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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
Last updated: March 15, 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Robert A. Ladd
1848; KY.
Jackie Holland
James Hall Lamb
(Mary Jane)
1828-1892; NC>FL
Suzanne Lamb
Septimus Lambert
(Hannah Hulme)
6th June 1826; Coventry,Kent, RI
Bob Shaw
Robert Lamberth
(Letha Cropper)
abt 1850 Louisiana; DOD bef 1896
Carolyn Lamberth Johnson
Elizabeth Lancaster
(Wesley Evans)
9/28/1849 Tennessee
Sherry Watson
Benjamin Landis
(Margaret "Maggie" Sampson)
born 1848; PA
Pat Alexander
John Landwerlen
(Ralph Landwerlen)
1850; Indiana
Aloha Landwerlen
Charity Lane
(Henry Meldrum)
1829; Ohio/Indiana
Tamara Rogers
Armethia Emmaline Lanford
(John Kelly)
1847 or 1850; GA
Carol Gregory Wright
John Andrew Jackson Lang
(Martha James)
1828; Married 1849/Wyandot
Renee Lang
Samuel Langdon
(Sabilla Hoffman)
1827, Illinois/Indiana; mar. 1857 Galesburg,Ill.
Joyce Nations
Francois "Frank" Langevin
(Marie Ravenelle)
1835 Canada; >md. 1860 QC>1870 NV>d. aft 1910 NV
Gary Barton
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John Blake Larnce
(Mary E )
1843 -Ga; 1860-Muscogee, Ga,; Confederate Veteran
Paul C. Larnce, Jr.
Guiseppe Lavizzo
1826 - 1850; Louisiana
Ella Lavizzo La Cour
James Franklin Law
(Mary "Polly" Ingram)
Born: Feb. 1831; Died: May 12, 1887
Sheryl Rowell Townsend
John Blake Lawrence
(Mary E )
1843 -Ga; 1860-Muscogee, Ga,; Confederate Veteran
Paul C. Larnce, Jr.
Sarah C. Lawrence
(Wilson Devalson Branch)
1835 - TN; MO - KS
Carla V. (Hill) Leighton
Reuben Laws
24 Dec 1841; Georgia
Margie Laws Luke
Henry Thomas Lawson
(#2 Elizabeth Ann Riddle)
Sept. 15 ap. 1833 Va.; Rankin co. W.V.
Frances PRIDDY
William Lazenby
(Mary Isbell)
1833, TN or VA; died after 1900


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