Sri Lanka Burgher Family Genealo

Sri Lanka Burgher Family Genealogy 


GRAY Family #1141


Gray Family A


Generation 0

Humphrey Gray of Ireland m Sarah French b.circa 1756 d/o Anthony French & ?

1        Captain French Gray, b.Portlaoise, Maryland, Laoiglis, Ireland 1779


Generation I

Captain French Gray born in Ireland circa 1779 d.28-Apr-1818 Dutch Ceylon, Matara m in Jaffnapatnam on 6-Jan-1807 Ursula Theodora Petronella Mooyart b:12-Oct-1874 d:13-Dec-1847 :-

            1     Sally Gray b:26-Jan-1806

            2     Sarah Gray b:8-Oct-1816(?) m Fort Church Jaffna 1-Feb-1826  Robert Russel, surgeon, (speculation whether Sarah & Sally are one and the same person?)

            3     Basil Gray b:18-Oct-1809 Army Officer

4            Humphrey Gray b:29-Aug-1811 Trincomalee

5            French Gray, b:5-Dec-1813 6.5.1813 Colombo

6            Eliza Gray, b:6-Dec-1815 d:30-Jul-1854 m (a) Samuel Rehe, major in Madras Regiment d:14-Nov-1837 in Calicut, South India (two children) (b) Chilaw, Ceylon 17-Oct-1840 James Caulfield b:19-Jul-1806 in Ireland d:4-May-1861 in Kandy, Ceylon (Hon James Caulfield later became Treasurer of CCS, Ceylon)

            7  Caroline Gray, b:13-Dec-1817 at Jaffna m Jaffna Fort Church 10-Jan-1833 Henry Smith d.8.6.1840

Generation II

Sarah Gray b:8-Oct-1816(?) m Fort Church Jaffna 1-Feb-1826  Robert Russel, surgeon, (speculation whether Sarah & Sally are one and the same person?)

               (a) Robert Walhall Russel (Captain)*
               (b)  Thomas O’Connor Russel
               (c)Frederic Caldecott Russel
               (d) George Basil Russel
[  * According to a note in Kate Dougharty's (A deceased relative from Tasmania) manuscript says “He Drowned with wife, child, cousin and servants in
the wreck of the Steamer 'Mars', crossing from Waterford to Bristol in 1861".  It is not quite clear whether this note refers to Capt. Robert Russell and Family or to his wife's father, Captain Homfrey's, family.
    ** Kate also has a note against Thomas and Frederic saying that they were
both lost in an attempt to cross Australia.]


Humphrey Gray, b:29-Aug-1811 d:10-Nov 1866, Major (Actg. Lt. Colonel) +

(a)       Bangalore, India 29-Aug-1838 Louisa Melbourne Scarman d bef 1858

(b)       Malta 6-Jul-1858 Charlotte Bovell


Of the first mariage he had :-

               1 Christina Ursula Gray b:7-Jun-1840 – Kamplee, India

               2 Eliza Jane Gray b:20-Jul-1842 – Agra, India

3 Eleanor (Nelly) Gray b:15-Mar-1844 – Agra, India + Vigson


French Gray b.5-Dec-1813 6.5.1813 d:25-Apr-1874 at sea and buried off the coast of Aden married:-

(a)       (a)     St.James Church, Jaffna 3-Dec-1840 Susan Jane Warburton, b:16-Jan-1825 d:20-Jul-1856 dau Cosby Warburton & Anna Jane Hollowell

(b) Christ Church, Mutwal, Colombo 29-May-1862 Caroline Ponting b: Bermondsey, Surrey, England, born 19 Sep 1826 d:4-Jun-1910 at Hove, Sussex, UK dau.of Joshua James POINTING & Rosannah CARR


Of the first marriage he had (13 children, 3 of whom died in infancy)


1    French Warburton Gray, b:2-Dec-1841

2    William Gray, b:15-Jan-1843, d:14-Mar-1844

3        William Cosby Gray b:18-Mar-1844

4    Basil Gray b:23-Mar-1845 (Galle)

               5    Humphrey Gray, b:16-Apr-1846, d: Kandy 7-Dec-1884

6   Jane French Gray, b:15-Apr-1850 m Scots Kirk Kandy, SL 16-Aug-1873 Josias John de Lambert, b:1849

7   Susan French Gray b:15-Apr-1850 d:1916 m Christ Church, Mutwal, Colombo 14-Feb-1872 Philip Francis Fowke  b:2-Apr-1846 in Carmarthan, Wales d.25.8.1897 son of Philip Fowke:-

(a)  Emily Susan FOWKE b: 27 Feb 1873 in Colombo, Ceylon m C. L. Benham

(b)  Philip French FOWKE b: 5 Oct 1874 in Kandy, Ceylon m Cicely Susan Mathews b: 4 Jan 1879 d: 19 Jun 1964

