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ALUWIHARE - Family #3047

l to r: Julia Aluwihare & great g-daughter, Chenaiyah Tyrah D'Costa, next, Julia with son Rohan, daughter-in-law Indira and daughters, Zonelle & Shahiliya with baby Chenaiyah Tyrah D'Costa, next, Rohan, Indira and their proud little grand-daughter, Chenaiyah Tyrah D'Costa

An extract from, Four Kandyan Families: A Genealogical Study (1600-2000), by Sunil. J. Madugalle
From the Maha Disawani of Matale, Uva and Dumbara Pasrata ; 
published by Vijitha Yapa Publications, ISBN 955-1266-00-5; July 2005
states as follows:-

"King Senerath commenced the division of the Kingdom among his nephews and his son between the years 1620 and 1627.The relevant part in the Matale Maha Disave-Kada-im-Poth narrative states that “Aluvihare Wanisekera Mudiyanse received eight Muhandiramships and the flag” and that the “Ira Handa Kodiya, (the Sun and Moon Flag) and the Kasa-Vevela, (the Staff of Office), was handed over to Udupihille Kulatunga Mudiyanse.” This means, that the former was appointed the Maha Disawa of Matale and the latter was appointed Rate Adikaram of the Principality, by King Senerath circa 1613. In the same narrative it is stated that the “Ratemahatmayaship of Udugoda and two Muhandiramships were given to ‘Ehelepola’ Maha Disawa of Matale.” By the year 1613,Wanisekera Mudali of Aluvihare was the Maha Disawa (Governor) of Matale, while Kuruppu Mudali had been appointed the Sulu Disawa for the sub divisions of Udugoda and Asgiri Korales of the Maha Disawani of Matale. Due to constant warfare against the Portuguese precipitated by the actions of Portuguese Captain Generals, like Jeronimo de Azavido and Constantine de Sa, and the continuous political strife within the Maha Disawani itself, there had been many a change in high office between 1613 and 1638. No less than nine successive appointments of Maha Disawes had been made during this short period of 25 years. Wanisekera Mudali had been replaced with Kahawatte Maha Disawa, succeeded by Kudalama, Poiyagoda, Kiriwawula, Bellantuduwa, Kotuwegoda (Kotuvegedera), Poiyagoda, Morahera and lastly by Etipola as Maha Disawes of Matale. "

King Rajasinha the Second (1629-1687)

Rebels from Alawwa surrounded the Nillamba castele during King Rajasimha II’s time. To safeguard the life of the King the ever faithful Matale Aluwihare Wanigasekara Bandara acted as a double for the King risking his life. He wore royal robes and slept in the king’s bed covering his face. Rebels believing he was the king, stabbed him to death. Then they started looting the royal treasury shouting that the King is dead. After some time they found Aluwihare Bandara missing among the nobles. Then they suspected that they might have killed the wrong person. It was well known that Aluwihare resembled the king but was completely toothless. They force opened mouth of the imposter now dead, and found he was completely toothless. They panicked and wanted to kill rebel leaders who promised them that the king would be an easy prey for them. Now they knew that they have lost valuable time plundering the royal treasury. By this time the king had gone to a safe hideout. The timely action of Aluwihare had not only saved king’s life but also gave him time to call for his loyal forces and capture the rebels. When the King went to his royal chambers he saw what had happened to Aluwihare. He started to cry not being able to bear the death of his kinsman.

He bestowed the rank and name to Aluwihare’s son. This young Aluvihare served the king and his son King Wimaladharma II (1687-1707) very faithfully in time to come.

Robert Knox reports

A Celebration of a life - Julia Aluwihare Jayasundera


It is with a sense of admiration and sadness that I received the news of the death of Julie De Silva Jayasundera, nee Aluwihare.


Julie was the seventh daughter of the late Loku Bandara Maralande Aluwihare and of the late Mrs. Julia Nuwerawewa Paranagama Aluwihare Kumarihamy of Matale. Her Paternal Grand father was the Disawa for the matale district during the British occupation of Sri Lanka.


