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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Sarah Weatherby
1832; NJ or MA
Chuck Lippincott
William M Weatherly
(Clementine McCutchen)
1847; Georgia
Claud L. Weatherly
Frederick Webb
(Anna Moore)
11/10/1845; Hopewell, NY
Kathryn Payne
Julia Webb
abt 1840; GA/AL
Cathy Stewart
George Peter Weber
1832; Colorado
K Esayian
Jane Webster
Abt 1830 ; VA
William Barr
William Edward Weddell
(Judith Alice White)
b. 26 May 1838-VA; VA, MS, d. 1899 AL
Daniel G Weidel
(Rebecca J Ness)
Born 1829 ; PA
Sandra Pratt
Daniel G Weidle
(Rebecca J Ness)
Born 1829 ; PA
Sandra Pratt
Charlie Welch
born in Ireland before 1847; 1850 lived in Pike County AL, died before 1890 in Alabama
Cheri Buckmaster
Eli Welch
1832; AL
mollie parsley
Martin Welch
(Irene Waggy)
b. abt. 1828 d. 1900; Ireland>LA>VA
H. Welch
Scott Taylor Welch
(Martha Phillips)
March 1847 Missouri
Frank Wells
Joseph S. Wells
(Mariah Shafer)
1837; Ohio
Joan Wells Richards
Thomas Wells
(Ellen Chaple)
Abt 1848 England to MI abt 1870; MI 1874 to Canada 1880
William Wells
William Francis Wells
(Belinda Peters Snyder)
1842 PA (Bushkill?); 1866 Mar in Pike Co, PA
Cara Koch
John Weniger
1827 in Baden, Germany; married bef. 1854 in NJ; d: bef. 1900 in Middlesex Co., New Jersey
Sandy Goodchild
Charles Wensley
1826-1850; NY
John Wensley
Jacob Wentz
(Mary Brandt)
1829; N.D.
JoAnn Wentz
Henry S Wesley
(Jemima Ellen Whittle)
abt 1832 PA; Philadelphia
Joseph Thomas West
(Betty Elizabeth Allen)
Jul 12, 1839 Gainsboro, Tn; Jackson County, Tn.
Richard A. Robertson
Daniel Westcott
1840 NJ
Anna Shelton
Richard Weygandt
1840-1901; Chippewa, Wayne, OH
Jerrie Kane
Lucy Wheeler
(Julian Barden)
1/26/1848; MA-NY
Tom Melton
Leon Whettony
(Charlotte Doty)
abt 1847 POB unknown; Feb. 29, 1872 / Washington D.C.
John W Whitaker
(Julia Ann Logan)
1827 Surry County, North Carolina; 1849 North Carolina
Robert G Adams
Elisabeth White
(Solomon T. Vicroy)
abt. 1833, prob Muskingum Co., OH; d. 1885-1893, perhaps in WI or NE
B Kryka
Johnathan Mussel White
(Polly Finley)
1838- 1913; Ga.>La.
Sherry Wilson Manuel
Joseph White
Abt 1850; => Hancock Co. TN Bef 1880
Neva Del Valle
Lott White
(Mattie White)
1830; Mississippi
Kenneth A. Lee
William Ross White
(Ann Maria Horner or Harner)
1830 PA; married Jan 1857 PA
Shannon Hartle Hurley
John Whitehead
(Esther Bromley)
before 1850 England; MA
Martin Gillis Whitfill
(Ellen/Eleanor Clark)
1829; Grayson County, Kentucky
Clutter, Marcella Portman
Leon Whitney
(Charlotte Doty)
abt 1847 POB unknown; Feb. 29, 1872 / Washington D.C.
Sara Whittington
(Martin Helton)
1846; Philadelphia, Pa., Ireland
Jane Helton
Charles Whitworth
(Catherine Crooks)
1835/1836; Baltimore, MD
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Patricia Whorley
(Ishaim Caudle)
1826; Il
Avie Penick


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