                                              I   Eleonor Fowke b: BEF. 1899 d: AFT. 1899

II  Philip Burstal Fowke b: 24 Apr 1911 d: 1984 m Dorothy Joyce McKee :-

A   John Philip Fowke m Penelope Joan MacDonald :-

I  Philip John Fowke

II Anna Penelope Fowke

B   Felicity Joyce Fowke m John Brooke Southwell

C   Susan Dorothy Fowke

(c)  Helen Frances FOWKE b: 18 Apr 1876 in Kandy, Ceylon

(d)  Frederick Basil FOWKE b: 30 Sep 1877 in Kandy, Ceylon, d:26-Dec-1896

(e)  Francis Richardson FOWKE b: 14 Mar 1879, d:4-Nov-1882

(f)  Roger Warburton FOWKE b: 12 Aug 1880 in Kandy, Ceylon m Edith Cremond

(g)   Laura Catherine FOWKE b: 6 Apr 1886 in Dickoya, Ceylon, d:12-Aug-1887

(h)   Robert FOWKE

(i)     Constance FOWKE b: 31 Jul 1883 in Dickoya, Ceylon,


(j)  Lewes FOWKE

(k)   Humphrey FOWKE b: 15 May 1882 in Dickoya, Ceylon


8        Richard Gray, b:28-Aug-1851


9        Cosby Warburton Gray, b:18-May-1853 d:9-Jan-1886 near Mandalay (killed by Burmese Dacoits whilst working for the East India Company after a heroic stand)


               10   James Patrick Gray, b:17-Mar-1855 in Ceylon who follows under VI


Of the second marriage he had :-


11       Elizabeth Susan GRAY  b.26.6. 1864 in Colombo d.1937 in Hastings Lived at Crosland Moor Bottom Huddersfield (-1872); lived in Hove 1881-1891) m. Hove 10 May 1894 George Chambre Wilmut TOWNSHEND d.01 May 1949 in Addiscombe, Surrey :-

(a)       Ruth Catherine TOWNSHEND

(b)       Basil Wilmot Oliver TOWNSHEND

(c)       Janet Gray TOWNSHEND

(d)       Caroline French TOWNSHEND


12       Caroline Emma Gray b:14-Dec-1865 Colombo d.24 Aug 1950 in

        Peacehaven, Sussex m. Par.Church, Hove, Sussex 04 Sep 1894 Henry Thomas  Brandram JONES, manager chemical works d.1946 in Croydon, Surrey :-

(i) Margaret Gray JONES

(ii) Humphrey Francis Brandram JONES

(iii) Ursula Mary JONES


(e)       Richard Basil Brandram Jones b:1897 2nd Lieut, (North Lancashire regt) won the Victoria Cross posthumously when he    

        was killed in action on 21-May-1916 at Vimy, France at the age of 19.


Generation III


William Cosby Gray b 18-Mar-1844 d 14-Apr-1912 m Holy Trinity Church, Nuwara Eliya 21-Oct-1876 Elizabeth Maria JUDD b England 11-May-1856 d Dimbula, Ceylon 29-Dec-1912 dau William JUDD & Catherine Maria Tate :-

               1    French Henry JUDD Gray b:11-Aug-1877 d:10-Dec-

2        Arthur Warburton Gray b.1878

3        Cosby William Gray b 7-Mar-1880

4        George Basil Warburton Gray b:18-Apr-1883

5        Lucy Frances Catherine Gray b. 2.9.1884

6        Frederick Eric Anderson Gray b.15.2.1888

7        [1] Grace Ethel Gray b:5-May-1892 at Arthurwatta, Kandy, Ceylon d.7.6.1979 m [2] Charles Braybrooke Gray bap 5.2.1891 d.3.10.1969

8        Annie Florence Gertrude Elizabeth Gray b.21.3.1889 m St.Pauls’ Church Kandy on 28.?.1911.William Sextus Daly Winter b Sunnyside, Baddegama 25.2.1878 died Perth, Australia 1951. He took up planting in Ceylon and farming in Australia. He had 11 legitimate children, all born in Ceylon except Robert who was born on the ship "Maloja" en route to Australia where they arrived on 21-Dec-1926

(a)       (a)     Nina Florence Gertrude Winter Gray b:16.8.1912 m 25-Apr-1913 William Martin b.30.7.1913

I Adrian William Martin b.23.3.1939 m 1966 Sieneke Koster

A  Robert Martin b.12.4.1971

B  Peter Martin b:27.4.74

C  Yvette Martin b:5.6.1972 (adopted)

II Pamela Anne Martin b:6.10.1942 m 1962 Dennis Clifford :-

A  Fiona Clifford (b:13.4.65) Rachel (b:6.8.1990).

