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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Albert Race
1850; NY
Cheryl Race Buxbaum
Miles Rachels
(Cordelia Manly)
1850; Hancock Co., GA
Susan Herringdine
Michael Francis Rafter
(Bridget Dee)
abt. 1830 Ireland; Ire>Eng before 1854; Eng>USA 1866-1868 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co,, PA
Matilda Rainbolt
(Caleb Clement)
b.1845; d. 1923; b. TN; d. TX
Barbara Craddock Pike
Thomas Rainey
(Mellissie Harriss)
b. 9/3/1833, d.7/10/1865; Decatur, GA
Cathy Steele
George W Ramsey
(Caroline Sherrill)
1826 Tenessee; Oklahoma
Rainwater Ramsey
(Universal Stanley)
11-11-1829; Dickenson co Va.
Rose Isaac
Cullen Bryant Randall
1833-1901; Orleans Co NY; IL; KS
Tad D. Campbell
George Washington Randolph
(Rhoda N.)
1840 Mississippi
Rosemarie Sparrow Randolph
Daniel Rather
05-28-1845; MS
Martha Rather
(Benjamin Brandon)
6/17/1830; Mississippi
Kevin Walters
Marie Ravenelle
(Francois "Frank" Langevin)
1835 Canada; >md. 1860 QC>1870 USA>d. aft 1909 NV
Gary Barton
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John Richard Ray
(Margaret Moore)
b-1829; TN > Tippah Co, MS
T J Earwood
John Raymark
1827-; .Manitowoc,Antigo,WI.
Bruce A Raymark
Henry Raymond
(Miranda )
1828 Maine; Spokane, WA
Paul Manly
Christford Reccord
(Nancy Gibson)
1850 census; Montgomery County, IL
Patty Mackey
Christford Reckerd
(Nancy Gibson)
1850 census; Montgomery County, IL
Patty Mackey
Christford Record
(Nancy Gibson)
1850 census; Montgomery County, IL
Patty Mackey
Mary Reddenbough
8/25/1849; Terre Haute, Indiana
Judy Cerano
Lafayette Redmon b.abt 1845 Texas; lived in Shelby County, Texas and Bryan County, Oklahoma
Milnes Henson
Amos Reed
(Mary Noble)
1833; Missouri
Justine Miller
Charlotte F Reed
(John Baptiste Bezzo)
1827; New York
Lynne Sims
James Reed
(Catherine Farrell)
1841; Troy NY
Cindy Hoffman
William Reed
(Anna Conway)
1834, Ireland; 1850, Providence Rhode Island
Betty Potalivo
Noah Rehrig
1829; PA or NJ or NY
Helen (Rehrig) Bacon
Revellion Reichenbach
(Mamie Dill Reichenbach)
1850; Pennsylvania
Pat Tara
D.A. Reid
11-1-1835; Walker Co., Ala
Dewey Hamrick
Otto Reincke
(Emelia Bering)
1843 Germany/Prussia; In US circa 1880
Barbara Reincke
Nathan Reinsmith
1846; PA
Jacob Reisinger
b 1841; Williamson Co IL
Nancy Seibert
James Remines
1840 Tazewell Co,VA
Harold P Remines
Jacob Renfer
(Martha Andrews)
b.20 February, 1849 Bern, Switerland; d. 7 September, 1919 Coggon, Iowa
Renee Reece
William Miles Reno
(Sarah Elmira Jane Seitz)
1838 Madison Co. AK
Doug Reno
William Thomas Renshaw
(Martha Edwards)
1834; Maryland
Tina Ellis
Conrad Reuter
Nov 1850 Germany; New York
Margaret Buffalo
Felix Reynolds
(Rosanna )
4 May 1836 West Meath, Ireland; Census 1850, Wooster, Wayne, Ohio
Ellen Hegeman
Garland Swain Reynolds
(Sarah E. Jackson)
1835 - ?; GA
Jonnie Francomacaro
Patrick Reynolds
(Margaret McGinness)
Bef. 1845 Ireland - maybe Brogh (Sligo) ; Immigration into NY; daughter in Binghamton (Broome), New York in 1910
Sandy Goodchild
Sarah Rhoads
(Moses Lewis)
1834-Tennessee; 1855- Arkansas
Karen Dougherty
Albert Rhodes
(Martha Jane Creasy)
Virginia apx 1833
Michelle Rhodes
James (Jim) Rhodes
(Nancy )
1845; South Carolina ; Arkansas
Josephine Robinson-Reed
Adam Lafayette Rice
(Florence Monahan)
b. abt 1848; d. 26 Sep 1915; Springfield, Clark Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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Jacob Rice
(Edna Boston)
1845; Ky
Barbara Ann Rice
John Rice
(Susan Banks)
abt 1848; Ill
Tommie Malone
John Rice
abt 1843; Rhode Island
Mary Rice-DeFosse
Robert Rice
(Edith )
1849 Virginia;
Anne Johnson
Charles Richard
1826-1850; US
Raleigh Richards
1834; d. 3/1862 / Civil War
Louella Cox
A. W. Richardson
(Lucy Peake)
born about 1850; Lived in New Orleans 1867 - 1874
Suzy Manderson
Charles Richardson
1826-1850; US
William Richardson
January, 1826; Virginia
Cheeri Baker
David Rickard
abt 1850-1875; Indiana/KY
Norma Holland
John Riddle
1832; Al
Mary Alice Brock
Alfred S Riggs
(Frances V)
Sep 1831 Ohio; d. June 13 1900 Mahaska Co, Iowa
Sheryl Frasher (Riggs)
Bazel M Riggs
(Annjane Riggs)
1841; Onslow
Debby dixon
Timothy Riordan
(Roseanne McDonald)
b.1846 County Cork,Ireland d.1913 Joliet,IL;
Ross Pierce
Jacob James Risacker
(Nancy Jane Herring)
29 Apr 1845-Chapel Hill, Perry, Ohio; Lima, Allen, Ohio and Shelbyville, Shelby, Illinois
Cammie Haase
John Risley
(Lois Ann Loyd)
abt 1830; New York, Illinois
Eileen Eck
Franklin Ritter
(Elizabeth Clark)
13 Apr 1847 in Wayne Co., Ohio; Wayne Co, OH > Steuben Co., IN > Seneca Co., OH
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Robert Rivenbark
1840; NC
Rick Rivenbark
Sallie Rives
(Leonidas Chaffin)
Aug 18, 1846; Fayette Co., TN
Kevin Walters


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