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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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James St. Clair
(Mary Margaret Zimmerman)
bet 1834-1840; Scotland or New York?; birth > Wood Co., Ohio; Civil War veteran
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Elijah Henry Stafford
(Mary Elizabeth Word)
abt. 1833, TN; d. after 1910
Rita Floyd
John Bell Staggs
(Armittie Apaline Allen)
July 30, 1829; East Tennessee
Lowell Staggs
Andrew Jackson Stainbrook
(Lucy Merwin)
1840 PA; 1910 TN
Lee Nave
William Stanford
(Mary Broyles)
25 Nov 1844; Clay County, Illinois
Tammy Clawson
Harry Stanley
(Julia )
1847 Paulding County Oh?; Latty, Paulding County, Ohio
Nancy Freitchen Gibson
Daniel B. Stanton
(Mary Ann Kay)
b. 2 July 1826 d. 13 May 1895; NY>Paulding Co. OH
Fern Emma Pruiksma
Martin Stapleton
(Catherine Johnson)
b. 1830; d. 1910; IRE>WI>CO
Margaret Stapleton
Frederick Stark
(Eliza Jane Dillon)
1827; m. 1 Jan 1852, Pike Co, OH; d. 10 Jun 1867, Winchester, Scott, IL. Lived OH, IN, IL.
Sue Hardy
Sarah Clemintine Steed
(James William Frinzely)
Aug 1840; Mississippi
Jennifer Brenner
Edward H. (Ned) Steifer
September 21, 1844 ; Talledega Co, Al
Jacob Friedric Steiner
nov 6, 1833 Winnenden GY; May 1854 arrival New Orleans LA
Emily Steinway
(Michael Steinway)
abt 1830; Germany >Troy, NY
Donna Vaughn
Peter Stephens
19 Jul 1837-abt 1910; Chattahoochee Co., Ga.
Holli Boone Kees
Thomas Stephens
(3 wives: Mary Bremer, Carrie, Mary Louise Dowsett)
b. 1845, d. 1919; Great Britain > NY
Merritt Woznick
Isaac Stetler
(Loretta Odowd)
1845 Clinton, IN
Karen Stetler
Henry Walker Stevens
Abt. 1826---1845; TX
Truman Stevens
Charles Henry Stewart
(Mary Vesta Ward)
b. Feb. 10, 1836; Buckville, Chemung County, New York . married Warren Co., Ill. 1858, died Colfax, Jasper Co., Iowa 1917
Dennis and Vickie Stewart
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Harvey William Stewart
1830; KY>OH>IN
Elizabeth Rondeau
James T. Stewart
(Martha Lanier)
b. July 24, 1848, d. Nov. 23, 1894; TN>AR>OK (Indian Terr.)
A Marshall
Peter Stewart
1826-1904; US
Edward H. (Ned) Stiefer
September 21, 1844 ; Talledega Co, Al
Rachel W. Stilley
(John Pierce Ipock)
April 25, 1837 - Craven County, NC
Julia Kirk
Hendrik/Henry Stockhorst
29 Aug. 1837, Germany; 1920, Modesto, CA
Lynn Saxelby
Hendrik/Henry Stockhurst
29 Aug. 1837, Germany; 1920, Modesto, CA
Lynn Saxelby
Mary Stockton
(Jacob Moomey)
1837; Logan county IL
Avie Penick
Mary Ann Stockton
(Jacob Moomey)
1837; Kentucky
Duane Lienemann
Simon Jackson Stookey
(Sophia Jane Richardson)
5 August 1827, Decatur, St. Clair, Illinois; 1872/Dade County, Missouri
Pat Galovich
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William Story
1837; Morgan Co, IL
Ron Story
Martha Ann Strickerod
(Charles Caverzagie)
1848; Germ>NE
Marc Simmons
Nancy Strickland
(William Hall)
1844; NC
Paula Harrell
Washington Stricklin
(Mary Jones)
1842; Tennessee
Debbie Stricklin Lopez
William Strocksdill
(Nancy Macklin/McLin)
04/April, 1842 Russell Co. Ky; md. 22 Dec., 1866 Somerset Ky
Nancy S Lloyd
Frederick Strohm
(Veronica Wenker)
1833 Germany; Pottsville Pa. 1861
Jack Strohm
Samuel Aston Stroud
(Martha Jane Moss-Hill)
b. 1829, IN; >TX; d. 12/31/1882, CA
Pat Tift
Mary Jane Stroup
1849?; Marietta,Ga.
Allan Bates
William Stroxtile
(Nancy Macklin/McLin)
04/April, 1842 Russell Co. Ky; md. 22 Dec., 1866 Somerset Ky
Nancy S Lloyd
William Stroxtill
(Nancy Macklin)
1847; Russell Co. KY
Nancy S. Lloyd
Mary Elizabeth Strunk
(James Hart)
1849; Ky>Tx
Lynn Hubin
Rebecca Stutsman
1845; IL
M. Ferres


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