B   Catherine Clifford b:22.11.1966 + Scott  (b:20.12.1992)

C  Sean Clifford b:

C.1  Brooke (b:18..12.1990).

D   Elizabeth Clifford b:18.3.1975.

III Coralyn Rosemary Martin b:6.10.1943 m 1963 Murray Duncan b.23.11.1940 :-

A   Anne Duncan b: m Roman Olejko b:24.10.1962 :

A.1  Stephanie Olejko b:30.6.1990

A.2  Katelyn Olejko b:3.4.1992

B   Wendy Duncan b:17.3.1967 m 1991 Steven Whan b:20.10.1956 :-

B.1  Roslyn Whan b:9.8.1969.

B.2  Colleen Whan b:24.5.71

IV  Lynette Martin b:1948 m 1969 Michel Damnjanovic b:2.3.19465 :-

A   Natasha Damnjanovic b:5.5.1972

B   Nicolas Damnjanovic b:29.1.1976

V   Nancy Martin b:2..6.1952 m 1969 Ronald Day b: 3.10.1948 :-

A   Jeremy Day b:3.1.1974

B   Mathew Day b:27.3.1975


(b) Alfred Basil Daly Winter (b.7.2.1914, d. 2.11.1982) + Helena Justin Smith in 1945

I  David Daly Winter (b. 26.7.1948) adopted.

A  Susan Winter (b. 15..8.1951) adopted + Brian Cook:

A.1  Emma Cook.

A.2  Kelly Cook

A.3  Elliott Cook.


(c)  Evelyn Beatrice Winter (b. 19.9.1915) + John Hunt in 1940

I  Janice Mayoris Hunt (b. 1940) + Andrew Zeltins:

A  Catherine Zeltins.

B  Sara Zeltins

II  Sandra Ann Hunt (b. 1943) + Con Buzios.

III  John Richard Hunt (b. 1943) + Valerie?:

A  Craig Hunt (b. 7.12.1966 + Katherine:

A.1  Danny Hunt (b. .8.4.1992).

A.2  Tricia Anne Hunt (b. .8.7.1870)


(d)  Harriett Olga Winter (b. 3.8.1917) + 1941 Kenneth Ross

I  Anthea Ross (1941) + 1964 Frank Ward

A  FIona Ward.

B  Erin Ward.

C  Macolm Ward.

II  Glenys Ross (b. Nov 1943) + 1966 Peter Davey

A  Michelle Davey.

B  Katrina Davey.

C  Bronwyn Davey.

D  Nicholas Davey.

III  Patricia Ross + 1968 Alan Weeks

A  Christopher Weeks.

B  Kate Weeks.

IV  Jennifer Ross + 1973 John Growden

A  Alexander Growden (b. 1973).

B  Daniel Growden (b. 1976).

C  Luke Growden (b. 1979).

V  Roslyn Ross + 1970 Wade Mathews

A  Brett Mathews.

B  Tara Mathews.

C  Kenton Mathews.

VI  Kenneth "Mac" Ross Patrick Ross.

VII  Ian Ross Aleshia Ross


(e)  Edmund Deslandes Winter (b.19.1.1919, d. 2.2.1991) + Betty Kidd divorced

I  Lewis Winter Edmund Winter + (2) on 28.12.1947 Joyce (b. 23.2.1929)

II  Maxine Winter (b. 7.12.1948) + Robert Benson (b. 29.11.1944):

A  Gregory Benson (b. 24.5.1967) + Lisa (b. 5.2.1968)

A.1  Zarli Benson (b. 1.11.1991).

B  Mark Benson (b. 27.10.1970).

C  Donna Benson (b. 27.5.1972).

III  Graham Winter (b. 9.7.1946) + Robyn McInnernie (b. 15.2.1947)

A  Sarah Winter (b. 4.12.1971).

B  Matthew Winter (b. .4.10.1976).

C  Ronald Winter (b. 4.11.1978).

IV  Jeffrey Winter (b. 12..8.1953) + 1971 Sandra Vidich (b. 10.2.1955)

A  Sheryl Winter (b. 15.8.1971).

B  Leanne Winter

C  Michelle Winter

D  Kristy Winter

Morris Winter (b. 11.2.1956) + Louise Dovey Erica Winter (b. 22.5.1991).

VI  Brett Winter (b. 28.112.1964) + Karen McGregor (b. 14.10)

A  Kendal Winter(b. 14.10.1991)

VII  also stepchildren Jasmin and Dayle.


(f)  Richard Sextus Winter (b. 19.2.1920, killed in action 1945) + Lorraine Medbury

I  Richard (b. 1.4..6.1945) divorced

A  Darren Winter (b. 19.3.1985).


(g)  Patrick Daly (b. 25.5.1921 killed in action 1945


(h)  Millicent Kathleen Winter (b. 30.9.1921) + Ken Bowden

I  Donald Bowden + Geraldine Trent Bowden.

