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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Thodore Philhower
(Melissa Waters)
b. 2/18/1850; NJ
Phyllis Williams
Susanna Phillipi
12 Dec 1841, Prussia; 1866, Wisconsin
Ruth Uppena
Andrew Jackson Phillips
(Julia Ann Thompson)
b.1830 Ross Co. OH; Owen Co. IN, TX, d. abt 1875 MO
Laura Adcock
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Lee A. D. Phillips
(Mary Elizabeth Nobbs)
February 1829 Harmony, New York; lived in Warren County, Pennsylvania
Gary Mickle
Seth Phillips
(Sarah 'Sallie' Craft)
Abt. 1827 eastern North Carolina; married bef. 1856 in NC; both died aft 1880 NC
Sandy Goodchild
William Miller Phillips
1846 - McMinn County Tennessee
Melissa Payne Phillips
Amey M. Phinney
(George Henry Burgess)
22 Mar 1846 "of" East Greenwich, RI; m. 29 Dec 1866 Foster, RI
Al Rose
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Susan Pickerel
(William Price)
b. abt. 1827; VA
Deborah Paine
Joseph Pickering
(Agnes Balmer)
1836 Magheralin, Co. Down;==> Minneapolis c. 1862
Jill Watson
Susan Pickrel
(William Price)
b. abt. 1827; VA
Deborah Paine
Jane E. Pierce
(Hosea Bridges)
28 Apr 1835-30 Jul 1865; NY>Watervliet, Berrien, MI
Judy Schor
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Winfield S. Pierce
(Henriette Etheridge)
1836 Wilkinson Co. Ga.
Russ Pierce
James Pierson
(Martha VanBuren-Conley)
b. 1848 NY; Married MI. 1881
Donna Pearson-Purdy
Samuel Pierson
1835; Fayette Co. IN>OK>WA
Leslie Pierson
John Pillow
born about 1831 in TN; Giles Co TN
Joy Danek
Matthew Coffin Pinkham
(Mary Muskogee Hughes)
1840; Columbia County, New York
Hoyt P. Mayes
George W. Pitman
1837 Gwinett Co. GA
Bernice Pitman Watson
John Placzek
1832; Nebraska
Catherine Placzek
Thomas Pollock
1840 Conn
Beverly Craft
William Pollock
1840; Midwest
Diana Pollock
William Riley Pool
(Mary Ballard)
1843; Tennessee
Faye Parker
Cyrus Porter
(Elizabeth Conwell )
1826-1829; Ohio or Indiana
Pam Porter
Joseph B. Porter
(Nancy Caroline Baskin)
b. 1839/d. 1913; Harmony, Johnson Co., AR
Barbara Craddock Pike
Julius Porter
October 1845 ; Irwinville, Georgia
Brandi Guarino
Samuel Post
(Mabel Rust)
Oct 1850; New York
Francine Enright
Henry (August Heinrich) Postier
(Louisa Zarn)
1834 Germany; TX>OH>WI>MN d. 1888
Maggie McQuillan
Andreas Pregler
1827-1904; MN
Marilyn Pregler
Thomas Suggett Wellington Preston
(Annie Mary Prewitt)
1838-1844; VA., TN., and TX
Amanda Baldridge Lambert
Annie Mary Prewitt
(Thomas Suggett Wellington Preston)
1844-1901; VA., TN., and TX
Amanda Baldridge Lambert
William W. Prewitt
b.May 1845; MO>KY>VA
Karen Palmer
Ebenezer "Asor" Prichard
(Catherine Prichard)
1831 N.C.; Yancey County 1850
Karen Lee
Mary A. Pringle
(Alexander Pringle)
1845 Scotland; 1897 Lived in Brooklyn, NY; died at the Richmond Hill, NY train station in Apr of 1897.
Doris Baldwin Johnson
John Phelps Pritchett
(Minnie Elizabeth Jones)
Pat Beasley
Benigne Procella
1830; LA
Debbie Procell
Nancy Proctor
(Thomas Hodge)
after 1828/White Co, Ga? ; on 1860 Habersham/White Co, ,Ga census
Sandra Hodge Davis
William Lewis Pruitt
(Elizabeth Jane Shelley)
b1847 - d1872; Tippah Co, Mississippi
T J Earwood
Jan Przykuta
1844; Died NY 1904
Patricia DeTiberiis
Johnathan Pulford
(Harriet Parker)
1836; New York
Enella Gullatt
James A Purdy
(Catherine Smith)
1836, IN;
Glenn Jorenby
Sarah Purdy
1828/1829; Indiana (poss. Logansport) Mikki Judge
Bernhard Pye
(Hulda Eichstaedt)
24 Sep 1849 Alsace Lorraine, France; About 1882 Bloomingdale, DuPage County, IL
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