Sri Lanka Sinhala Family Genealogy



1  Don Charles Gemoris Attygalle from Madapatha (land owner) , From page 598 of  Twentieth Centuary Impressions of Ceylon, by Arnold Wright, Don Charles Gemoris Attygalle  Mudaliyar was born in Salpita Korale in 1834. He worked for the Botanical Gardens. He also supplied plants to Europeon planters & Businessman. When searching for plants he came across a graphite vein. He started Sri Lanka's first Graphite mine in Kahatagaha.


The heirs of D C G Attygalle, wealthy mine owner (plumbago) and landed proprietor, whose three daughters married men of very high standing in Ceylon and who dominated politics in Ceylon since independence. One daughter, Ellen married F R Senanayake (1882-1925), who but for his early demise would have probably been the first post Independence Prime Minister of Ceylon, a distinction which was thrown upon his younger brother Don Stephen. Another daughter, Alice, married John Kotalawela, whose elder son, Sir John Kotalawela, became the nations third Prime Minister (1953-56). The third daughter, Lena, married Colonel T G Jayawardena, paternal uncle of Junius Richard Jayawardena, President of Sri Lanka.




    2  Alice Attygalle + John Kotalawela (3003)

        3  Sir John Lionel Kotalawela, b:4 Apr 1897, d:2 Oct 1980, Prime Minister of Ceylon 12-Oct-1953 to 11-Apr-1956


        3  Senator Justin Kotelawala, b:1905, d:2-Apr-1973, Member CMC 1940-1944  + Millicent de Silva (d/o Dr A M de`Silva)

            4  Dr Deshamanya Lalith Kotalawela, (Ceylinco Group, The Finance Company, Seylan Bank) + Sicille Fernando (Ceylinco Group), (d/o Sam P C Fernando, ex Justice Minister & Ambassador to Egypt, and Stella Obeysekara Gunatilleke Perera of Matara)


        3  Freda Kotalawela + Dr CVS Corea

            4  Dr Gamini Corea, Secretary General of UNCTAD (1974-1984)


    Lena Attygalle + Colonel Theodore Godfry Wijesinghe Jayawardena (1872-1945),(Uncle of JR Jayawardena-President) (3002)


    Ellen Attygalle + F R Senanayake (b1882-d1926)member CMC, Brother of DS Senanayake (Prime Minister) (3001)

        3  Richard Gothabhaya Senanayake, b:4-Nov-1911, d:22-Dec-1970, MP Dambadeniya 1952, 1956 (& Kelaniya),1960, 1965, Minister Commerce & Trade 1952-56 + [9] Erine Subasinghe

        Tissa Senanayake

        3  Chandra Senanayake

        3  Upali Senanayake, b:28-Aug-1918, d:14-Oct-1983

        3  Needra Senanayake

        3  Rupavathi Senanayake

        3  Neeta Senanayake

        3  Swarna Senanayake

Dr John Attygalle


The Family of Attygalle is very ancient. The family traces its origin to a great degree from those who came to Ceylon during the King Rajasinghe era. The Attygalle name is derived from Atigale a village near Hanwella.


Dr John Attygalle’s maternal side are descendants from the Kotalawela family.


Dr Attygalle appears to have rendered some important service to Sinhalese in connection with the building of Nalha Devale of Kandy.


Dr John Attygalle b 13/1/1842 (Madapatha) Educated at STC. He qualified in Medicine.

MRCS.He became Colonial Surgeon in 1898. + Charlotte Karunaratne.

 2  Dr JWS Attygalle

 2  Henry Attygalle (Police)

 2  Thedore Attygalle (Police)

 2  R V Attygalle (Proctor)

 2  Clarence Attygalle

 2  Miss Attygalle + Thomas Dunuville

 2  Adaline Attygalle + Harry Ellawela

 2  Eugine Attygalle + James Alfred Corea


(Details taken from Page 534 of 20th Century impressions of Ceylon)



R. ATTYGALLE - G.M. Consultant Anaesthetist - Beloved husband of Kalyani, loving father of Dhammika (Director - Upali Group), late Chandana, Amrit and Pradeep, father-in-law of Vishmi, grandfather of Keminda and Duminda, brother of late Deshamanya General D. Sepala Attygalle and brother-in-law of late Upali Wijewardene and Mrs. Anoja Wijesundera. Cortege leaves at 6 p.m. residence 109A, 5th Lane, Colpetty for cremation at General Cemetery, Kanatte. DN Mon Nov 30 2009