II  Betty Bowden + John Montgomery:

A Michael Montgomery (b. 27.6.1981.

B  Katey Montgomery (b. 1.11.1983)

III  Roseanne Bowden + Alestair Kerr:

A  Tristan Kerr

B  Cameron Kerr.

IV  Julie Bowden.

A  Kenneth Bowden.


(i)  Ruby Elizabeth Winter (b. 12.1.1924) + Tom Curtin

I  Mary Curtin (.b. 22,11,1951) + 23.6.1972 Reginald John Rofe

A  Sydney Rofe (b. 3.8.1973).

B  Thomas Rofe (b. .12.7.1976)

C  Susan Rofe (b. 24.8.1977)

D  Hanorah Rofe (b. 12.9.1979)

E  Jeremiah Rofe (b.8.8.1981)

F  Jacob Rofe (b. 16.1.1984)

G  Margaret Rofe (b. 23.5.1988

H  Cecilia Rofe (b. .26.11.1991)

II  Joseph Curtin (b.14.12.1952) + 12.12.1981 Marie?

III  Michael Curtin (.b. .12.3.1954)

IV  Rosemary Curtin (b. 26.12.1956) + 23.5.1987 Henry Pavlovich:

A  David Pavlovich (b. 28.12.1986).

B  Rebekah Pavlovich (b. .22.6.1989).

V  Marie Therese Curtin (b. 21.6.1959) + 25.6.1984 Michael McWhirter:

A  Meghan McWhirter (b. 11.4.1984).

B  Sean Thomas McWhirter (b. 30.3.93) & stepson Michael McWhirter.

VI  Bernadette Curtin (b. 10.1.1960) + Ross Hollywood:

A  Michelle Hollywood (b. 10.10.1980).

B  Andrew Hollywood (b. 10.12.1981).

C  David Hollywood (b. 10.3.1984).

D  Emily Hollywood (b. 18.7.1988)

VII  John Curtin (b. 11.5.1962).

VIII  Carmel Curtin (.B. .11.10./1963) + 12.1.1985 Gary Rapp:

A  Matthew Rapp (b. 1.1.1986).

B  Laurie Rapp (b. 31.7.1988).

C  Andrew Rapp (b. 28.6.92).


(j)  Constance Nellie Sarah Winter (b. 23.6.1925) + 1947 Robert Miles

I  Judith Miles (.b. 2.1.1948) + 1970 Ross Bell:

A  Jennifer Bell (b. 21.6.1972).

B  Roslyn Bell (b. 3.7.1975).

II  Beverley Miles (b. 18..6.1949) + 1972 Ross Timms:

A  Geoffrey Timms (b. 9.2.1973).

B  Leanne Timms (b. 13.10.1974).

III  Roberta Miles (b. 17.6.1950) + 1973 John O'Sullivan Catherine O'Sullivan (b.20.7.1981)

IV  Kathleen Miles (b. 8.4.1952) + 1971 Raymond Norton

A  Jason Norton (b. 27.2.1971).

B  Wade Norton (b. 11.10.1976).

V  Richard Miles (b. 16.5.1954)

VI  Allan Miles (b. 1.3.1956) + 1980 Judith Hansen div.:

A  Adam Miles (b. 26.9.1980).

B  Christopher Miles (b. 12.12.1981 + Natalie Gorman Sara Miles (b. 19.4.1993) )

VII  Dennis Miles (b. .26.12.1958).


(k)  Robert Maloja Warner Winter (b. 18.12.1926, d. 27.12.1970).+ Eunice Davey (Robert was born on the ship "Maloja" en route to Australia  1926)

Daly Winter twin

Robert Winter

Steven Winter

Tyler Winter

II  Peter Winter twin (div).:

Michelle Winter

Daniel Winter


(l)  Sarah “Edna” Winter, d:18-Aug-1980 + Trevor Lorage, CBE, Director of Education, Ceylon, emigrated to UK and both buried in Kensal Cemetery

I  Frank Lorage + Rosemary

II  Leslie Lorage + Vera McEwen of Ireland


(m)  half brother of Sarah “Edna” Winter: George Winter married and with issue in Ceylon

(n)  half sister of Sarah “Edna” Winter: Mary Winter + Eddie Pereira, Superintendent of Police, Colombo

I   "Bunty" Pereira married ? issue in Ceylon.

II  Maureen Pereira + an Englishman Frank Chenery:

A  Mary Anne Chenery.

B  Julie Frances Chenery.

III  Jeune Pereira + Richard Thiedeman issue in Ceylon

IV  Muriel Pereira + Ossie Pereira (Eddie's brother), Superintendent of Police in Colombo:

A  Astley Pereira + ? issue in Ceylon

B  Ernley Pereira + ? issue in Ceylon.


