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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Younger Smelser
(Sarah Hannah)
1831 Indiana; Oregon
John F Smeltzer
John Smiley
(Leah Ingle)
1826-1850; Tennessee
Suellen Smiley
Archibald Jordan Smith
(Margaret Maupin)
May 24, 1831 Augusta, Richmond Co, GA
Helen L Smith Hoke
David Monroe Smith
(Mary Jane Aaron)
1838; 1870 Newton Co., GA
Helen Smith
David Rogers Smith
(Elizabeth Mary Hartley)
May 22, 1826, Ohio
Mary E. Locke
Elias Smith
(Angeline Shunkwiler)
December 24, 1837; PA
Ron Smith
Emma Louise Smith
(Augustus Day)
1850 Geneva, WI; Minnesota
Joan Cotter
Henry Columbus Smith
1826-1850; AR
John Smith
(Catherine )
1834 Pennsylvania; Died abt 1862, 1850 US Fed Census Bullskin, Fayette, PA
Sarah Tennant
John M. Smith
(Sophronia Bloomer)
b. 03 Sep 1839; d. 03 Jul 1926; Fayette Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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John Segal Smith
(Elmada Cummins)
Abt 1842 KY; MO
Sandra Spoon
Joseph Smith
1834; VA
Mary Griffiths
Lorenzo A. Smith
(Lucy A. Symonds)
1836 Hollis, ME; 1836 Dayton, ME; Dayton formed from Hollis, ME in 1850's
Donald Smith
Michael Smith
(Marie Smith)
1834; Cincinnati, OH
Kathi Umbaugh
Phillip Smith
(Polly Ann Collins)
1849; Missouri
Reuben Smith
(Lavinia Ketchum)
1828; 1864 Hondo, TX
Melanie Krenek
Savilla Smith
(Cyrus Fowler)
1845 Boyertown, PA
Anna Shelton
Susan Smith
(Joseph Groff)
1828 - 1911; Woodsboro, MD
Alice Luckhardt
Theodore Smith
(Annie Keen Bowker)
1840; Maine
Ted Sisk
W.H.H. Smith
(Sarah Smith)
1841; Kansas
Peggy Hancock
Wiley W. Smith
(Virginia Butts)
Feb 1846, GA; md. Troup GA, 12 Nov 1867
Roxanne Case
William Briley 'Bill' Smith
(Susan A Waters)
24 Oct 1847 in Wayne Co., North Carolina; d: 09 Mar 1925 in Lenoir Co., NC; married bef. 1880 in NC
Sandy Goodchild
James Smithson
abt 1840; TN
Seth Sneed "Junior" About 1830's; TN
Sam Sneed
Winnie J. Sneed
1850 Harrison County Missouri; 1835 Tennessee
Melody Beery
Hiram Snow
born 1830 unknown place, buried 1914 Orwell Cemetary, Oswego Co., NY
Dawn Mitts
Phillip Sop
(Emma Arter)
01 Jun 1849; Zanesville, Muskingum Cnty, OH; d. 23 Jun 1943 Santa Monica; Los Angeles Cnty, CA
Sue Mullins
Phillip Soup
(Emma Arter)
01 Jun 1849; Zanesville, Muskingum Cnty, OH; d. 23 Jun 1943 Santa Monica; Los Angeles Cnty, CA
Sue Mullins
George W. Southerland
1845; Dickson, TN
Travis Southerland
Henry James Wesley Spangler
(Catharine Moats)
14 Jan 1836 PA; d. 5 July 1890 Waynesboro, Franklin Co, PA
Valerie Mehta
Jacob Sparkman
(Susan Tyndall)
1850; 1880 Webster Co
Pamela Powers
George Sparrow
(Catherine Cullen)
March 1840 England; June,1900 Perry, Ok.
Rosemarie Sparrow Randolph
Mary Elizabeth Spears
(Robert Wilson Cope)
1847; Cabarrus CO, NC
James Wilson Cope
Michael Spellicy
1838; 9/19/1864 enlisted in to Civil War in Tuscora, NY
Sally Zimmer
Thomas Couples Spence
1850; NE
Ann Hanson
Addison Spencer
1837 -1900; Ohio, Michigan
Bill Orr
William B Spencer
1826 RI
Christina Lund
Lewis Spickler
(Mary Minard)
04/27/1845 in Ohio
Mary Spickler
David Spivey
(Sally Stokes)
bef 1850>prob GA; In AL after 1865
Stephen L. Wade
Annie Spruill
abt 1850-1930; N.C


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