ATTYGALLE - MILLICENT - (nee KULARATNA) Beloved wife of late Mr Dhanapala Attygalle (Proctor & former MP for Ratnapura), loving mother of Indra, late Athula (former MP for Ratnapura District), Samitha (Attorney-at-Law, member of Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council) and Dr Uthpala (Consultant J.M.O.), mother-in-law of Dr Gamini Hapangama, Prashani, Mahesha and Dr Deepika (Consultant Community Physician), expired. Cremation on Sunday the 27th of February at 3 p.m. at Crematorium Ratnapura. Katugasella, Kospelawinna, Ratnapura. DM Feb 26 2011

ATTYGALLE – THELMA DOREEN - Thelma Doreen. (formerly Jennings nee Bayldon). Aged 91years. Quietly passed away Aug. 17, 2010 at Dunolly Hospital Nursing Home.

ATTYGALLE- BRIGHTY - Beloved wife of the late General Don Sepala Attygalle, dearly beloved mother of Suraj, mother in law of Sherene, grand mother of Shaminda and Damin, beloved sister of Vienna, the late Bunty and of Mona ,Eric, Arlene, Lorraine, Maureen, George and Carolle. Remains will lie at A.F. Raymonds Funeral Parlour on Thursday 29th July from 8 a.m. Cortege leaves the parlour at 3.30 p.m for burial at the General Cemetery Kanatte (Anglican Section) at 4.00 p.m. on the same day. DM July 20 2010

WARAKAULLE - ANULA (Nee Attygalle). Relict of late C.B. Warakaulle, beloved mother of Sorani, Mahinda, Monica and Damayanthi, mother-in-law of late Dr. K.C.E. Perera, Bernie, late Paduma Atureliya and Nimal Perera, sister of Seela Weerasinghe, late Wimala Jayasundera, late Gen D.S. Attygalle, Sreema De Silva and Dr. G.M. Attygalle, loving Aththammi of Dulshan and Prasadini, Dilenthi and Keshan, Shanika, Shanath and Piyumali. Cortege will leave No. 415/1A, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia at 4.30 p.m. on Sunday 4th January for Cremation at Kirillapona Cemetery at 5.30 p.m. No flowers please. SO Jan 14 2004



Prepared by Manjula de Livera.


Sat Dec 15 2007



Lalith Kotalawela           Sicille Kotalawela                  Gamini Corea

                                     (nee Fernando)


Sir John Kotalawela (Prime Minister)


Flight to destiny

Sunday Times Feb 4 2007

We reproduce an article that appeared in The Sunday Times Millennium Supplement, Past Times

Gamani Corea spoke to Feizal Samath of that memorable trip with D.S. before Independence

It was 1945 and young Gamini Corea like many others was preparing for the arduous sea voyage to Cambridge University in England where he had secured a place for higher studies.

That was the time local students made their way by sea to England for advanced studies, in the absence of commercial flights. Little did Corea realize then, that this trip to England would create history and pave the way for Sri Lanka’s Independence from British colonial rule!

Corea, an excellent student who had passed the London Inter-Science Economics Exam and would later become one of Sri Lanka’s most distinguished personalities, had applied for a passage on the convoy of ships that made the journey to England. His university term was beginning in October 1945.

He had obtained a place in Corpus Christi College in Cambridge but delayed his departure for two years due to the war. Ships, in which passengers were housed in cabins that had several but rather uncomfortable bunkers, went in convoys, as a precaution since the Japanese war was on, though the German war was over. However, one evening around June, Corea’s grandmother, Mrs. Alice Kotelawala, returned home after a meeting with Don Stephen Senanayake, then Minister of Agriculture and Lands and Leader of the House, with some interesting news.

Corea was staying with his grandmother at her Horton Place residence, where the world-renowned economist continues to live today.

Senanayake had told Mrs. Kotelawala that he was flying to England on a mission in July, and on learning that Corea was also going there - though much later - had invited Corea to join him (Senanayake).

“I was elated,” recalled Corea. “I went to meet Mr. Senanayake after that and asked whether it was okay to come along. He said it was perfectly in order but that I had to pay for my ticket.”

Senanayake, subsequently the first Prime Minister of Ceylon, had been invited by the British Government to discuss the Soulbury Commission report, which paved the way for the British to grant Independence to Ceylon in 1948. The minister was to be accompanied by Arthur Ranasinghe, former head of treasury and now working under Senanayake, his personal physician Dr. David Silva and personal valet, Carolis.

