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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Emily McAdams
1844-1941; S.C.? > Ga.
Nancy Livecy
Hayden McAllister
(Mary Abbie Vose)
1848 - 1935; Maine/Minnesota
Dorene M. Bartlett
John F McBath
(Mary Tennill)
1831 -1836; Tn
Josiah McCabe
(Doretha Higgins)
1835 Indiana; 1853 Indiana
Dennis Moore
Mathew McCabe
(Bridget Brady)
Abt. 1849; Ireland >Ossining, NY
Donna Vaughn
William McCalmont
(Sarah Boles)
1836 Cinicinnati, OH; 1800 Pennsylvania
Carlos Claure McCalmont
Lizzie McCalvey
(John Sargeant)
1845-1848; MA>NH
Burrel McCarley
abt: 1840-1850;d: after 1888; Hockley (birthplace) Echo L. McCarley
Michael McCarthy
1847; Providence, R.I.
Karen Farguson
Michael Timothy McCarthy
May, 1848; Kerry IR > Monroe Co., IL
Candace McCarthy King
Richard McClelland
1839; Henry Co. TN>Pulaski Co. IL
Deb Davis
Harriet McClintock
(Isaiah Osborn)
1843 Louisiana; 1859 Illinois
Karen Marksity
Frances McConnell
(Armilla Cook)
1829; Webster City, Iowa
Gayle Coyne
Francis J. McConnell
(Armilla Cook)
1829, NY; Webster City, IA, 1860.
Judy Corey
Garrett McConnell
(Christiana Workman)
1846; Milford, Kentucky
Dr. William Hester
Rebecca Jane McConnell
(Cyrus B. Lowe)
18 May 1833 - 7 Apr 1917; Blair Co., PA
Judy Banja
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James McCord
(Jane Carson)
B. Jan 13, 1841; St. Louis, MO
D. Briggs
Kench McCormack
1850-1930; DeKalb Co., AL
Barbara Goins
James Martin McCormick
@1830; SE US
Russell McCormick
William Riley McCowan
(Hiley Ann Watkins)
about 1828 in KY; died in KY, Laurel County
Sandra McCowan
Charles McCoy
(Annie Cahill)
abt 1845 Mo; 1911 Ga
T.W. McCoy
Elijah McCoy
(Sarah Daniels)
? Before 1830; Maury/Hickman Co.
Jennifer McCoy Ward
Henry R. McCoy
(Martha Robertson)
1828 Henry Co.,GA; died 1886 AL
Barbara Erp
Robert McCoy
(Harriet Shomo)
1840 PA. or Ireland; ==> Bolivar, Westmoreland Co, PA. by 1889
Michael McCrink
1836; 1850 census,Perry,NY
Sally Zimmer
Benjamin McCulley
(Charlotte Samples)
1850; Macoupin co. Il.
Blanch Stevens
Joseph McCulloch
(E.A. Pitt)
1832-1906; Lawrence Co. Alabama
Tom McCulloch
James Harvey McCumber
1826; Campbell Co, KY>IL>OR
Roger McCumber
John D. McCutchan
(Eula N. McCutchan)
1848 Alabama; 1920 Smith Co. Tx.
Darlene Allen
Thomas McDade
(Sarah Paxton)
Sept 1, 1830 Madison, AL;
Tami Jones
Zachariah McDaniel
1800 about KY
Thomas L. McDermott
b. 18 May 1840, Lafayette Co., WI; 1850-1910, Galena, IL.; d. 22 Aug 1912, St. Paul, MN.
Seumas McDermott
John T. McDonald
1846-1917; IRE>NV
Katherine McDonald Downs
Sarah McDonald
(Wiley Mattox)
2/11/1830; Franklin Co., GA
Kevin Walters
Wesley McDonald
(Mary Belle Rice)
b. 08 Mar 1845; d. 11 Mar 1925; Batavia, Genessee Co, NY> Springfield, Clark Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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James McDonell
(Esther Kline)
1850; Dickeyville, WI
Nancy Lee
William John McDonough
(Ellen McMeel)
1845 - 1/24/1900; Ireland - Sand Springs, Delaware County, IA
Maureen Titel
James McElroy
(Susan Clark?)