Julie received her education at Hill Wood College Kandy., and has had the honor of being the first Kandyan Girl in the whole of Sri Lanka to be awarded a fully funded scholarship to the London Schools of Music, unfortunately at that time her very conservative parents did not permit her to take up this Scholarship. However Julie learnt the Piano under Mrs. Marion Stanton in Kandy. She married Rudolph De Silva Jayasundera, who hailed from Denagomuwa Polghawela in the Kurunegala district. Rudy and Julie settled in their cozy home at Woodlands Ranawana Kurunegala, Julie raised a family of two sons, gave music lessons, and played at concerts, and was the organist at the Kurunegala cathedral. When Rudolph died she moved out of Woodlands and settled in Kurunegala town, but later moved to her elder son’s home, in Talangama. Julie wished to live with her second son in Canberra and in 1997 at the age of eighty years she moved to Canberra, Australia, the ever so independent Julie moved into her flat in Canberra and with her piano playing, Bach Beethoven Chopin Schubert, Mortzart she made a very wide circle of friends. Her impeccable English had the admiration of many an Australian.


I think Julie was a remarkable person, who had a great sense of humor, loved people was totally unselfish, never went for cheap fame even though she was connected to the late Srimavo Bandaranayake, and knew the Late Mr Dudley Senanayake,she never asked for favors. Julie would entertain both the rich and poor with the same generosity, and kindness. Her giving sprit had no limits


Julie was converted to Christianity at Hill wood college, one wonders to this day if it was by faith or fear, however when her nephew came to the Buddhist Vihare in Canberra as its chief priest, she asked him over and had long discussions about her faith and beliefs in the Teachings of the Buddhist Philosophies.


Truly she was a wonderful woman, whose forgiving sprit made her a loving kind generous person who truly had a great circle of both Australian and Sri Lankan friends. This was evident at her cremation.


She died peacefully on the 26thof October, and the Buddhist rites were performed by the ven Saranakaraa Aluwihre maha thera, and on the 28th of October the Rev Ian Wright and the Rev Ian Hopkins conducted the Anglican service.


Julie had planned all the hymns for her funeral, and they were all the Hymns sung at her wedding, she wanted people to celebrate her life, the casket was white with gold trimmings, in laid in south sea mother of pearls, and it had 50 red roses displayed over the lid, in a lateral arrangement. As the Casket was lowered to the crematorium, her favorite piece of music by Chopin was played; it was Fantasy Impromptu in c major The Organ was played by one of Canberra’s famous Organists Mrs. Susan Reed, and Mr. Ronald Hoskin sang amazing grace.

In their eulogy her grand daughters spoke of the loving grand mother they had, who was unselfish, loving, and humorous, had the ability to laugh at her self, and had a giving sprit, she readily forgave anyone who might have wronged her, and this is the loving kindness that is taught in all faiths, Julie had a full measure of this.


 It was a celebration of a life.


I assure to all who read this that this was Julie for I should know her well, as I am her son.


Rohan de Silva Jayasundera

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  Uncle Deryck


It is with sadness I received the news of the death of uncle Deryck. I have known him all my life and to me he was, Uncle, Friend, Mentor and Hero. His values in life and his impeccable honesty is something that most people today sadly lack.


He was born at Pahala Waluwa Matale to Mr L. B Aluwiahre and Mrs Julia Nuwerawewa Parangama Aluwhare Kumarihamy. Deryck was their youngest Son


 His Grand Father was the Disawa for the Matale district during the British occupation of our Island.


 Deryck was educated at Trinity College where he excelled in his studies and later graduated with Honors from the University of Colombo.


He Joined the Ceylon civil service and he held very high offices, in the public service of Sri Lanka.


Aunty Rani his wife was kindness in its self, and during the time I was attached to the Ceylon Hotel School, I was with them and it was home away from home. The values and principles that Uncle Deryck has instilled in me, has enabled me to face life, with a philosophy that is practiced in both Buddhism and Christianity.

 To have courage Love and compassion on all things

.To be honorable in ones dealings, have a practical approach to life, are some of the many traits that I have tried to emulate from him.


Uncle Dep was not a good driving instructor, I remember the time he decided to check my driving skills, and he was so nervous at my driving that I too forgot all what I had to do on the what at that time was busy Galle Road.


 Uncle Deryck held many very high positions in the Civil Service, but never a political cringer, and as such enjoyed the respect of all ruling parties of the time, but not their favored Son status.


One of the greatest acts of bravery displayed by this Son of the Soil was in Anuradhapura. It was 1958 and he was the government agent of the Anuradhapura district, there was rioting, to maintain law and order that night he walked the main street of this ancient city holding only a stick for protection.

 Many a Tamil family owed their lives to this man who had no racial preferences, all he had was what was right and what was wrong.


 I have seen this stick which has a silver plaque and the words to a brave person who saved many lives, presented by the Ceylon Army. He is mentioned in the book emergency 58 by Tarzie Vittachie.


