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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Calvin Church Mack
(Emeline Hoisington)
1830 New York
Harry Wolfenbarger
John Maclay
(Elizabeth )
1831 New York; 1860 Census Buffalo, NY
Mary Madewell
(Joseph Cox)
1829 Tennessee; died 1886 Neb
Barbara Harvey
Isaac Magaha
(Malissa Clark)
1837; Loudon co, VA
James A.B. Mahaffey
(Evie Callahan)
Apr.1843 GA; Died July 1919 GA
Eileen Mahaffey Steinberg
Mary Mahon
(Thomas McGough)
1834, Ireland; >Geneva, NY 1846ish
Liz McGough
Dicey/Disa/Dicy/Dicie Malin
(Silas Malford Malin)
1825/29; Georgia
Thena Malin Pettey
Arsen Malo
(Albina Langevin)
1844 CAN; >1869 NV>1888 md. Carson City NV>1926 d. Carson City NV
Gary Barton
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Amsiah Malone
(Sarah A. Catherine Loyd)
1836 - 1910; AL > MS >Sharp County, AR
Jonnie Francomacaro
Miles W. Malone
(Mary Catherine Wood)
b. abt 1847; Louisville, Winston Co., MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
William Manes
(Clarinda King)
1855 married; Indianapolis
Donald Manes
Thomas Mangan
(Maria Burns)
1834 Ireland>Minnesota; 1857 Empire Township Minnesota
Janet Moe
Thomas Mangion
(Maria Burns)
1834 Ireland>Minnesota; 1857 Empire Township Minnesota
Janet Moe
Martin Mangold
(Mathilda Miller Fredericka Dettmar)
Sep 30, 1847 Wertenberg Germany- US 1870; Ohio, Saginaw Michigan, NY
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Alfred Mann
(Harriet Ward)
1839 NY; 1904 IN
Carole Martin
Philip Mann
(Sarah Harrison)
b abt 184_ d 1919 TX,b 1928 VA d 1883 ?; {SC/AL,TN}
Lee Kirkwood,Lee Kirkwood
George Manning
1840 Pennsylania
Gregory Manning
Annie Marks
(Ozias Taylor)
2/23/1838; Montgomery, AL
Kevin Walters
William Marriner
b 1840; KY
Rhoda Conley
Needham Marsh
(Sosthene Marcantel)
1837; LA
Timothy Giles
William Marshall
(Mary Furgeson)
24 Feb 1832 Ireland; West Deer Twp, PA
Edward Smith
Ann Martin
(Thomas Dailey)
abt 1847; Philadelphia
Susan Regan
David Martin
(Janie Elizabeth Price)
1848; South Carolina
Sandi Casper
John T. Rice Martin
(Ellen Duncan)
b. 1839 Gadsden Co, FL; d.1920 Washington Co, FL
S Daniels
Jonathan Martin
(Manerva Reid)
b. 19 Sep 1829; Hocking Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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Morning Rebecca Martin
(Summerville Burns)
1848 Neosho MO; Newton Co MO
June Hibbard
William Andrew Martin
(Mary F. Fines)
1846 Louisiana
John William Martin
Albert Cleppinger (Clippinger) Mason
(Levena Adkins)
1850; OH
Gayle L. Bandt
David Mason
(Eliza Carter)
1840, LA; 10-8-1894, died, LA
Doris Reed
John P Masterson
(Leah Holden)
about June 1841; Kentucky slave
N Masterson-Reed
George Mathews
1833; NY,MI
Jesse Mathews
(Sarah Ann Tindell)
abt 1830; MS
Jane Hartley
Joel V. Mathis
(Josephine Jordan)
Nov 1843 SC; d. 1920 Decatur Co, GA
S Daniels
Benjamin Matthews
(Elizabeth Nichols)
23 Aug 1850 TN
Floyd G. Timson
John Matthews
b.1843; KY
Stephanie Shurley
Eliza May
(Aaron Bush)
1845; PA
Douglas Bush
John Maynor
(Hannah Shields)
1834; NC>WV
Laura Ward
Lydia Irene Mayse
Sep 1828/Mar 1912; TN
Linda Maucelli
Lydia Irene Maze
Sep 1828/Mar 1912; TN
Linda Maucelli


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