Basil Gray b:23-Mar-1845 (Galle) m St. Paul’s Kandy, Ceylon, 1-Oct-1867 Emily Elizabeth Fowke b:2.12.1844 d.2.12.1907 d/o Philip Fowke & ?

               1.  Cosby French Gray b.24.6.1875


James Patrick Gray b:17-Mar-1855 in Ceylon d:17-Feb-1930 in Galle m St. Marks, Badulla, Ceylon 10-Aug-1876 Marie Sophie Watson b:23-Mar-1856 baptized by Galle Colonial Chaplain daughter of Henry Gurnsley Watson & Maria Anna Braybrooke (g/daughter of Lt. General Alexander Watson, Royal Army, and niece of Capt. Albert Watson – later Lt. Col – who is mentioned in the History Book of Ceylon regarding an incident when a Holy man was shot during a rising whilst Lord Torrington was Governor).

1        Sophia Alice Gray b.10.10.1877 d.Australia 18.1.1959 m 31.8.1897 Oliver Peter Nicholson Schokman b.15.4.1869 d.30.5.1943 and had 3 boys & 2 girls

2        James Warburton Gray b.6 May 1879 d.12.Dec 1904

3        Maude Susan Gray b.12.July 1883 d. 3.July 1884

4        Mabel Jane Gray b.12.July 1883 d.18 June 1886

5        Louise Evelyn Gray b.21.June 1887 d.7 April 1953 m William Hill & had 2 boys & 2 girls

6        French William (Bambi) Gray b.25.Aug 1889

7        Richard Mooyart Gray b.12.Aug 1889 d.20.May 1891

8        [2] Charles Braybrooke Gray b.3 Nov 1889(?) bap St.Michael’s,

     Kollupitiya 5.2.1891 + [1] Grace Ethel Gray b:5-May-1892 at  Arthurwatta, Kandy, Ceylon d.7.6.1979

9        Richard Cosby Gray b.27 Sept 1892

10   Humphrey Douglas Gray b.12 Oct 1893

11   Basil Albert Gray b.9 Nov 1894 d.5 Jan 1981

12   Cecil Mooyart Gray b 14 Jan 1896 d 4 May 1907

13   Doris Marjory (Kitty) Gray b.31 Jan 1897 d 24 Aug 1987, in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). She died on 24 Aug 1987.  daughter of JAMES PATRICK GRAY AND MARIA SOPHIA WATSON + Lt Colonel Tom Leslie Lane 1 was born 2, 3 on 26 Nov 1897 in Newport Monmouthshire. He died 4, 5 on 25 Mar 1944 in Burmah. The cause of death was Killed in Action World War 2 in Burmah. He married 6 Doris Marjorie Gray in Sep 1924 in Calcutta India. [Parents] and had 2 boys & 2 girls [Notes] Children: Kenneth Leslie Lane was born 1 on 3 Feb 1926 in Calcutta India. He died 2 in 1983 in Hendon. He married Jeanne Alma Marion Moule on 27 Mar 1948 in Lewes, Sussex. [Parents]


Generation IV

Arthur Warburton Gray  b.1878 d.England 21.5.1960 m St.Paul’s Kandy 16.12.1905 Isabel Emma (Daisy) Beven b.16.3.1881 d.4.7.1956 :-

1.      Ethel Joyce Warburton Gray b.16.8.1908 m St.Paul’s Kandy  24.9.1930 John Kitching b.1900

2.      Peggy May Warburton Gray b.12.11.1910 m St.Paul’s Kandy 11.6.1932 Edward Dobson Baines b.1901

3.      Beatrice Honor Warburton Gray b.17.11.1917 d.Nairobi, Kenya 2.1.1970 m St.Paul’s, Kandy 10.4.1950 Douglas Quinton Scammell b.1922


Cosby William Gray , head guard CGR b:7-Mar-1880 d.1929 m Holy Trinity Church, Colombo 3.12.1903  Avice Hester Gomes b.9.9.1873 d.13.3.1930 :-

1        Shelton Cosby Gray b/20.2.1905 d.15.11.1994 m Hilda Irene Fernando b.9.7.1893 d.4.1.1962 widow John William Patterson

2        Alma Marjorie Gray b.23.3.1906 d.Australia 16.9.1987 m St.Paul’s Milagiriya, Colombo 5.6.1929 Carlyle Cyril Prinslow Henry da Silva b.28.2.1901 d.Australia 2.7.1977

3        Rita Dulcie Gray b.8.11.907 d.11.8.1987 m St.Mary’s Bambalapitiya 27.2.1930 Guildford Dudley Oorloff b.1.1.1902 d.12.4.1997