Uncle Deryck was never popular with people who bent the laws of the land to line their pockets.


I remember many a time Uncle Deryck relating his early childhood in Aluwihare, Today these stories would have made the charts in a movie or a novel .He was a great story teller, and loved to relate war stories. 


He knew so many branches of this very old Kandyan family. My Mother Julie is the only surviving member of his family of three boys and seven girls. Uncle Deryck retired and followed his daughter Neila to settle down in Auckland New Zealand, where he spent a useful retired life, delivering talks to social groups on Sri Lanka.\


Having been born to a very staunch Buddhist Family, but having been converted to Christianity at Trinity he had a unique blend of two religions and he lived by their teachings.


I used to visit him in Auckland, and their home was warm, filled with goodness and Love.


To Aunty Ri, Neila, Lucky, Chantal and Arjan, I mourn with you the loss,

I celebrate with you his life, and I strive to live by his principles.


It’s Hard to break the chords of Love that bind our hearts.




Rohan de Silva Jayasundera

Port Vila



1  Aluwihare

    2  U L B Aluwihare Dissawe + Ms Maralande

        3  L B Aluwihare + Julia Nuwera Wewa Paranagama Kumarihamy (3100)

             4  Sudharma Aluwihare + HC Guneratne Mudaliyar of Matara.
                5  Loyd Guneratne

                5  Leslie Guneratne

             4  Sita Aluwihare + Colbert Abraham


             4  Christy Aluwihare + Nancy Sirimane 

                 5  Stephnie Aluwihare

                 5  Noel Aluwihare


             4  Edwin Aluwihare + Miss Helen Prince

                 5  Dhelia Aluwihare

                 5  Meryl Aluwihare

                 5  Malini Aluwihare

                 5  Ingrid Aluwihare

                 5  Chryshanthie Aluwihare


             4  Gladys Aluwihare + Richard Dunuwila (3102)

                 5  Damayanthi Dunuwila (Musician, who sailed on a yacht from Colombo to Lisbon, the famous baila "Kandy Lamissi" was composed based on her many antics during her early years at kandy) + Sven (Sweden)

                 5  Sita Dunuwila + Cedric de Silva

                 5  Iris Dunuwila (decd) + Lloyd Gooneratne

                     6  Charitha Gooneratne

                 5  Manel Dunuwila + Shelton Weerasinghe (ex Principal Wesley College)

                 5  Shanthie Dunuwila (decd) + Charles Pathirane                


            4  Olive Aluwihare + Frank De Alwis

                5  Alan De Alwis

                5  Micheal De Alwis

                5  Leonard De Alwis


            4  Evelyn Aluwihare + Aelien Gunewardene 

                5  Indrani Gunewardene

                5  Amara Gunewardene

             4  Jullia Aluwihare, presently resident in Canberra, Australia, b:Dec-5-1915 at Pahala Walauwa Aluwihare, Matale, d:26 Oct 2008 in Canberra, Australia + Rudolph De Silva Jayasundera, b: 2nd of september 1910, m: 10th of April 1944 (s/o Jonathan, lawyer of the NWP, & Maud De Silva Jayasundera of Kurunegala, Jonathans mother was known as Denagomuwe Kumarihamy, whose ancestors were Guptas, who accompanied the Bo sapling from India.Their Walauwa still exists in Denagomuwa Polghawella, and her temple in Denagomuwa still stands, Ref 20th Century Impressions of Ceylon.) (3101)

                 5  Nihal De Silva Jayasundera, b:24-Dec-1945 + Nelum Welikella

                    6  Radhika Nelufer De Silva Jayasundera.
               5  Rohan De Silva Jayasundera, b:20-Oct-1947 + Indhira Samarasinghe

                     6  Zonelle Avanthie De Silva Jayasundera + L:eonard D'Costa
                         7  Chanaiya Tyra D'Costa

                     6  Shahiliya De Silva Jayasundera  


            4  Iranganie Aluwihare + Dr Wilfred Wickremasinghe

                5  Gamani Wickremasinghe

                5  Asoka Wickremasinghe

                5  Malika Wickremasinghe

                5  Sunethra Wickremasinghe

                5  Chitra Wickremasinghe + Sanjeeva Wijesinghe

                5  Chulani Wickremasinghe

                5  Krishnie Wickremasinghe

             4  Derryck Aluwihare d:12 Oct 2008 in Auckland New Zealand + Ranee Perera (d/o Dr & Mrs JP Perera of Gampaha)

                5  Neila Aluwihare + Lakshman Abeynaike (s/o Rev Cyril Abeynaike, Bishop, & Mrs Abeynaike)

                    6  Chantal Abeynaike

                    6  Arjan Abeynaike

Deryck Aluwihare was educated at Trinity College Kandy and  later at the University of Colombo, where he graduated with honours.