1834, Kentucky; 1870, Missouri
Valerie Wright
Matthew McElroy
(Mary/Polly Young)
1844; Pennsylvania
John McGeady
(Alice )
b. 1838-45, Ireland; d. 1900-05, Glendon, PA
Penny Fuller
William McGee
1844 Spalding County, Ga.
Judy Collins
Catherine McGivern
(John Gribben)
1830 Ireland; Dubuque 1840
Rose McGough
(Thomas Campbell)
1827, Co. Louth, Ireland; >Geneva, NY in 1846
Liz McGough
Henry McGowan
(Mary Jane Gibbs)
1834 - 1905; Scotland>MA
Sharon Ruby
Catherine McGrath
(1-Patrick Helney)
(2-Thomas Dunn(e))
1846, Ireland, Stradbally; arr. US 1864, => Aurora, IL by 1883
Peter Lech
Daniel Mchaley
(Hattie Cogswell)
b/Dec.1847; OldSalem/NC
Rose Evelyn McHenry
(Rufus Heath)
1846 Farmington, MO; aft. 1870 Arcadia or Vulcan, MO
Barbara Imboden
William James Gibson McIlhaney
1839; MS>TX
John R. McIlhaney, Jr.
Henry McIntire
(Jane Middleton)
Abt. 1840; KY
Becky Shephard
Amos McIntyre
(Johanna Bolger)
b. 22 Apr 1831 d.23 Nov 1898; Otsego Co. NY>WI>MN>ND
Meredith McGrath
Zachariah McKenna
1849-1898; Marietta, OH
Sheri Murphy-Hughes
Robert Irvine McKibbin
(Nancy Fairchild)
1839-1894; Wauseon, Fulton, Ohio
Marilyn McKibbin
Grundy McKinney
(Josephine Sallie)
1850; USA
Minnie Washington
Andrew Jackson McKnight
(Martha Ann Wood)
b. 1843/d. 1918; b. MS/d. TX
Barbara Craddock Pike
William McLachlan
(Angeline Leister)
Born 7 Nov 1834; Philadelphia, Pa.
Drew Techner
Flanagan McLane
(Mattie Johns)
abt. 1845; Ark, Tx, La.
Jan Fowler
John Robert 'Bob' McLawhorn
(Robert Jane 'Jennie' Ellis)
04 Sep 1848 in Pitt Co., North Carolina; d: 1928 in Greene Co., NC, married 03 Dec 1875 in Pitt Co., NC
Sandy Goodchild
John McLin
(Rosanna Adkins)
1828; Tennessee
Nancy Lloyd
Patrick McMahon
(Ellen Donahue)
c1850 Ireland; d. aft 1905 RI Res; Pawtucket, Providence County, RI
William McMasters
about 1848 Pennsylvania
David McNalley
(Mary Diffin)
1844; MI
Lyn Hinkle
Hugh McNally
1835; RI>MI
John McNally
Linney McNeal
born abt 1840; Gibson, Warren, Ga.
Karen Swanson
Daniel McNeil
abt. 1847>; Ire>New York>Penn>Ca
Linda Hahn
Gillis McNeil
(Kate Platt)
1829-1912; Argyle, NY>Steuben Co, NY>Chicasaw Co, IA>Bremer Co, IA>Clark Co, WA
Mark McNeil
Alexander McSorley
1830s, 1840s; Lowell, MA
John McTague
(Mary Beham)
1830; MA
Robert Cox
Margaret McWhirter
(George Daniel)
1836 PA; m. 1855 OH; d. 1920 OH
Penny Sluis
John McWilliam
B-12NOV 1829, D- 1988; IRE>Manhattan, NY
John Townsend McWilliam


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