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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Mark Likins
(Jane Keown)
before 1837; United States
Diane Kusnierek
Frank Liles
(Harriet Page)
1846; Louisiana
J Lyle
Frederick Christopher Lincks
(Johanna Rochala Breicheldt)
Saxony, Germany c1835; died Watertown, Wisconsin
Kathy Burnette
James Lincoln
(Louisa Williams)
nov 18, 1840, Marshall Co., VA; Marriage Feb 26, 1863, Athens Co., OH
Trina Linn Galbraith
Peter Lincoln
(Eliza Payne)
1845; Indian Territory
S eisele
Frederick Lindblad
(Nancy Walker)
Oct 1850; Swe> AR
Doris Lindblad
John Linden
(Elizabeth Ruppert)
b. 1841 d. 1918 ; Luxembourg>Wisconsin
Benjah B. Lindsay
(Mary Elizabeth Wragg)
b. abt 1832/ml 1854; b. AL/ m. MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
Willaim A. Lines
(Mary Ann Bloom)
23 May 1829 Brady Township, Clearfield, PA; Died 19 AUG 1898 Bloom Township, Clearfield, PA
Rick Gleason
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Patrick Linn
1829 April 7 - Died in Morgan Co., IN;
Toni Linn
Joseph Benjamin Linnell
October 24, l827 ; Maine
Jeanne Linnell
John Lipford
1836; Virginia
Kathryn Dover
Harrison Littlefield
(Tom Littlefield)
1843, Maine; United States
Tom Littlefield
William Thomas Littrel
1848 Illinois
Judy Glasco
William Livingston
(Mary King)
b: 28 Feb 1826 Jefferson Co GA; d: 31 July 1894 Cherokee Co AL
Russ Livingston
Benjamin T. Locke
(Agnes LaBounty)
Sept. 9, 1835, Barrington; married May 24, 1860
Mary E. Locke
John Loidolt
(Anna Bolster)
1850; Pierz, MN
Carole Tembreull Keese
Charles Long
(Ella Flemings)
1/10/1849; Hopkinsville, Christian Co. KY
Evelyn Ali
James Longshore
1834-1907; Mo.
Sandra Dryden
Jenett Longwell
(Henry Clay Miner)
Aug. 1840; Illinois
Mina Krystal
Leander Lord
(Sarah Rouche)
b=Sept 1850; b-NH d- Marshalltown, IA
T J Earwood
Alfred Loughmiller
(Roxanna Martin)
1834 Tn
Bill E. Miller
Jack Loury
(Henrietta Loury)
1835 Georgia; 1880 Macon Co,Alabama
James Love
(Lucy Ward)
1842-1844 Journal
Faye Oden
Nancy Lucinda Love
(David Adair Wragg)
b. 1837/ m. 1857; b. SC/ m. & d. in MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
William A. Love
(Martha Queen)
Aug 1841 Virginia
James Mouse
Aquilla Loveall
(Caroline Markwood)
b. 11/2/1833, OH; d. 4/5/1890, CA
Pat Tift
James Lovell
(Judye Hopkins)
1843 TN; Sumner county, Macon county TN
James F Lovell
(Mary Ann Delila Stallings)
December 17, 1829; GA or OH
Nora Warnock
Cyrus B. Low
(Rebecca Jane McConnell)
5/1/1828, Sussex Co., DE; 12/2/1893, Harrisburg, PA
Judy Banja
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Cyrus B. Lowe
(Rebecca Jane McConnell)
5/1/1828, Sussex Co., DE; 12/2/1893, Harrisburg, PA
Judy Banja
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John M. Lowry
(Mary Jane Robinson)
B. 1826, Co. Down, Ireland; D. 1900; Ft. Scott KS; 1855-1880s Eagle, Waukesha Co, WI
Linda Baldock
Sarah Lusk
(Benjamin Peery)
1831 TN; Sept 9, 1848 Lewis Co., TN
Patsy Taylor
Ellen Lute
(Lawrence Daniels)
1849 Plymouth, Calif; Nashville, Calif
Green Lynch
About 1836; Virginia
Creta Guy
Louisa Lyon
(David Horner)
1827 PA; d.1861 PA


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