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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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William Taber
July 22,1829; Mo
Tommie Malone
William S Tabler
(Elizabeth Barnes)
12 Mar. 1827 Cranes Creek, VA
John H. Tabler
James Franklin Talley
1844; Illinois
J. Floyd Talley
Sarah E. Tankesley
(John Kelsey Wood)
b. abt 1835-d.1859; d. MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
Gemima Jane Tanksley
(James Warren Wood)
b.1839;d. 1923; b. AL; d. MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
James A. Polk Tanner
(2nd Wife-Rebecca Jane Lewis)
7 Jun 1845 Yellow Creek, Dawson Co, GA
Jane Hayes
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Joseph Tarbox
(Roda Caswell)
1826-1850; Massachusetts
Karen Sandquist
Martha Tatum
(Henry Anthony)
12/1/1828; Tatum, SC
Kevin Walters
Aaron Taylor
(Cynthia Wynne)
Born, 1836; Warren County, GA
Fred B. Taylor
George Taylor
19-Jan-1827; NC
James R. Taylor
Jessee Taylor
1826; MS
Joyce Pryor
John Taylor
1829; West Virginia
Dennis Taylor
Lewis H. Taylor
(Zilphia Smith)
09/10/1838 Lenoir, NC; dod 06/06/1921 Wayne, NC
Ozias Taylor
(Annie Marks)
6/25/1828; Jackson, Hinds Co., MS
Kevin Walters
Phil Taylor
(Emily Taylor)
born about 1830; 1880 Census, Nash County, Castalia NC
Lamesha Thomas
John J. Teel
(Emma Carter)
1847 Tennessee; 1852 Georgia
Sally Teel
David T. Templin
June 1838; Washington Co., TN
Marvin & Samme Templin
Willard Ten Eyck
1845-1900; Indiana
Linda Bonnell
Nichlaus Terns
(Margaretha Neckel)
6 June 1833 Rippig, Luxembourg; 1855 Springwells Township, Wayne County, Michigan
Georgia Clark
John William Terrell
(Mary Morris)
1835; VA
Robert Terrell
Bradley Terry
(Lucy Wheeler)
4/26/1842; NY
Tom Melton
Stephen Terry
(Mary Mitts)
1833 - 1907; Eng>IL
Leanna Eversmeyer
James Rose Tharp
(Anna M. VanLiew)
1839 in Steuben Co., N.Y.
Mina Krystal
Lydia Thomas
(Thomas Barker)
b. Nov. 2, 1836 ,Washington Co. KY; d. Jan. 12, 1909, Kansas City, MO
Sue Parks
Manning Thomas
(Sarah Ann Neal)
1828; Ga.
Nancy Shaw
Richard Thomas
(Mary Sayers)
1850 from Dingle Ireland to Lowell MA
Maryanne Patterson
William Richard Thomas
(Mary Davies)
1829 Wales to NE PA;
Eileen Thomas Balboa
George Thomasson
(Mary Jane)
2 Mar 1849; Ga
Carolyn Millsapp
Joseph B Thomlinson
(2nd. Mary)
1830 Virginia
Nels Tomlinson
Isham Marion Thompson
(Elizra Farris)
md abt 1852; IL
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Jeptha Thompson
((Eliza )Jane Stephens)
abt 1830 GA
Laurie Mercer
Jesse Thompson
(Esther Ann Marshall)
abt 1835; GA
Wanda J Thompson
John Thompson
(Arvilla Vaughn)
04-1845 Illinois; DOD 9-20-1921 Nelson co. ND.
Dorothy Orr
Mary Thompson
(Jacob Richardson)
abt. 1833 NY; m. 10 Mar 1854 in Ripley Co, IN
Peter Davies
Samuel Thompson
1850-1925; South Carolina
Pat Kahiga
Roswell Thornton
(Rebecca McCreery)
1830; OH
Rowena Horr
Issac Tice
1826 abt. ; OH
Cidney Engberg
Thomas Tilbrook
abt 1839; Allegheny PA
Sandra Ernick
Bennett Tiner
1826-1911; Washington & Benton Co AR
Tad D. Campbell
James Tinnell
1850; VA>TN
Bob Tinnell
James Tippett
(Martha Maynard)
1830, NC; 1850 Roane Co, Tn
Bob Tippit
Joseph S. Tisdale
1848?; NC
Diane Ellis
Dr. George Washington Todd
(Sarah Curtis Spencer)
June 9, 1838; Bellevue, Huron, Ohio, USA
Craig Soflin
Theodore Todd
born 1842; MO
Mary McCune
John J. Towery
(Mary E. Oats)
1845-Abt. 1929; AR
J. Payne
Homer Towne
(Margetta )
1841 New York; 1913 Spokane, WA
Paul Manly
William J. Townsend
(Mary A. Whitehead)
May 1841, Kendall, NY; 1880 Census in Burdell, MI
Lisa Kiblinger
Nancy Townsley
Nov. 23, 1828; NC
Pat Cope
William Trainor
(Mary Delaney)
abt 1831 Ire; Bangor, Maine
John Traynor
Wiley Trammell
(Barbara Baugh)
1828; Lincoln Co, Ga.
Bill Holloway
Stephen Trice
(Joanna Albritton)
b: 1838, d: 1908; MS
Ann Hicks
James Trott
(Mary Ann Cottrell)
1828 Somerset England; 1861 - 1881 Illinois, Wisconsin or other US State unknown
Kathy Trott
Jacob P. Trout
(Elizabeth "Betsy" Milledge)
1830; OH>IN>WI>IN>IL
Sheri Trout
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Hulvor Trovatten
1849; MN
Hallie Wutzke
George Troy
(Elizabeth Maines)
1843 ? Lack or Lua co
B. Gorsline
John (Johann) Tschann
(Victoria Wittmer)
b. 17 Dec 1838; d. 24 Jun 1868; Holderbank, Switzerland to Brunswick, MO
Edward Tschann
Arnold Tucker
(Clarinda (Susie) Reed)
1846 - 1910 ; Vir - Iowa-MO
Roy Tucker
Jourdon Hunley Tucker
(Evaline Barret)
May 1836 TN; MS-TX
Mary Mack Tucker
Robert Jones Tucker
1830-1860; NC
B Ransom
Willaim Tucker
(Nancy Kids)
b. 1830, Lincoln Co. NC
Julie Cline
Raiford Tudor
(Harriett King)
Jan 8, 1844; Augusta, Ga
Marie Tudor Lawson
William Tuggle
1833-1891; Knox Co KY; Brown Co KS
Tad D. Campbell
John J Turek
(Margaret Furbach)
May 26,1837; Chicago,died 08-20-1914
Ava Woodward
Sarah Caroline Turner
1842; Union Co. GA
Carolyn Adcock
William Turpen
(Margaret Davis)
Mar 1850, KY; 1888 OK,, 1921 TX
Ann Turpen
Christian Tussing
1839-1877; Tonawanda NY
Bonnie Stallings


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