British authorities had offered an entire plane for Senanayake and his delegation to fly to England and the minister, in view of the space available, had offered a seat to Corea and Ernie Goonetilleke, son of Oliver Goonetilleke, who was also going to Cambridge for studies. The elder Goonetilleke, the first Sri Lankan Governor General, was then the Civil Defence Commissioner.

“I was excited to be flying for the first time and all of a sudden I had to advance my arrangements since I was going to England at least three months ahead of schedule,” said Corea. The youngster was planning to stay with a Sri Lankan doctor and his wife, Alfred and Carmel Gunasekera. The doctor was practising and residing in West Hampstead.

All hell broke loose after the newspapers ran a story saying Mr. Senanayake was going to London with an official delegation. The names of the delegates, including that of Corea and Goonetilleke, were also listed.

“There was a big furore in the State Council. Mr. W. Dahanayake, a vociferous critic of the government, denounced this move saying it is family bandyism, nepotism and so on and said MSC does not stand for members of the State Council but for ‘Members of the Senanayake Caucus,” laughed Corea.

Matters were not helped by the chief secretary. He defended the move, saying these two young men were qualified and competent enough to assist Senanayake.

More embarrassment followed. "Mr. Senanayake's schoolboy secretaries" screamed a headline in a newspaper editorial, criticizing the appointment of the two youngsters on the delegation. What ran through Corea’s mind at that time? “Well, I was young and was embarrassed that I was receiving so much publicity. On the other hand, I wasn’t worried because I knew nothing wrong was done. As a result of it I received a lot of visibility in the press.”

Corea vividly remembers the day he landed in England the 13th of July 1945. But the trip, in a RAF York bomber transport plane that still had camouflage paint, took three days, as night flying was not permitted then. There were only six passengers on board. They took off from Ratmalana airport and reached Karachi for the night. Corea - feeling cold since it was his first flight - continued to wear the pullover knitted by his grandmother in the hot mid-summer evening in Karachi, drawing curious stares from people.

The next night was spent in Cairo, before the group flew via Malta to an RAF military airfield in Bristol in England. Senanayake’s delegation was put up at the Grosvenor House hotel in London.

The next morning, Senanayake took the two youngest members of the delegation to Dr. Gunasekera’s house where they stayed thereafter. But Corea, keen to find out what was happening with regard to the negotiations, daily took the under-ground train from West Hampstead to London to meet up with Senanayake who, unlike other somewhat taciturn members of the delegation, chatted freely about the goings-on.

“I was interested in the events,” said Corea, noting that Senanayake’s discussions were delayed in London as their arrival occurred at a time when a change of government was taking place. The Sri Lankan delegation had to stay longer than anticipated.

The elections, under the government of Winston Churchill, were over when the delegation arrived in England. When the results were announced a few days later, the Labour Party had surprisingly clinched victory.

It was Senanayake who gave Corea his first glimpse of Cambridge. Senanayake had been invited by Sir Ivor Jennings, a former head of the University College in Colombo, to visit Cambridge. After his meetings with Jennings, Senanayake took Corea along to Corpus Christi College to meet Corea’s future tutor, Mr. H.D.P. Lee.

It turned out that Senanayake’s two sons, Dudley and Robert, had also studied at Corpus Christi College before the war. The conversation turned personal with Lee, initially polite and courteous, becoming quite animated and warm, on realizing Senanayake’s links with the college.

More than 50 years after the event, Corea - now a top UN retiree whose last UN job was Secretary-General of UNCTAD - still remembers many of the things that happened on that historical trip with Senanayake. “I particularly remember the flight over Cairo. Unlike today, planes didn’t fly at great heights then and we could see everything the Persian Gulf, desert sands and oil pipelines. It was a beautiful sight. I also remember bomb-damaged London with all its austerity.”

Additional data on Attygalle Families


Dr Dharmasena Attygalle was a MP in Sri Lanka's parliament from 1972 to 1983.

He was Deputy Minister of Health (1977-1980) and Minister of Indigenous Medicine (1980-1983) representing the Kesbewa seat.

He was appointed as High Commissioner to Pakistan in January 1983.

He was an Ayurvedic Doctor by profession & was educated at Nalanda College Colombo.