4        Karl William Gray b.9.1.1914 d.Seremban, Malaya 25.4.1961

5        Denzil French Gray b.11.3.1917

6        George Rienzie Gray, Engine Driver, CGR, d.Australia 13.10.1983 + Myrtle de Rosario, Children: 1 Auriel Gray + Primrose de Mel, 2  Merrill Gray + St. Paul’s Church, Coburg, Australia on 20.1.1979 Faye Aurelia Marie Kellar b.1955, 3  Warwick Gray


George Basil Warburton Gray (Rubber planter in Malaya, perished while POW’s of the Japanese along with one of their wives. The other wife survived but died shortly after) b:18-Apr-1883 m Kandy 19-Feb-1908  Isabel Ruth Speldewinde :-

1 Kingsley Basil Warburton Gray, MC b.3.6.1920 bap St.Pauls Kandy  d.15.3.1973

2 Donald St.George Warburton Gray b.15.7.1910 d.21.1.1985

               3 Felice Daphne Alexandra (Babs) Gray b.10.4.1909 d.about 1980

               4 Nola Elizabeth Gray b.24.4.1913


French William (Bambi) Gray b.25.Aug 1889 d.1934 m Margaret Eileen Hopkinson :-

1        son

2        son

3        son

4        son

5        dau

6        dau

7        dau

8        dau


Charles Braybrooke Gray b 3 Nov 1889 (?) d.3.Oct 1969 m Grace Ethel Gray b:5-May-1892 at Athuruwatte, Kandy, Ceylon d.7 June 1979 :-

1    Richard Malcolm Gray, born in India 7 June 1928

2        son

3         son

4        son

5         son

6        son

7        dau

8        dau


Richard Cosby Gray b.27 Sept 1892 d.2 Dec 1921 m Georgiana Manning :-

               1 Robert Maxwell Gray b. 18 Jan 1920


Humphrey Douglas Gray b.12.Oct 1893 d.14.Aug 1930 m Bertha Cox :-

               1 Dennis Frederick Gray


Generation V


Denzil French Gray b.11.3.1917 d.5.11.1991 m St.Pauls, Milagiriya, Colombo 27.4.1943 Primrose Elaine Maureen Anthonisz b.27.7.1922

1        Ronald Cosby Gray b.30.1.1944 who follows under

2        Dorian Gray

3        Michael Gray

4        Carlyle Bryce Gray b.21.2.1951 m Dhammika Wanniarachchi


George Rienzi Gray, engine driver, CGR d.Australia 13.10.1983 m Myrtle

1         Auriel Gray m Primrose de Mel

2         Merrill Gray m St.Paul’s Church, Coburg Australia 20.1.1979 Faye Aurelia Marie Kellar b.1955

3         Warwick Gray


Generation VI


Ronald Cosby Gray b.30.1.1944 d.31.12.2000 married:-

(a)    17.7.1968 Pamela Anne Schokman b.29.10.1945 - divorced

(b)    Mapitiyage Anoja Peiris


Of the first marriage he had :-

1        Kevin Cosby Gray b.27.2.1970

2        Dirk Gray b.30.3.1971

3        Joanne Gray


Of the second marriage he had :-

4        Elizabeth Gray



Warwick Gray m St.Lawrence’s Church, Wellawatte, Colombo 15,12,1984 Deborah Forbes  :-

1         Joel Gray



Gray Family B

Generation 0

William Gray, planter m Maria Brodes (?Dodge):-

1        William Anderson Gray b.29.1.1868 who follows under II

2        Henry Gray b:13-Jun-1869

3        Harold George Gray b:1873 bp:1-Jul-1880 who follows under IV

               4   Lucy Gray, b:1876 bp:1-Jul-1880 d.Portland. Maine, USA  10.10.1943 m Portland 17.9.1914 Wesley Alfred Hyson of USA


Generation I

William Anderson Gray, head guard, Ceylon Government railway b.29 Jan 1868 in Ceylon d.12 Aug 1910, Colombo m in St John, Kalutara 17 Nov 1897 Sarah Joseline RODE b. 9 July 1877, Colombo daughter of Frederick Philip Rode & Caroline Lydia Bocks :-

1 Humphrey Warburton GRAY b.Colombo m Colombo 21 Feb 1905 Maud LUDEKENS b.1 Nov 1885, Colombo d.14 Dec 1923, Colombo,

2  Phyllis Violet Wayvenne GRAY b.28 Oct 1898, Colombo, m Holy Trinity Ch. Colombo 2 Jan 1928 Edwin Austin ALDONS  b.30 Oct 1896 Colombo son of Lloyd ALDONS and Florence GREVE :-

(a)           Carl Gerald ALDONS  b.16 Jun 1929 Colombo

(b)           Robert Francis Anthony ALDONS b. 13 Jul 1931, Colombo, 

3   Esme Josephine Marjorie GRAY b.10 Oct 1900, Colombo m Holy Trinity Ch. Colombo 4 Jun 1925 Arthur Edwin Milroy Meier JOSEPH b.23 Mar 1898, Colombo son of Edwin JOSEPH and Sophia MEIER :-

