dias Abeysinghe.

                    9  Kavinda Dias Abeysinghe + Shyamani Balasuriya

                       10  Nadhil Dias Abeysinghe

                 7  Maud Dias Abeysinghe +Perera

                 7  Madeline Dias Abeysinghe + Alfred Tillekaratne

              8  Dorothy Dias Abeysinghe +William Dias Bandaranaike

                 9  William Senaka Dias Bandaranaike

               8  Rev Felix Abraham Dias Abeysinghe (Vicar Christ Church Dehiwela 1957-1965)+May Gooneratne

                 9  Christopher Dias Abeysinghe

                 9  Esther Dias Abeysinghe

              8  Stanley Dias Abeysinghe + Chandra Keppetipola

                 9  Nissanka Dias Abeysinghe

               8  Anula Dias Abeysinghe + Ian William Pieris b1905

                 9  Susil Pieris

                 9  Priyanga Pieris +Eranga

                    10 Dinuka Pieris (son)

                 9  Malkanthi Pieris + JR Maurice Perera (former high court judge)

                   10  Asoka Perera

                   10  Asanga Perera

           6  Anne Dias Abeysinghe + Tillekaratne

           6  Fredricka Dias Abeysinghe + James de Livera (Lawyer)(b approx 1840)

             7  Violet de Livera

             7  Jane de Livera

             7  Ella de Livera

             7  Rienzie de Livera + Elizebeth Dias Bandaranaike(1child)

             7  Edmund de Livera

             7  Ronald de Livera + Nellie (1 child)

           7  Percy de Livera +Daisy Ione Tillakeratne (9 children)

              8   Audry de Livera + Vernon Dias Abeysinghe

                  9 Dharshani Dias Abeysinghe + Janaka Goonetilleke

                   10 Dr Prasanna Goonetilleke

                   10 Ranil Goonetilleke

            7  Flora de Livera

            7  Godwin de Livera (Revenue Officer)+ Charlotte Samarakkody (6 children)

               8  Louis Charles de Livera(Lawyer)b1919 + Gertrude Seneviratne (3 children)

                 9  Manjula de Livera + Lakshmi Arulanandam

                    10  Rahul de Livera        

                    10  Shruti de Livera

            6  Don Abraham Dias Abeysinghe b: circa 1839

                Ruled Wellabadapattu and Welegam Korale

                    7   Dias Abeysinghe  b1860 approx(d:1905) Administrative of Police

                      8   Arthur Alfred Dias Abeysinghe (b:2/2/1880) (Royal) (Captain of Cadet Battalion Ceylon light infantry 1903)  

       5  Caroline Dias Abeysinghe + Francis Earnest Jayethileke Gooneratne (m:20/5/1861)                                  

     4   Petrus Dias Abeysinghe Siriwardena Mudaliyar of the Gate, b:1807, d:1881)+ M(1)Maria d of Hendrick de Saram Mudaliyar
 + M(2) Arnoldina Angelthina
  daughter of Don Simon Tennakoon Mudaliyar 

        5  Cornelis Jacob Dias Abeysinghe (Muhandiram Galle Kachcherie) d1880

          6  Mary Dias Abeysinghe (d1912) + Richard de Livera (had 2 children)(M1881)

            7  Victor de Livera

       5  Fredrick Dias Abeysinghe d1904

       5  George Dias Abeysinghe d1906

     4   Johannes Abeysinghe Wijewardena Mudaliyar of the Wellaboda Pattu + Wilhelmina daughter of G de Saram Mudaliyar  (6 children)

     4   Henry Thomas Abeysinghe Amarasekere Mudaliyar of Bentota + Dorothea daughter of Adrian de Silva Goonathilake Mudaliyar 

  3  Don Abraham Dias Abeysinghe Amarasekere(Guard Mudaliyar Galle)+M(2) Wilhelmina Catharina Ilangakoon daughter  of Don Petrus Illangakon Mudaliyar (md in 1820)

           4   William Alexander Dias Abeysinghe + daughter of WF Dissanaike Thilakaratne Mudaliyar 

                5   Abraham Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe b 28/1/1858

                5   Dias Abeysinghe

                5  Dias Abeysinghe

                5  Dias Abeysinghe

                5  Dias Abeysinghe            

 3   Dona Ana Hertroyda Dias Abeysinghe (d of Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe and Clara Goonaratne) + Don Bastian Jayathilleke Gooneratna Attapattu Mudaliyar of Galle b1758-1812(Son of Philippoe Jayathileke Gooneratne Mudaliyar and Juana Abeysinghe) m:21/1/1792

           4  David Goonaratne (b approx 1795)(M1)+ Adriana Hetroyda Dias Abeysinghe(d/o Don Abraham Dias Abeysinghe)

           4  2nd spouse of David Goonaratne(M2) + Catharina Cecilia Dias Bandaranaike (d of Johannes Franciscus Dias Bandaranaike.)

