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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John Kaiser
(Christina Wagner)
April 1843 DOB; Louisville, KY
Cheryl Furlong
Phillip Kame
1830-1862; Canton, OH
David Kame, Sr.
Michael Kantzer
(Barbara Kantzer)
France>IN 1836-1905
E & S Jenkins
Franz Josef Karl
(Mary Podany)
b. Mar. 17, 184? Austria; Pittsburgh, PA
Eric Leindecker
Pierce Karns
(Amanda Klinfelter)
1849/1845/Pa.; 1900/1920 Wood Co.
Rose Capell
John Karren
4 Jul 1834/Isle of Man,,England; 19 Mar 1904/Lehi, Utah, UT
Daniel Kashner
(Ellen Reed)
1830 PA; 1902 PA
Carol Kashner Shelton
William Keen
(Mahala Jane )
1837; Abbeville Georgia
Rhonda Jones
Joseph Keene
(Ida Belle Kinney)
1850; Nebraska
Jim Biggerstaff
John Kehoe
(Johanna Carmody)
1834-1873; Wisconsin
Pam Kehoe
Frederick C Keiser
(August Weidermuse)
@1830; lived in Monroe MI
William Keiser
Before 1850; York County Pa
Linda Outten
Alex Kelley
(Cora Howard)
1826; South Carolina
Kathy Pasley
William Kellum
(Sarah Jane Garrett)
1827; lived 1900 Alabama
C S Kellum, III
William Kelly
(Margaret Ross)
1836, Maury Co, TN; d. 1912, Phelps Co, MO
Ann Turpen
Enos Kent
(Elizabeth Wilkerson)
1831 (BLM record) - 1878 (death); Monroe Co., Michigan
Roxanne Kent-Drury
Elizabeth Keys
(James Keys)
1829 Tennessee
Dolores West
John, Jean, Johann Kieffer
(Magdalen Schmidt)
b. 1839 d. 1918 ; Luxembourg>Wisconsin
Elijah Kimberley
(Mary Edmonds)
b. 1826 d. 1912; England/Nebraska
Louise Langroodi
George Kimble
(Abigail Stevens)
1840-1900; NJ/NY
Carol Sturdevant
Sylvester Kimes
(Christianna Cooper)
b. Mar 18, 1832; Meigs Co., OH
Bill Bojanowski
Seymore Kimmons
1830>1860; TN>Clay, Ill
Alexia Muir
James Quillie Kinard
( Mary Delilah Fender)
Born: 1 May, 1832 ; Died: 25 April, 1917; Colleton Co., South Carolina
Linda Ellis
Perlina Kindle
1849 May 25; Ten.
Linda C Collins
Joseph King
(Elizabeth Hunter)
<1828>; North Carolina
Sherrie Allfrey
Patrick Kinlan
1840; IN
Jane Slaughter
Philip Kirsch
(Caroline Lauer)
b:1832/d:1916; Prussia/ PA/IN/MI
Jean Kirsch Sullivan
Christopher Kiser
(Rebecca Fincannon)
8/29/1829; Rutherford County, NC
Dale Kiser
Martin Olsen Kiste-ele
(Karen Olia Vilhelmsdatter)
Birth 1827 Norway ; 1865 migation to Minnesota
Ted Rolles
Francis Kleffner
1850; Portsmouth, OH
Joan Codd
Andrew Knapp
(Sarah Rush)
1828 Chillicothe OH
Charlie Knapp
David B. Knight
(Sarah E. Auty)
1843; Massachusetts
Cathy Goodwin
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Charles (Karl) Knobeloch
1835 - 1915 Germany; Allegheny County, PA
Charles (Karl) Knoblauch
1835 - 1915 Germany; Allegheny County, PA
Joseph Knox
(Nancy Allen)
before 1835; MO
Judy Hares
Johann Henrich Kohrman
about 1850; GrossRunkin, Germany>PA
Naomi Kohrman
John Koons
1834 Pittsburg, Pa; 1862 83rd Indiana Infantry
Hope Koontz
Jan (John) Nepomucky Kotilinek
(Lydia (Ludmilla) Kotilinek)
10 Feb 1831 Borice, Bohemia; Bloom Twp; Cook Cnty, IL
Mary Jo Schaust
Josef Krakora
(Barbora Jirmarova-Kessel)
circa 1845; Chicago, IL
Barbara Reincke
Mary E Kramer
(Conrad Bsing)
Born 18 Oct 1936 in Prussia, married 1854, lived in Gibson County, Indiana
Scoti Bolding
John Fred Kruger
(Whilhemana Richel)
8-16-1847; Barnesville, MN
Allen J. Krueger
Stephen Kurn
(Clara Virginia Griffith)
29 May 1845; Pittsburgh, PA
Edward Smith


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