(a)               Edwin William Gordon Milroy JOSEPH b.16 Jan 1927 Colombo

(b)               Esme Ithalie Meier JOSEPH b.6 Aug 1928, Colombo

(c)               Milroy Arthur Langford JOSEPH b.12 Nov 1929, Colombo

4         Nellie Edna Gray b.3.8.1903 d.Australia 3.11.1962 m

   (a) Dutch Reformed Church Wolvendaal , Colombo SL. 9 Jan 1926 Eugene Henry Vanderwert Joseph b.14 Jan 1901 Colombo d.25 Jun 1935, Colombo son of Eugene JOSEPH and Alexandra Vanderwert

(b) Dutch Reformed Ch. Regent St, Colombo 7 Dec 1940 Vernon Henley (Vere) (not Henry) JOSEPH b.22 Feb 1906, Colombo d.Australia 27.7.1966

Of the first marriage she had :-

(a)  Jack Berry JOSEPH b.24 Aug 1926, Colombo m Dutch Ref. Church, Regent St, Colombo 27 Dec 1949 Vilma Rita GAUDER b.17 Mar 1931, Colombo daughter of Charles GAUDER and Brenda KOELMEYER :-

i. Jacqueline Ramona Anne JOSEPH  b.15 Nov 1950, Colombo

(b)  Barbara Nellie JOSEPH b.23 Sep 1927, Colombo m Dutch Ref. Church, Regent St, Colombo 03 May 1952  Ernest Colvin KELAART b. 29 Jun 922, Colombo son of Bertram KELAART and Ernestine GIBSON :

i.                    Eugene Colvin KELAART b.21 Apr 1953, Colombo 1999 m All Saints Church, Vineyard, Wahgunyah, NSW, Aus, 28 Feb 1999 Alison Ilona TOTH b.03 Sep 1965

ii.         Barbara Cheryl KELAART b.24 Aug 1954, Colombo, m Trinity Church, Camberwell, Victoria, Aust 26 January 1987 Peter Gerard SWAIN b.22 Mar 1956

iii         Ernest Randolph KELAART b.29 Mar 1956, Colombo,

iv         Dyanna Wendy KELAART b.30 Mar 1958, Colombo, m Trinity Church, Camberwell, Victoria, Au, 26 Jan 1985 Terrence Maxwell KELLY b.18 Mar 1953

v          Neville Dyan KELAART b.19 Nov 1962, Colombo m Mountford Estate, Longford, Tasmania, Au, 12 Dec 1998 Joanna Margaret STRINGER b. 06 Mar 1965

vi         Vanessa Ann KELAART b.10 Jun 1967, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, m Trinity Church, Camberwell, Victoria, Au, 26 Jan 1995 Christopher Stuart JOHNSTONE b.24 Sep 1964


                                    (c) William Roland JOSEPH b.15 Nov 1928, Colombo

      (d) Maurice Douglas JOSEPH b.17 Nov 1930, Colombo

      (e) Alexandra Phyllis JOSEPH b.15 Sep 1932, Colombo m. Methodist Church, Kollupitiya, Colombo 26 Feb 1955 Ivo Colvin George KELAART b.17 Jul 1930, Colombo son of Edward KELAART and Alexandra OORLOFF :-

i  Graeme Keith KELAART b. 15 Dec 1955, Royal Women's Hospital, Carlton, Vic. Au,1 m.

(a)       Mt.Waverley, Victoria, Australia, 12 Mar 1976 Lynne Suzanne KELLY b.25 Jan 1957, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, daughter of John KELLY and Pamela WILLIAMS

(b)       Leonda Receptions, Hawthorn, Vic., Aust,  27 Mar 1986 Kym Suzanne FAULKENER b.18 Sep 1960, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia daughter of Robert FAULKNER and Beverley DUFFY


Of the first marriage he had :-

I Melissa Lee KELAART b.31 Jul 1978, Waverley Private Hosp., Vic., Australia


                                                             Of the second marriage he had :-

II Rory Dane Faulkner KELAART b.16 Jan 1987, Box Hill Hosp. Box Hill, Vic., Australia

III Zachary Thomas Faulkner KELAART  b.30 Jun 1988, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia d.30 Jun 1988, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


ii  Jennifer Christine KELAART b.29 Aug 1957, Royal Women's Hospital, Carlton, Vic.Au,m. in Tatra Hut Receptions, Mt Dandenong, Vic., George DARWINKEL  b.21 Feb 1953, Australia, son of Egbert DARWINKEL and Albertja DE VRIES

