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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Chauncey Mead
(Sarah )
Jan 1845 Indiana; Mar 1926 Spokane, WA
Paul Manly
John Meagher
(Rhoda Thompson)
1836 Tipperary,Ireland; d.1916 Stoneham, MA
Patti Knight
Jane M Medley
1832 Ohio; Rush Twp, Tuscarawas Co, Ohio 1860 census
michael birchall
Dennis Meech
(Margaret Pryor)
1828 NY>; 1848 Franklin OH>1856 Coles IL>1860 Linn KS
Patricia Johnson
Heinrich/Henry Melzer
1846-1930; PRU>MO>IL: Worden, Jonesboro, Effingham
Douglas Keith Melzer
Anton Menke
(Sophia C. Schithers)
1830-1900; Duval County Fl
Barbara McColskey
Addison Merida
l850; KY
Janie Watt
John Merrill
(Harriet Hawkins)
1830; WV
Lucy Adeline Merwin
(Andrew Jackson Stainbrook)
1842 - 1898; PA
Lee Nave
Bertha Meyer
(Peter Meyer)
1844 Germany; 1900 Wisconsin USA
Diane Rivet
Joseph Michalak
b.1830 d.1905; Po>Mi
Julie VanderWall
Nathaniel Middleton
(Mary Eliza Beacham)
26 Aug 1841; Cherokee Co., AL
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
William C. Miers
abt. 1829-1863; GA and AL
Joanne Cooper
Catherine/Caroline Miller
(John Nye)
1850 Quebec Canada; MI
Paulette Boots
Clayton Miller
1831; McMinn, Tennessee
Joyce Slatner
Francis Miller
b c1834 Pittsburgh PA; d b4 1880 Pittsburgh (E. Birmingham) PA
George Miller
(Elizabeth Trautman)
1837; Seneca County Ohio
Gary Miller
Jakob Miller
(S Binder)
June or Jul 11, 1836 Montgomery County, PA
Ann Moyer
James L Miller
(Nancy A. Rhodes)
abt 1844 Alabama; Dec 1905 or Jan 1906 Tex, SE
Lillian Miller Champagne
John (Miller) Buckman
(Evina Newman)
November 11 1841; Germany>Mn USA
Sarah Harriett Mills
May 5, 1834; NC
Patsy Taylor
Stephen Mills
(Elizabeth )
1844 New York; 1917 Spokane, WA
Paul Manly
James Andrew Mitchell
b. 1842; NY
Mary Limpus
Littleton Mitchell
1826-1889; MS/TX
Holli Boone Kees
Pink Mitchell
(Lillie Payne)
1840s or 1850s and GA; Stephens Co., GA
Kelly Fletcher
Hubert Mollers
25 Sep 1835- 16 Feb 1891; Germany>St. Paul, MN
Bonnie Weisel
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Cornelia Molsbury
(William Forsyth)
b. Abt 1835, NJ; m. 15 Jul 1854, Millstone, Monmouth Co., NJ
Jennifer Selfridge
Alexander Monroe
b. 1846; Grainger Co.TN>Osage Co. MO
Christine Adams
Jesse / Joseph Monroe
(Sophia Lawhorne)
prior to 1850; Nelson County
Brenda Peters
John Montgomery
(Matildaberry Britt)
Oct 28, 1836 TN; 1908, Lincoln co, MS
Gail Montgomery Onesi
Elijah C. Moore
1842-aft.1910; Greene Co NY; MI
Tad D. Campbell
Jesse Moore
1828; Randolph Co, NC
Cliff Moore
John E. Moore
(Caroline Palmer)
b. 1827 or 1828 Ohio; d. 8/1/1876 Harrison twnshp, Licking Co. Ohio
Lorraine Smith
Mathew Moore
(Elizabeth Brock)
1842-1922; Ky>Mo>Co
Vickie Claybaugh
Newton Moore
abt. 1846, Ga.; 1880 census Orange Co. Fla.
Tony Moore
Theodore Moore
(Cynthia Vandervort, Walker)
1841; Ohio
Kaye Coller
William Moore
(Sarah Smith)
1845, Franklin County, KY; Franklin, KY
Alex Moore
George Morber
(Elizabeth Jarrett)
1 Sep 1836 Ohio
Dale Kranawetter
Henry Morff
(Mary Ann Sherr Leven)
Oct. 1849/Osage CO, MO; d. Aug. 08, 1913/St. Thomas, MO
Michael Morff
Henry Clay Morgan
(Olive Myra Tyrrell)
8/20/1835 Ohio; DOD 11/10/1868 Iowa
Robbie Duck
Isaac Morgan
(Dorothea McCarthy)
1832; AL / GA
Susan Gatlin
James Morgan
1834 Georgia; 1880 Harris Co, GA
Miriam Morgan
Lucinda Morgan
(George Prince)
1850 NC (DOB);
Henry J. Morris
(Mary E. Clark)
18 August 1835; Cleveland OH
Earl Morris
James Morris
(Mary Jane Eldridge)
1827; Shelby, Indiana
Joan King
James A Morris
1827; Kentucky
Allita Griffin
William Morris
1846 Tennessee; 1885 Oklahoma
William Morrison
1826 to 1926; Pulaski County, Virginia; African American
James Morrison
James Morrow
(Lydia Morrow)
Venango County, Pa.; 1850
George Tibbetts
Morgan Morrow
(Hannah Davis)
1832; North Carolina
Marie Aiken
John W Mosley
(Hannah Jernigin)
1834-1919; TX, OK
Cheryl Holland
Francis Marion Moss
Feb 1833/Dec 1909; Howard Co., MO
Linda Maucelli
Martha Jane Moss
(Samuel Aston Stroud)
b. 1830, SC >GA, TX, d. 1871-1880, CA
Pat Tift
Samuel Moulton
about 1840; OK, TX and GA
Leigh Curry
Joseph Mowery
(Rebecca Stewart)
Jan. 15,1830; Virginia
Clyde Mowery
John Muckart
1842; New York
Grant Muckart
Samuel Mueller
(Mary Hosang)
b. abt 1826, possibly in Switzerland; 13 Nov 1905 Death in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA
Sara Angeletti
Thomas Mullady
Bef 1850; 1910 Spokane, WA
Paul Manly
Elizabeth Mullins
(George Robbins)
1840-1913; Kentucky
Scarlett Amburgey
William Duke Mullins
(Rebecca J. Wheelus)
Aug 19, 1832; Terryville,, L A
William Munroe
(Catherine Moore)
1836-44 Ireland; 1870 NYC/1910 Harrison,Hudson Co.,NJ
Gail M. Moragues
Antoine Murat
1836-1922; Greece>FL
Christina Murat
Jacob Murphey
(Alice Godat)
1840 Richwood MO
Garnet Murphey
Sarah L Murphy
(John Murphy)
1832, MO; died--MO
Susan Beddes
Sarah L. Murphy
(John Murphy)
1832, MO; d. MO
Susan Beddes
Malinda Ethel Murray
(Conrad Huffman)
1842 PA ; Lived in IL, MO and died in 1919, Van Buren, AR
Christyne Massey
Christian Musselman
(Barbara Moyer)
1836; Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Della Musselman
Levi Myers
(Elizabeth Keeley)
January 21, 1828; PA
Arlene Sigle


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