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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Garvin Dugas Shands
(Mary E Roseborough)
1844 SC; 1917 LA
Lee Nave
Martha Ellen Sharp
Sep 1850/ Feb 1940; Ray Co., MO
Linda Maucelli
Evan Shaw
(Elizabeth Shaw)
1826 - 1850 ; Ky-Mo-Il
Tom Shaw
Isabella "Zilla" Shaw
(Peter Huffman)
1849 Wayne Co. NY
Gary Barton
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Ovid Shaw
(Phebe Place)
abt 1828; CT
Mary Graser
Samuel, Rev. Shaw
(Esther Terflinger)
1835; death 4/7/1897/ LoneTree Iowa ;Rev.Reformed Church graduated May 1862 Hielderberg Seminary, Tiffin Classis
Cheryl Crum
William Shaw
(Tabitha Martin)
1838 AL?; d. 6 Jan. 1907, Accomac Co., VA
Kim Shaw
William Shaw
1840; OH
John Shay
(Betty Hardin)
abt 1850; KY
R R Geier
Honora (Nora) Shea
(Thomas Bowler)
1848 County Kerry,Ireland; Died 11/28/1915,San Francisco,Ca
Susan Boone
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Aaron Shehan
(Sarah Hensley)
1832 NC; 1836 NC
Jane Shehan Lewis
Silas Wheeler Shelton
(Mary J. Graham)
July 8, 1850; Clinton Co. Ky
Gigi Payne Knight
John Wesley Shepherd
(Mary Whitehead)
1848; AR
Fran Sheppard
Samuel Watson Shepherd
b 1843; ME
Sandy Rowland
Abraham Sherwood
about 1838; NY
Carol Sherwood
John Shireman
1826-1850; PA
Wanda Stephens
Henry Shires
(Sarah Loper)
abt. 1839 Pa ?
Tanya Kovenich
Charles Shoemaker
(Elizabeth Smith)
1833 Indiana; Married 18 July 1855 Pike Co, Indiana
Don Posey
Henry Shoemaker
(Rachael Gartrell)
abt 1827 IN; m. 1849, Warren County, IN
Robert Shumaker
Alexandria May Sholar
(Susan Jane Ward)
b: 6 Sep 1847 Wilmington, NC.; d: 9 Feb 1911 Wilmington, NC.
Ben Adams
Charles Shorkey
1850 Michigan
Albert Shorkey
George Shultz
(Elizabeth Rinebolt)
10 Feb 1830, Knox Co. OH; KS
Alice Allen
Angeline Shunkwiler
(Elias Smith)
December 6, 1834; PA
Ron Smith
Zechariah Shupe
1840; Wythe Co. VA
Faye Street
Sebastian C. Silbaugh
(Mary Elizabeth Bowman)
March 1845 Hocking Co. , Ohio; of Perry County, Ohio and Vernon County, Wisconsin
Nancy Silbaugh Albrechtsen
Herman Frederick Simmering
(Wilhemina Simmering)
24 Apr 1823, Hanover, Germany; DOD - 20 Aug 1900, South Webster, Ohio
Larry Simmering
Jacob Simmermeyer
(Apalonia Neth)
B. Oct 23, 1832, d. Feb 26, 1911; b. Bavaria, d. Franklin Co, IN
Cathy McGuire
Samuel Simon
(Leah King)
1830s Germany; 1856 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH
Trish Stautner
Jacob Simons
1827; Oswego, NY
Charlton Simons
Augustus Sims
(Isabella Anderson)
July 1849/Hinds County MS
Valerie Swan
Thomas M Sims
(Mary Fortenberry)
1848 Georgia; 1920 Texas
Barbara Smith
James Sinclair
(Mary Margaret Zimmerman)
bet 1834-1840; Scotland or New York?; birth > Wood Co., Ohio; Civil War veteran
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Nimrod Sinkhorn
(Manerva Pendygraph)
1833; Virginia
Rhonda Spears
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Michael Siver
(Vesta Corwin)
B about 1830; NY
April Siver
Elvira Skaggs
(Cincinnatus Berry Crook)
abt 1833; MS
Wanda J Thompson
Ann Skaife
(Henry Rickey)
1832 Yorkshire ENG; >1840 Dubuque IA>md. 1848 IA>1850 Marion Co. OR>1865 Walla Walla WA>by 1870 Mono Co. CA>1900 Carson City NV>1923 d. Orange Co. CA
Gary Barton
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Walter Darrington Skiller
1840. Mobile, Alabama
Jean Cooper nee Skiller
Josiah Skurlock
(Antonia Herrera)
1849-1929; Texas
Mica George
William Slater
(Louisa Pritchard)
1840; Licking County Ohio


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