I  Sharee Estell DARWINKEL b.02 Feb 1987, Eildon, Victoria, Australia

II Elli Christine DARWINKEL b.13 Nov 1988, Eildon, Victoria, Australia

III Amber Riekie DARWINKEL b.28 Nov 1990, Alexandra, Victoria, Australia


          (f) Eugene Henry JOSEPH b.18 Mar 1934, Colombo m Dutch Ref. Ch. Bambalapitiya, Colombo 18 Oct 1958 Irina Elizabeth POULIER b.15 May 1935, Colombo


5  Helen Gladys GRAY b.12 Sep 1905, Colombo d.Australia 20.10.1997 m.St Michael's and All Angel's, Colombo 31 Dec 1930 Earle Philip ALBRECHT  b.17 Sep 1904, Colombo d.2.1.1981 son of Christian ALBRECHT and Delia HOFFMAN

(a)       Helen Gladys ALBRECHT b.11 Oct 1931, Colombo

(b)       Earle Philip Valentine ALBRECHT  b.11 May 1933, Colombo

(c)   Earline Peggy ALBRECHT b.6 Oct 1935, Colombo


6    Willliam Anderson Gray b.29.4.1906

7    Irwin Warren Warburton Gray bap 17.1.1909

8    Dau Gray m Fred Van Geyzel

9    Althea Gray m Cuthbert Schumacher


Henry Gray, medical practitioner b:13-Jun-1869 m

(a) St.Paul’s Kandy 10.4.1894 Nellie (India)

(b) St.Anthony’s Cathedral, Kandy 8.12.1941 Grace Irene Mary Elizabeth Barbara Neiderkorn b.22.6.1911 widow of R. de Zilva


Of the fisrt marriage he had :-

1        Henry Humphrey Gray b:10-Mar-1895

2        Mary Constance Gray b:14-Jun-1901 m St.Paul’s Kandy 24.2.1927 Harold Theodore Gray, b:29-Oct-1902


Of the second marriage he had :-

3    Henry Donald Gray b.3.3.1944


Harold George Gray b:1873 d.Portland Maine USA 1.4.1915 m MC Williamson of USA :-

               1  Harold Theodore Gray b:29-Oct-1902 who follows under VII

2  Frederick Paul Gray m St.Mary’s, Bambalapitiya 29.12.1951 Bernadette Gwendoline Moldrich b.12.2.1931



William Anderson Gray b.29.4.1906 m Merlyn ……….. :-

1        Derrick Gray b.22.5.1949

2        Winitia Gray

3        Ralph Gray b.16.5.1953 who follows under VIII

4        Patricia Gray

5        Philomene Gray

6        Yolande Gray

7        Christopher Gray


Generation II


Henry Humphrey Gray b:10-Mar-1895

(a) Name Not Known

(b) St.Paul’s Kandy 13.6.1932 Mary Winter b 21-Sep-1906 d 17-Oct-1966


Of the first marriage Henry Humphrey Gray b:10-Mar-1895 he had

1        Vernon Algernon Tarzan Gray b.9.10.1920

2        John Henry Gray b.about 1925


Of the second marriage Henry Humphrey Gray b:10-Mar-1895 m  + Mary Winter had :-

3        Malcolm Gray + Viveca 2 daughters in Ceylon

4        Marlene Gray m Trevor Cannon 2 sons in Canada married and with issue

5        Peter Gray** (twin of Yvonne, died at birth)

6   Yvonne Gray twin with Peter m Claude Aubry, a French-Canadian/Red Indian

                               (a)  Anil Aubry and daughter, also Roseanne by another relationship who married but died soon after leaving a son.

               7  Jean Gray m Emil van der Poorten (Canada)

                               (a)  Michelle van der Poorten

(b)  Alain van der Poorten

8        Anne Gray twin with Jean m Joe Joachim, no issue, emigrated Canada.


Harold Theodore Gray b:29-Oct-1902 m St.Paul’s, Kandy 24.2.1927  Mary Constance Gray b:14-Jun-1901 :-

1         Reginald Harold b.6.1.1928 who follows under

2         Henry Theodore b.22.2.1929 m St.Anthony’s Cathedral Kandy  26.6.1958 Mary Margaret (Gladys) Jansz b.1.8.1937


Ralph Gray (Aust) b.16.5.1963 m Liz

               1  Vanessa


Generation II

Vernon Algernon Tarzan Gray b.9.10.1920 m ………… :-

1        dau m George Christopher Johnston b.3.11.1936 div Diana Margaret Winter & Helen Pritchard


Malcolm Gray m Viveca ………………… :-

1    dau in Ceylon

2        dau in Ceylon.


Additional data on some Gray families of SL have been found but cannot be linked to the above family on account of the lack of sufficient valid links.


Cecil William Gray, journalist  + Charlobelle Joslyn Morgan (9 families of descendants


Any information greatly appreciated.
Richard Malcolm Gray
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Information supplied by  Dr. Malcolm Jansze , Anne Winter Williams , and Richard Gray
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