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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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George Robbins
(Florence Small)
1840 Brewster, Ma.
Richard Robbins
Edla Adelaide Roberts
(Edmond B Reeves)
1843; N.C.
Sharon Warnock
Frances Roberts
(James McCree)
April 4, 1850; N.C.
Eleanor Hall
James Roberts
(MaryElizabeth Kemper)
1845; Illinois
Leslie Dixon
Joseph W Roberts
(Matilda E. Bonnell)
May 25, 1839, Key West, FL
Lynda Jacobson
Levi H. Roberts
(Josephine Houseman)
abt 1843; Scott Co., Kentucky
Justine Miller
R. J. Roberts
1830; Virginia
Danny L. Ewing
Billy Robertson
(Laura Robertson)
1850; GA
Randy Robertson
Frederic Robinson
(Ann Robinson)
1837 birthdate; Dublin, GA
Stephen Nunley
Samuel M Robinson
(Mary Jane)
1826 Indiana; 1870-1885-Kansas
William Robinson
(Nancy Maloy)
1837; 1864 death civil war
Atcha Nolan
William Robinson
1840; Smith Co TN
Ron E Robinson
William H Robinson
(Annie Mc Curdy)
31 March 1846 Barnwell S outh Carolina; 1863 Pineapple Al joined Civil War
Cheri Buckmaster
Samuel M Robison
(Mary Jane)
1826 Indiana; 1870-1885-Kansas
David Rochelle
1840 Tennessee or Alabama
Peggy Hale
Elijah Rodgers
1830 to 1837 TN or OK; TN, OK, TX
Helen McKnight
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Emily A. Roe
1849 - 1914; IN>IL>KS>OK
Leanna Eversmeyer
Roy Roebuck
1849; EC
Rebecca Roebuck Priddle
Eli Rogers
(Lucy Spencer)
April 20, 1845 West Virginia; United States
Frances Rogers
(Nathaniel Bradford)
9/27/1840; Alabama
Kevin Walters
John Rogers
(Mary Wallace)
Birth 5 Sept 1844, Death 29 April 1888 ; 1880 census, Iredell Co. N.C.
Marcia Reed
John Rogers
1832; ME
John B. Rogers
(Mary A. Willis)
1828 GA; 1855 -1860 AL
Hugh Rodgers
William Rogers
(Mary Nye)
1838 - 1844 Vermont/Ontario; 1864 Michigan
Paulette Boots
William H. Rogers
(Maria Hunter Deuel)
1835, England; d. 1917, Philadelphia, PA (Deuel also spelled Duell, Deuhl, Deual, DuWell, etc.)
Judy Banja
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Mahlan Rohrer
(Mahala Leaser)
b. 1827; MD>OH>MO
Leanna Eversmeyer
Jefferson Roland
before 1850; Ar
Julia Hall
Martin Rolles
(Karen )
Birth 1827 Norway ; 1865 migation to Minnesota
Ted Rolles
Jammie Romanger
1850 to 1870; North Carolina
Romanger Decendent
James Claude Roop
(Rosa Ann Kitchen)
abt. 1849; VA, WV, IN
Jim Love
John H. Rose
(Jenny Chambers or Chambus)
1844 Missouri; Carrollton, Il.1870
Liane Leavitt
Wilson Rose
(Emaline Reed)
1834; Floyd Co KY > Madison Co AR
Terri Walker
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David Alexander Roseburg
(Rebecca McCully)
1838; Pa/Oh
David Alexander Roseburgh
(Rebecca McCully)
1838; Pa/Oh
Andrias Roseth
(Annie Karlstad)
1850; SD
Kandy Roseth
William Ross
(Margaret Brock)
1841-1893; Michigan
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Philip Rosser
(Eva Williams)
1841, Glamorgan, Wales; DOD 1906, Saratoga Springs, NY
Sandra Andreadakis
Margaret Roth
1845; St. Louis MO
Juanita Mallory
James Rough
(Marie (Mary) Edwards)
1849; Michigan (Upper Peninsula)
Ginger Rough
Elizabeth Rowe
(Levi Mast)
1843-1922; OH>IN>NE
Irene Mast
Hiram A Rowe
15 Oct 1836 GA; 23 Sep 1914 AL
Kathy Hallman
James Harvey Rowell
(Mary Ann Taylor)
11 May 1826 Lancaster, SC
Julia Lowman
Auren Roys
(Aseneth )
1835 New York; 1913 Spokane, WA
Paul Manly
Elisha Hurt Rucker
(Malissa F. Clark)
1849 - MO; KS
Carla V. (Hill) Leighton
William A Rudd
(Louisa Camp)
1840; 1862/Florida
Serah Sheldan
Joseph Henry Rush
(Sarah Davis)
Nov 03, 1838; KY, MO, AR
Denise Raney
Regina Russert
b 1844; Nassau GER>Effingham, IL
Douglas Keith Melzer
Esther Malinda Rutherford
(Benjamin Preston Baskin)
b. Feb 11, 1841 Middlebury, Addison Co, VT; VT>MI>OR
Tom Billings
Sarah Rutledge
1847; TN>Pulaski Co. IL
Deb Davis
James Ryan
(Bridget Cleary)
b. about 1842; N-E NY
Bill Bojanowski
Patrick Ryan
b.c1840-1900; Ire>PA>WI>ND>?
Jill Gaffney


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