Deryck, having got through all his civil servants examinations with flying colours, joined the Civil Service where he held many high positions.

 It was as Government agent Polonaruwa, that Deryck displayed his finest hour, and his accounts of Bravery  Heroism  justice and fair play were written in the book emergency 58. by  Tarzie Vittachi

Deryck headed many departments in Sri Lanka, The Ceylon Tourist Board, The national Council of higher education were some of the many depratments,that had the fortune to be headed by him.

This rare breed of Sri Lankas gentry is fast disappearing and to have a conversation with Deryck is truly to go on a learning curve, to most of today's generation.

Ranee, his devoted  wife, is a person who has been by his side down the years and the saying there is a woman behind every successful man is a great way to describe this remarkable lady.Deryck and Ranee live in retirement in Auckland.

Their only daughter Neila and her husband lakshman live in Auckland and the family often remember the grand old days of Lanka

.Derycks contribution to Sri Lankas progress is tremendous, had people taken action on his views on peacefuil co existence of all races in Sri Lanka, perhaps, we may not have had the conflict that divide this nation today.

    2  T B Aluwihare + Panebokke Tikiri Kumarihamy, see pic on flickr at of Panabokke  Dissawe and  family,  wife, Halangoda Kumarihamy, the daughter standing  in the middle of the couple is Sir Richard Aluwihare's mother, and the younger daughter seated on the left is W. A. Ratwatte's mother.

According to Lawries' Gazeteer of The Central Province - Tikiri Banda Panabokke, born 1848, Fourth son of Loku Nilame, was educated at St. Thomas' College. His

First Marriage was to - Dambawinne Kumarihamy, d/o  Dambawinne Rate Mahattaya by whom he has two daughters as depicted in the photo. Died young. The Lady in photo, is second wife  Halangoda Kumarihamy, d/o Halnagoda RM, by whom he had two sons and six daughters.)


        3  Sir Richard Aluwihare, KCMG, CBE, CCS, JP 1895-1976 + Lucille Moonemalle m:18-Oct-1920

Born:23-May-1895. Primary education at Trinity College, Kandy. Played Cricket, Rugby. Senior Prefect. Won Ryde Gold Medal in 1915. Entered service in WWI in Flanders, 1916. Returned to Ceylon in 1920. Proceeded to England as Secretary to the Kandyan deputation on constitutional reforms. Appointed to the CCS. Attached to the Jaffna Kachcheri, OA. Director of Agriculture, Asisstant Registrar Cooperative Societies, Feb-1922. Acting Police Magistrate, Dandagamuwa, Oct-1923. Officer, Class IV, CCS, Nov-1923. Police Magistrate, Point Pedro, Panadura Nov-1924. Promoted to Class III. Second Landing Surveyor, HMS Customs, 4-Dec-1946. Commissioner of Requests, Addl. District Judge, Addl. Police Magistrate, Kandy. Addl. DJ, Kegalle Sst. Settlement Officer 22-Oct-1929. DJ Nuwara Eliya 1-Oct-1931. Promoted Class II CCS 13-Jan-1932. General Treasury 26-Feb-1934. IGP 6-Jan-1947. High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in India. Works include Kandy Asela Perahera. Knighted 1948. Died:22-Dec-1976


                4  Phyllis Sita Aluvihare + J C Ratwatte II (3060)

                    5  Jayampathy Charitha Ratwatte III, b:1948 + [1] Chulanee Nelunkanthi Ratwatte, b:1949

                        6  Prashanthi Tehanee Ratwatte

                        6  Jayampathy Charitha Ratwatte IV


                4  Ena Aluvihare + De Silva (Ena de Silva Batiks)


         3  Uda Walawwe Bernard Herbert Aluwihare 1902-1961 + Dr. Florence Kaushalya Ram (India) in UK
Born:6-Apr-1902 at Matale. Primary education at Trinity College, Kandy, St. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia. Higher education at University of Oxford. BA BCL (Oxford). Entered Ceylon Law College. Barrister at Law, Inner Temple. Went to India as disciple of Mahatma Ghandi. Represented Allahabad District at the Indian National Congress Convention held at Karachi in 1931. Represented India at the Round Table Conference held in 1931. Imprisoned in India as a result of the Non-Cooperation Movement in 1932. Returned to Ceylon in 1933 and commenced a handloom industry (1932-1934). Participatd in the Anti-Malaria Campaign in 1936. Won SC Election representing matale in 1936. Secretary SLFP. Joined UNP. Lost Matale seat in 1947. Won Matale seat under SLFP. Joined UNP in 1956 and lost Matale seat once again in 1956. Regained the seat in March and July elections, 1960. Acting Minister Agriculture and Lands, Minister of Education & Culture, Labor & Fisheries, 1960. Died:22-Jan-1961 in England.