              5  Edmund Rowland Goonaratne b1845 STC (M1)+Matilda Illangakoon (d/o JV Illangakoon)

                 6  Valentine Goonaratne

              5  2nd spouse of Edmund Rowland Goonaratne(M2) + Cornelia Tillakaratne (had 3 sons 2 daughters)

                6  Mark Sigmund Goonaratne b:1881 (played cricket,unmarried)

                6  Eva Tagora Goonaratne + Abraham Dias Abeysinghe (Proctor)b:1874

                   7  Blanche Dias Abeysinghe

                   7  Vernon Dias Abeysinghe + Audry de Livera

                      8  Dharshani Dias Abeysinghe + Dr Janaka Goonetilleke

                       9 Ranil Goonetilleke

                       9 Dr Prasanna Goonetilleke

                   7  Roland Hugh Dias Abeysinghe(Barrister)(M1) +Mahil Lilette Illangakoon (d of SW Illangakoon)

                     8 Ayunil Dias Abeysinghe

                     8 Jayanthi Dias Abeysinghe + Ranjith Weerasinghe

                   7  Roland Hugh Dias Abeysinghe (Barrister)(M2)+ Gwen Esther Dias Bandaranaike (b approx 1925)d 2004 Principal Bishop's College.

                      8  Yohan Dias Abeysinghe +Manjari Wickremasinghe

                         9  Hasulie Dias Abeysinghe

                        9  Chandana Dias Abeysinghe.

                    8  Kavinda Dias Abeysinghe + Shyamani Balasuriya

                       9  Nadhil Dias Abeysinghe

                  7  Dorothy Dias Abeysinghe +William Dias Bandaranaike

                     8  William Senaka DiasBandaranaike

              7  Rev Felix Abraham Dias Abeysinghe +May Gooneratne

                 8  Christopher Dias Abeysinghe

                 8  Esther Dias Abeysinghe

              7  Stanley Dias Abeysinghe + Chandra Keppetipola

                 8  Nissanka Dias Abeysinghe

              7  Anula Dias Abeysinghe + Ian William Pieris b1905

                 8  Susil Pieris

                 8  Priyanga Pieris +Eranga

                    9 Dinuka Pieris (son)

                 8  Malkanthi Pieris + JR Maurice Perera (former high court judge)

                   9  Asoka Perera

                   9  Asanga Perera




       6 Anula +Ian Pieris   

4   Daughter + Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe Wijewardena  b:1801




Description: nicholas dias abeysinghe amarasekera1719-94.jpg
Description: abraham dias abeysinghe.JPG









Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe Amarasekera 1719-1794            Abraham Dias Abeysinghe b1874



Description: rev abraham da.jpgDescription: eg dias abeysinghe family.JPGEG Dias Abeysinghe family.jpg

EG Dias Abeysinghe family.                                Rev Abraham Dias Abeysinghe


Also Noted

A) 1  Ethel Dias Abeysinghe (b1890 approx)+ Stephan Dias Bandaranaike (b approx 1880)

(Ethel was a founder member of the Ladies College Old Girls Association in 1909)            

          2   Etinne Dias Bandaranaike + Leonard Dias Bandaranaike

               3  Rev  Suresh Dias Bandaranaike + Daphne Ratnaike

               3  Rosanara Dias Bandaranaike + Sunil Bandaranaike

                   4 Rosanthi Dias Bandaranaike +Roshan Ranasuriya.

         2 Etinne Dias Bandaranaike +(M2) Hugh F Rupasinghe

               3 Harsha Rupasinghe


B)  Rivette Dias Abeysinghe + Togo Samarakkody

C) 1  Freda Dias Abeysinghe + Reginold Felix Dias Bandaranaike b1891 (his 2hd marriage)

        2  Felix Dias Bandaranaike b1930 + Muthulakshmi Jayasundere

        2  Christine Dias Bandaranaike (1928-1967)+David Blackler        

D) Mudaliyar Sebastian Amarasinghe Jayathileke Dias Abeysinghe (Galle) alive 1825 




1)  Sinhalese Families by Sir Paul Pieris 

2)  Chieftains of Ceylon by J  C Van Sanden

3)  20th Centaury Impressions of Ceylon 

4)  Relative Merits   By Yasmine Gooneratne

5)  Internet 


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