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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John Jackman
(Sarilda Horn)
1836; Wheeling, Va.
George Fizer
Christopher Jackson
(Melvina Hargis)
1839; TN/AR
Fanny Jackson
(Henry Johnson)
Oct. 7, 1848; Culpeper, VA.
John Simple Jackson
b 1840 d 1905; Iowa
Sunny Russo
Josuha Jacobs
1829; FL
M.T. Smith
Hans Jacobson
(Anna Johnson)
b. 1 July, 1835 Bo, Telemark, Norway; d.18 July, 1903 Saude, Iowa
Renee Reece
Auguste Jadot
1850; Chicago
John Jamerson
1840-1850; Patrick/Henry Co., Va.
Nancy James
(John Jacobs)
1829/ 1853; Ga.
Darryl Jacobs
William Cleveland Jared
(Matilda Hughes)
February 25, 1837; Jackson County, TN
Lori Bruce Sellers
James Jarvis
(Anna Maria McCluskey)
1836; Guernsey Co, OH
Jane Snell Copes
George Nathaniel Jaycox
(Elizabeth Foote)
1840; NY>IL
Susan Jaycox
George Jeffrey
(Sarah Boerum)
1826-1850; N.Y.
A. Koehler
Matilda Jenkins
1850 North Carolina;
Mary Shaul
Willis Jenkins
(Nancy Combs)
1829, Wilkes Co, NC; 1849-1858, Morgan Co., KY
Joye Giroux
Daniel Jennings
Dec 1838- 1910; OH>IN
Helen MacKain
Michael Jensen
BD 02-02-1845; Gunnison & Manti, Utah
Sheila Jensen Tate
Eliza Jess
1835/Charleston County, S.C.; 1880/Atlanta, Winn Parish, LA.
Barbora Jirmar
(Josef Krakora)
1848; Chicago, IL
Barbara Reincke
Barbora Jirmarova
(Josef Krakora)
1848; Chicago, IL
Barbara Reincke
Manuel Joaquin
(Bernadina Brandewide)
1846 Portugal; 1920 New Orleans, LA
Kay Smith
Andrew J. Johnson
(Serena Bennett)
1828 Tennessee; 1880 Calhoun Co, AR
Alverne Hollingsworth
Anna Johnson
(Hans Jacobson)
b.19 September, 1839 Telemark, Norway; d.6 April, 1906 Saude, Iowa
Renee Reece
Henry Johnson
(Fanny Jackson)
April 13, 1843; Maryland
Jerome Johnson
(Margaret Hunt)
1846; MO
Marc Simmons
John Johnson
1830 England; 1870 Plaquimine, LA
Barbara Bergamini
Mary A. Johnson
(John Stump )
1835; IN
Mattie S. Johnson
1846; Kentucky
Allita Griffin
Nathan Johnson
(Margaret Childs)
Abt. 1849 AL
Brandon Flowers
Richard Johnson
1850; VA
Sue Barret
Sarah Johnson
(John Bowers)
1835; Magnolia, Louisiana
Louis E. Bowers
Thomas Johnson
b 1848; TN>Pulaski Co. IL
Deb Davis
Robert William Johnston
1830, PA
John Johnston
Alfred Jones
(Mary )
July 1850 France; E-C
Brian Dube
Ammond Davis Jones
(Elizabeth T. Grimes)
28 Feb 1828 TN; d. 25 Jul 1901 Putnam, TN
Janel Woodbury
Anson Jones
1844; TX
M.T. Smith
Charles Jones
(Mary Muchmore)
after 1826; Edenton, OH
Melody Osborn
Ely Jones
(Audwell Dowdell)
1842 Virginia; 1863- abt, 1925: Caddo Parish Louisiana
Bernadine Hill-Smith
Evan Jones
1833-unknown; dod 1915 in Keokuk Co., IA
Jack Jones
(Mary Janes)
12/19/1832; TN
David Nash
John Thomas Landrum Jones
(Nancy Pyburn)
1830; Georgia
Lycurgus Jones
(Mary Cook)
1841-1850; Missouri
Kathy Curtis
Lycurgus Jones
(Miranda Ivey)
1844; Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri
Sue Ann Morrow
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Richard Jones
01-16-1827; KY
Susan Clark
Thomas Jones
(Martha Nash)
1829; Dallas Co., AL
Kevin Walters
Thomas Jones
(Anna Paschel)
married in Sadalia Mo 1864-66; first child born 1866 in Warrensburg Mo
Patricia Reel
W.R. Jones
1834; GA
Cathy Stewart
William J Jones
(Augusta Mundorff)
1848; Bergholz Jefferson county Ohio
Carole Maynard
Benjamin Josey
(Elizabeth Osborne)
1826 or later; Tennessee
James Hunter
James Joy
1850 NY; d. 1926 TN
Joy Smith
Johann C. Juergensmeyer
(Sophie Ehlert)
1826 - 1907; Prussia>MO
Leanna Eversmeyer
David Jumper
(Margaret Furtick)
Born: 1 September,1829; Died: 26 August,1896; Sandy Run Township?, SC
Linda Ellis


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