                4  Professor Arjuna Aluwihare, graduated from Cambridge in 1963 MBBChir (Cantab) and gained his fellowship, FRCS(Eng) in 1966, His academic qualifications include MChir (Cantab) 1970, MA (Cantab) FICS, FCS(SL), FRCS(E), FRCS(G), (FCPS(BD), FNatAcadSci(SL) . Author of many articles on surgery, university matters, and medical education and was Professor of Surgery 1985-2002 at the University of Peradeniya. Held clinical posts in Britain and Kuwait. One time Hunterian Professor RCS, England, Vice Chancellor Peradeniya, University Grants Commission Chairman Sri Lanka, WFME Executive Committee and Acting President SEARAME, SEAR and Global Advisory Committee of Health Research of WHO, Commissioner Human Rights Sri Lanka.

                4  Dr Anula Aluwihare


            3  Son

                4  Alfred Aluwihare of Lekam Walawwa, Aluwihare, Matale + SUMANAWATHIE DELWALA KUMARIHAMY, d:June 2006

                    5  Sahampathy Aluwihare + Anoma

                    5  Richard Aluwihare + Viola

                    5  Ira Aluwihare + Dr Lambert Wickramasekera

                    5  Swarna Aluwihare + Mahadeva Ellepola

                    5  Manel Aluwihare + Dr Ian Dhanapala

                    5  Bimba Aluwihare + Rachindra

                    5  K.B. Rani Aluwihare + Brig Percy Wijekoon

                    5  Srimathie Aluwihare + Lakshman Aluwihare

                    5  Deutrorn Aluwihare + Dayanthi


 ALUWIHARE - MRS SUMANAWATHIE DELWALA KUMARIHAMY  Beloved wife of late Alfred Aluwihare of Lekam Walawwa, Aluwihare, Matale, much loved mother of late Sahampathy and Richard and of Ira, Swarna, Manel, Bimba, K.B. Rani, Srimathie and Deutrorn, mother-in-law of Anoma, Viola, late Dr. Lambert Wickramasekera, Mahadeva Ellepola, Dr. Ian Dhanapala, Rachindra, Brig. Percy Wijekoon, Lakshman Aluwihare and Dayanthi, dearly loved by all of her grand and great grandchildren. Cortege leaves residence No. 53, Dharmadassi Mawatha, Kandy (behind Trinity College) at 5.30 p.m. Cremation at Mahaiywawa Cemetery at 6 p.m. on Wednesday 14 June 2006. No flowers by request. DN Tue Jun 13 2006


            3  U Ananda Aluwihare

                4  Assaji Aluwihare (USA)

                4  Lihini Aluwihare (USA)


            3  daughter + Rambukwella

                4  Earle Rambukwella + Ms Aluwihare

                    5  Ravi Rambukwella (CF Kandy)

                4  Kavan Rambukwella

                4  Captain Anil Rambukwella (Air Lanka) + Dinali de Silva Karaliadde (sister of **Tilaka de Silva Karaliadde - see obituary below)

                    5  Captain Nimal Rambukwella (Sri Lankan Airlines)

                    5  Indira Rambukwella + Amarasekera

                4  2nd spouse of Captain Anil Rambukwella (Air Lanka) + Mumtaz Aliph (120)


**KARALLIADDE DE SILVA, TILAKA - Wife of late Ananda J.R. De Silva (Sergeant-at-Arms), daughter of late A.B. Karalliadde and Gunaseeli Lankatilleke Kumarihamy, mother of Nimal (Captain, Sri Lankan Airlines) and Mahinda Rambukwelle, sister of Ranee, Lalitha, Swarna, Nihal and late Dinali, Seetha, Manil and Lakshman, mother-in-law of Melly, grandmother of Anushka, Dharshani, Manil and Melissa, expired. Cortege leaves 14, Elvin Place, Nugegoda on Thursday 24th January at 3 p.m. Cremation at General Cemetery, Kanatte at 4 p.m. DN Tue Jan 22 2008