Dharmasena Attygalle 1925-1989
Born: 19 Feb 1925
Son of Ayur Dr D P Attygalle of Madapatha & D S J Attygalle
Education: Madapatha Buddhist Mixed School, Piliyandala Maha Vidyalaya, Nalanda College, Colombo
Entered Ayurvedic Medical College and passed out in 1942
Obtained MB Degree in Homeopathy
Served on the Advisory Board of the Ayurvedic Medical College
Awarded ‘Ayurveda Vaidya Maha Vishadara Panditha’ Hon Degree by the Ayurveda Waidya Maha Mandalaya, 1978
Won Kesbewa seat in NSA by-election, 1972
Returned at the Parliamentary, 1977
Deputy Minister of Health 1977-1980
Minister of Indigenous Medicine Feb 1980-1983
Resigned as Minister 1983
High Commissioner to Pakistan Jan 1983
Passed Away: 1 Jun 1989


Mr. Dharmasena Attygalle, Sri Lanka High Commissioner to Pakistan (1983)

Dr Dharmasena Attygalle was a MP in Sri Lanka's parliament from 1972 to 1983.

He was Deputy Minister of Health (1977-1980) and Minister of Indigenous Medicine (1980-1983) representing the Kesbewa seat.

He was appointed as High Commissioner to Pakistan in January 1983.

He was an Ayurvedic Doctor by profession & was educated at Nalanda College Colombo.



ATTYGALLE - GAMINI (Retired Probation Officer, Old Boy Seevali Central College, Ratnapura). Beloved husband of Ratnawali (Retired Principal), precious father of Lakshmi (Deputy Principal, Royal College, Colombo), Subadra (Staff - President's College, Homagama), Malathi, Asoka (Canada), Jayanthi and Champika, father-in-law of Daya Attygalle, Sarath Jayasundara (Retired Paddy Marketing Board), Ratnapala Marawanagoda, Jagath Alwis, Thusitha Jayawardana (Dip Products Katuwawala) and Shamini Molligoda, brother of Justin, Michel (Former DIG), Swarna, Pragna, Nanda (England), Kusuma and the late Danapala Attygalle (former M.P. Ratnapura), Alexander, Charles and Soma, cousin of Dr Lakshman Attygalle and the late Dharmasena Attygalle(Former Minister of Indigenous Medicine and MP - Kesbewa). Cortege leaves Weda Walauwa, Madapatha, Piliyandala on Tuesday 20th for Cremation at 4.30 p.m. at General Cemetery Kohuwala.   

DAILY NEWS 20 Nov 2001

ATTYGALLE - CELINE   of ‘Weda Walawwa’ Madapatha. Beloved wife of the lateDharmasena Attygalle (former Member of Parliament for Kesbewa and Minister of Indigenous Medicine) ever loving mother of Daya Lal, mother-in-law of Lakshmi (staff, Royal College), grandmother of Randima (student, Sri Lanka Law College) Milinda (student, Royal College), sister of J.A. Abeyratne (former Director of Education Piliyandala) and brothers and sisters expired. Funeral 4 p.m. Wednesday 21st at   Madapatha Cemetery. 

ATTYGALLE ABEYRATNE - VERNON.   (Retired Army Artillery - Ceylon Transporters Ltd). Son of late Reggie and late Ethel Attygalle Abeyratne, beloved husband of Daphne (nee de Alwis), loving father of Shiromi (APL Lanka), father-in-law of Srilal Abeywardena (Royal Oceanic Hotel), loving seeya of Shanaka and Sachini, brother of Lalini, Nissanka, Nihal and Shrini, brother-in-law of Wardy, Lynskey and Ronald de Alwis, Rohini, Prema and Dr Tissa Seneviratne, expired. Cortege leaves Residence at 3.30 p.m. for Service at Christ Church Dehiwela on Wednesday 21st. Cremation at Galkissa General Cemetery at 5 p.m.   203, Allan Avenue, Dehiwela. 





In memory of my precious grandfather


Among the stars I see you still…

Yes I hear you well
From heaven above
I see you through stars
Shining through…
I feel you beside me
In each step of the way
In every memory
Cherished so deep…

Time has not robbed
Your laughter, your warmth
Your aura, the magic
Your spell on me.

Did you find the mortal world despicable?
That you left it so soon?
Why you sought to be with me
Among stars afar?
Thousands tales you left behind unsaid
Will you tell me the rest
From that immortal world?

Will you watch us 
The guardian angel that you are?
Show us the way through storms
The lighthouse that you are?
Will you be with me always
Among stars afar
The brightest of them all
I know that you are…

Randima Attygalle