Fazli Sameer Photo Album

Fazli Sameer Photo Album

Haji Ismail Effendi - hand drawn (pencil) portrait in Constantinople, Turkey 1884

Paternal Great Grand-Father Family #20

Muhammad Sameer bin Haji ismail Effendi, Colombo, Ceylon (paternal grandfather) 1890-1972 Family #20, 90 (Chief Clerk, CMC)


Raliya Umma Noordeen, Colombo, Ceylon. (paternal grandmother) 1893-1972 Family #60, 70

Muhammad Thahir Sameer 1914-1989

Father Family #20

Superintendent, Colombo Municipal Council - Buildings Department, Wharf Manager, Abbas Freighters Ltd, Ceylon Carriers Ltd, Consultant Enginerr, Leedons Ltd, Surveyor

Muhammad Fazli Hussain Sameer 1948-? - Family #20

being awarded five years service certificate by Mohamed Al Sarhan, VP, Al Faisaliah Group, Riyadh in 2004, Riyadh, KSA

President AFG, Prince Muhammad bin Khalid bin Abdullah Al Faisal, great grandson of the late King Faisal, is seen, standin, in white thob facing the audience at the rear

Abdullah Yousry Sheriff 1997 & Maria A Sheriff 1994

Grand-Children Family #20

Riyadh, 2003

Abdullah & Maria Sheriff, Grandchildren

Riyadh, 2006

Ahmed Lebbe Marikar Cassim Hajiar

Maternal Great Grand-Father Family #10


 Muhammad Cassim H Muhammad Rasheed, Colombo, Ceylon. 1899-1972 (maternal grandfather) Family #10

Ummu Thahira Shareef, Colombo, Ceylon. 1900-1979.(maternal grandmother) Family #10,13

Muhammad Lebbe Marikar Hajiar Muhammad Shareef (standing extreme right), Colombo, Ceylon. (maternal grandmothers father) Family #13

Others in pic are left to right, Ahmed Lebbe Marikar Alim Abdul Majeed, "Check Book" Muhammad Ismail(standing at rear), & Wappu Marikar Abdul Jabbar (seated)

FIVE (5) generations of oldest daughters

left to right: baby Ruzna Zaheed (Zulaiha's oldest daughter, niece), Sithy Zulaiha Ghouse (Dads sisters oldest daughter - cousin, Sithy Rameela Sameer (Dads oldest sister), Raliya Umma Noordeen (Dads mother - paternal Grandma), Ummu Habeeba OLMALM Alim (Grandma's mother) Colombo, Sri Lanka - circa 1967 Family #30, 60, 70

standing left to right: ALM Amsa Umma (maternal grandma's mothers sister), Muhammad Shareef Ummu Thahira (maternal grandmother), ALM Zulaiha Umma (maternal grandma's mother)

seated in center: Muhammad Raya Ummu Kulthum with Muhammd Ismail Cassim on lap (maternal grandma's mothers mother)

standing left to right: MM Muhammad Haniffa, MI Muhammad Abdullah, MM Muhammad Yousoof, MM Muhammad (ALM Amsa Umma's grandsons)

seated on floor in foreground: Muhammad Ismail Sithy Fathima, Muhammad Ismail Ummu Kulzum (Amsa Umma's granddaughters)

Colombo, Ceylon - 1922 Family #10, 108