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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Frederick John Wiegel
21Aug1832-2May1911; Wheeling WV
Sloane Funderburk
Frank (Francis) Wiese
(Frances Radtke)
about 1845; Germany, Wisconsin
Dianne McMenomy
William Charles Robert Wiggins
(Adelia Frances Hawkins)
31 Aug 1847 MO; d. 23 Feb 1921, CA
Judy Wiggins
William Thomas Wilcox
(Lucretia F Green)
10 Feb 1836; Il
Rowena Horr
Leander Wilkes
1844-1880; OH/Kansas
Gloria Wilkinson
George Henry Williams
(Martha Ann Williams)
1841 AR; m 1863 Polk Col., MO
Patt Stanek
Henry Williams
1833-1921; OH-IL-Ok
Dale Williams
James Williams
(Melvina Shinkle)
1827-1897; Ky
Dawn Williams Rahe
James Williams
1826; Arkansas
Emily Willis
John Williams
(Christena (Thursa) Williams)
d. 1848; Jackson Co. AL
Charles H Williams, PhD
Melvina Williams
(John Carrol Branch)
1830's - MO; KS
Carla V. (Hill) Leighton
Robert B. Williams
(Martha E. Manley)
10 Oct 1826 North Caroliina; 1889 Goliad County, Texas
Connie W. Craig
Thomas Jefferson Williams
(Kimberlee Burkhamer)
before 1850; TN, IL, KY
Kimberlee Burkhamer
William Preston Williams
(Fannie Gower)
1826-29 VA; VA>TN
Barbara Williams Chenoweth
William Billy Williamson
(Margaret Sinclair)
WV; 26 Feb 1838 Harrison Co WV
Ken Curcio
Irena/Jane Willis
(William Dobyns)
1826-1900; Va. and Ohio
M Ward
Daniel Wilson
(Elizabeth Sowder)
born 1850; Montgomery Co. Va.
Helen Bernice (Beany)Turner
David Wilson
(Alva Nugent)
1831 GA; 1850 IN
Elizabeth Emaline Wilson
(Jacob Messemore)
1832 maybe Washington County; Died 1916 McMinn Co. as Elizabeth E Gay
Jama Barnhill
Henry Wilson
(Sallie )
1847/Louisiana; 1880/Atlanta, Winn Parish, LA.
Jepitha G Wilson
(Syntha Jane Mason)
abt 1835; m:12 Nov 1857 Macon Co. N.C.
Dianna Cooper
John Wilson
(Mary Ann Moor)
1844 Ohio; 1855 Iowa
Pat Nelsonaz
Wendall Wiltsie
Oct. 1835 New York
Diana George
Lemuel H. Windsor
(Catharine P. Bell)
b. 1832 MD; m. 1853 DC, d. 1914 DC
Thomas Jefferson Winn
(Charity White Porter)
9/26/1826-5/12/1908; KY, IL, NE
Vicki Johnson
Susan Wise
(John H McMillan)
15 Jun 1829; M. 14Mar 1844 Bibb Co. GA
Mattie C McMillan
Herman Wishart
(Catharina Meier)
02/23/1850 NJ
Joseph Dougherty
Marshall Withers
(Malissa Saison)
abt 1829 in VA; 1870 Pelham, Caswell Co. NC
Doris Gwynn Walker
Jonathan Edward Wolf
1835-1920; Adams Co PA; Iowa; Anderson Co KS
Tad D. Campbell
James C Wollam
(Margaret J Cauffman)
10/01/1839; OH
Dorothy Dammon
Harry Wood
(Susan Eisenhuth)
1843 Schulykill, Pa
Kim Wills
James Wood
(Mary Ann Turner)
1826 SC; Laurens County, SC ?; In Texas in 1850 then moved to Hempstead County, Arkansas
Odle Wood
James Wood
(Mary Ann Turner)
1828 SC
Buneva Wood
James Dempsey Wood
(Margaret Faulkner)
16 April 1847; Mississippi
Wm. Roy Bigger
Joseph Alexander Wood
(Susan Ann John)
3/17/1831 Pennsylvania; Greene County
Shirley Bly
Homer Woodard
1847 Vermont
John Woodhouse
(Emma Smith Thomas)
21 Jul 1830/Adwick Le Street, Yorkshire, England; 10 Sep 1916/Lehi, Utah, UT
Cassander Woods
(James Newell)
1849-Newport, Cocke Co,TN; 1914/1915 Seabastian Co,AR
Karen Dougherty
Joe Woods
(Hannah M. Prather)
Abt. 1850; Tn
Herman Woods
William Van Ransclear Wooldridge
1840's -1850's; NY/Wisconsin
John Russel
Cherry E. Woolfolk
b 1827; VA>Pulaski Co. IL
Deb Davis
Frank Worner
(Magdalena Raish)
born December 3, 1828; Ger>NY>Wi>Mn
Kathy Fehrman
Jeremiah Worthington
1850?; Kansas
Sylvia Theule
Dionysius Camp Wray
(Susan Jane Baker)
4/24/1850; Utah, Nev. Ark, Tenn, Miss, N.C. Ala.
Rosa Wren
(William St.John)
1843 or 1847, Rochester NY; d. 1892 Buffalo, NY
Jan Stalnaker
Alpheus Wright
(Huldah Ratliff)
19 Feb 1826 Henry Co, IN
Art Moore

Francis Wright
1837; England>NY>MI
Doreen Wright
George B. Wright
(Martha M. Gifford)
January 1842, Pennsylvania; lived in Sugar Grove, Warren County, Pennsylvania
Gary Mickle
Hiram Wright
(Louisa Cahoon)
07/28/1850 Richmond, RI
David A. Wright
Mary Wright
abt 1845 SE
Artha Waycaster
William Wright
October 17, 1838; Adams County, Ohio
Shanyn Hansen
Lemuel Wyatt
(Mary Robinson)
1826; Ky.
Carol Jones


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