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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Joacum Lenzie Pace
ca 1827 - 1884; Perry & Humphreys Co TN
Jackie Ashley PACE
Nicholas P Pace
(Nancy )
1840 Virginia;
Cheryl Pace
Harriet Page
(Frank Liles)
1835; Louisiana
J Lyle
Elijah Pain
(Sarah Shiner)
1828 Dale Co., Ala
Lillian Champagne
Elijah Paine
(Sarah Shiner)
1828 Dale Co., Ala
Lillian Champagne
Francis "Frank" Paquette
1848-1920; Quebec; Manistee & Shiawassee Co MI
Tad D. Campbell
Jerry Edward Parish
(Nancy Jane Deacon)
B.Jan 8,1844; Mt.vernon,ILL ?
Valerie Parish Kendrick
William Harrison Park
(Elvira Pennywitt)
January 16, 1845, Adams Co. OH
Sue Parks
James Parker
(Rutha Willis Brumbalow)
Aug 17, 1835 Georgia; Ardmore, Carter, OK
Sally J. Staley
John Marion Parker
(Elizabeth Guyer)
1847; 1929 Missouri
Louise Gillip
Jonathan Turney Parker
(Matilda Caroline Pennington)
March 1849, Illinois
Timothy Lee
Payton Parker
(Nancy Hobbs)
b. 1841;d. 1919; b. MS?; d. TX
Barbara Craddock Pike
Fountain Parkinson
1835; Denver,Co
Thomas Lundstedt
Isaac Jinks Parks
(Julia Ann Heibner)
1835 New York; 1896 California
Myra Fletcher
Coleman Parris
(Emma Barber)
1847 WV; 1847 PA
Virginia Ferriere
Theodore Parrish
(Margaret )
1842 Louisiana;
David Ridgley
Joseph D. Parsons
(Jane Lawrence)
15 Jul 1826; Swindon, England > Altoona, Blair Co., PA
Judy Banja
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John Henry Parten
(Sarah Jane Parent)
May 1829/Apr 1879; Maury Co., TN
Linda Maucelli
Augustus Partridge
abt 1842 NY; b. Cazenovia, Madison Co, NY? >1860 Macoupin Co, IL>
Rose (Partridge) Hyde
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Solomon Pasley
(Mary Kemp)
1836; VA
Mary Nettle
Barney Pate
ABT1836; Arkansas
Eddie M. Sims
Antoine Patin
(Eve Eugeine Jeanmard)
2/2/1847; Arnaudville
Dorothy Dammon
John Patmore
(Mary Hutchinson)
b. May 4 1833; d. Mar 2, 1898
Martha Mast
Jeremiah Patterson
(Elizabeth Sarah Davis)
1833 GA ; NC TN
Pam Sinclair
William Pattison
(Dora Bentz)
1832 England; LA, TX
Sheila Lestrade
Christopher Patton
19 Aug 1839; Illinois
Donna Needels
J Payne
(Catherine A)
1833 KY.; 1872 MO.
Joy Smith
John Pickens Payne
(Ann Gooch)
January 27, 1838 Sabine County, TX; 1898 Panola County
Linda Lapinski
William Miller Payne
1846 - McMinn County, Tennessee
Melissa Payne Phillips
Dudley Peabody
(Mary Lewis)
10 Nov 1841 Christian Co, IL; Li: Westerly RI; d after 1900
Sally Andrews Neely
James W. Pearson
8-1827; Tn.
Donna L. Conley
James Pearson
(Martha VanBuren-Conley)
b. 1848 NY; Married MI. 1881
Donna Pearson-Purdy
John Pearson
(Sarah Griffith)
1828; Va
Emilie Reine
Andrew Peck
(Juliette Gilmore (Canada))
b. 1837 or 1838 in NY
Kay Quijada
Isaac Peck
1831, and go on..; Morgan Co., WVA
Charles Cartwright-Frank
Pembrooke Peck
(Ann Butt)
b. 1829, unknown US; d. 1915, unknown US
Charles Stevens
Andrew Jackson Peddy
(Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Bray)
July 26 1848; Georgia
Glen Peddy
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Leandro Pedrotti
(Filomina (Philomina) Baer)
1832-1838Tryol; 1874 - Michigan
Paulette Boots
John W. Peery
(Penelope Ann Hayes)
1838 Weakley County, TN
Joe Peery
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Isidore Pelissier
abt. 1838 LA
G. Weller
John Pemberton
(Mary Ann Coombs)
3 Apr 1839 Blenheim, Kent, Ontario, Canada; Macomb County, Michigan
Jennifer Trahan
Samuel T Penna
(Elizabeth Rose)
1833/48 Cornwall Eng; St. Louis MO
Lynne Hiller
Alexander Perkins
(Julia Perkins)
24 June 1846, Jefferson Co., Ga.;
Ann Buxton
Thomas Peters
(Eliza Griffis)
1840, PA; Stafford Cty, Va; Fairfax Cty, VA
brenda peters
William Wilkerson Petitt
(Margaret Elizabeth Whitmire)
1840 - Spartanburg Co.SC; 1865 - CSA, Savannah, Chatham Co.GA
Dianne Holden
William Wilkerson Pettett
(Margaret Elizabeth Whitmire)
1840 - Spartanburg Co.SC; 1865 - CSA, Savannah, Chatham Co.GA
Dianne Holden
Lewis Pettigrew
(Margarette Whiteside)
1837, AR
George E. Pettigrew


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