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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Anna Hobson
1817; Vermillion Co, IN
Mary Wolf
Alfred Hoddinott
(Elizabeth Layman)
01 May 1837 England; Eng>CT about 1841
Harold Klein
Frederick Hoefer
(Julie Anna Michels)
December 3, 1832 Lippes, Germany; D: July 5, 1911 Alexandria, MN
Marlys Peterson
Franz Xavier Hoerig
(Margaretha Fuchs)
1 Dec 1831 Oberndorf, Baden; died 17 Apr 1905 Wayne, WI
Marvin Hoerig
Abraham Hogland
(Martha McAnally)
1837 Al
Tommy Hogland
Amelia Hoisington
(Henry Auwater)
1831; Clinton Co. Iowa
Janeille Ditlevson
Alexander Holbrook
(Nancy Roach)
1830 USA;
Brenda B. Whitworth
Alexander Holbrook
(Nancy Ellen Roach)
abt 1830/Ga; 1857/Oconee, SC
Carolyn H. Trammell
Sarah Matilda Holcum
(Charles (Clay) Hughart)
m. Dec., 1861; Ralls co. MO.
Dorothy Spring
Leah Holden
(John P Masterson)
about 1846; Missouri; slave
N Masterson-Reed
Simeon Holder
(Elizalbeth Hunt)
before 1840 North Carolina; Forysth County, North Carolina
Jona Schneck
William Thomas Holladay
(Anna Amelia Green)
1840; Volney, New York, Oswego County
Theresa Bartos Holladay
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Martin Holland
(Margaret McMahon)
1832 - 1907; Ireland>NY>IL>NE
Diane Drewry
Newton Holland
(Nancey Berryman)
Aug. 1850; TN
Jackie Holland
Daniel Holley
(Arminda Burdick)
1829; Pennsylvania
Lorena Auwarter
Richard Cotton Holley
(Emaline Jane Jackson)
February 12, 1836; Grenada, Granada, Mississippi, USA
Craig Soflin
Jonathan Hollibaugh
(Margaret Jones)
1840; OH, MI, PA
Washington Kingsberry Holliday
(Angeline Schilling)
abt. 1833; LA
Cindy Holliday Distefano
John Hollis
(Sarah Adair)
1826 S.C.; 1903 Ga died
Carolyn Burell
Joseph Holloway
(Mary Jane Hall)
1841 - 1914; Cocke County, Tennessee
Jonnie Francomacaro
Elizabeth (Betsy) Holmes
12 July 1829 Eversholt, Bedfordshire, England; Landed in St. Louis 1851 rest of family went to Iowa, then Utah - they never heard from her again
Teresa Chapman
Joseph Holmes
(Lucy Morgan)
1837 Rocky Hill, CT; Death: July 2, 1905 Noroton, CT
Rolande Gay
Mc(Mac)Henry Holmes
1850; McMinn co. TN --1860---- James co. TN ---1880
Eddie Dupree
Simon P Holmes
(Melissa E Byler)
CA 1827 VA
Vivian Davis
John Holthus
B 10-07-1841, d 4-27-1917; Prussia Germany, NY, OH, MI
D Holthus
John Holtzapple
ca. 1850; PA
Vicki Rea Holtzapple
Jerry Hookfin
(Mary Minor)
1829 GA;
Ronald Atkins
Mary S. (Polly) Hopkins
(Wilson Devalson Branch)
1839-MO; KS
Carla V. (Hill) Leighton
William Henry Hopkins
(Kate Moore)
Feb 13, 1838 NY; Sep 10, 1911 Odebolt, IA
Lee Ashmore
Louisa Hopper
(Robert Rhea)
Nov 12, 1827; MO
Russ Rhea
Franz Xavier Hörig
(Margaretha Fuchs)
1 Dec 1831 Oberndorf, Baden; died 17 Apr 1905 Wayne, WI
Marvin Hoerig
Henry Franklin Horn
(Hanora O'Sullivan)
born 1830; Howard Co., Mo.
Julie Collins
Squire Hornbeak
(Barbara Higgs)
003/11/1828 - Weakley Cty, TN; Dresden, TN
Joyce E. Hornbeak
Esquire Hornbeck
(Barbara Higgs)
03/1828, Dresden, TN
Charles J. Hornbeak
Charles Hornbostel
1826; Indiana
Al Schikore
Thomas Horner
(Elizabeth Fothergill)
1832; Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Virginia Horner Weber
John Horton
born abt 1828; born Lincolnshire, UK, settled in Illinois in 1850's and moved to Kansas in 1850's
Janet Horton-Payne
Arnold Howard Hottinger (Catherine Glover) 1841-1931; Germany>LA>MO
Irene Mast
Sarah Houlcom
(Charles Hughart)
born abt, 1845; 1861 Missouri
Dorothy Spring
Sarah Matilda Houlcum
(Charles (Clay) Hughart)
m. Dec., 1861; Ralls co. MO.
Dorothy Spring
John House
1841; TN
Lynn House
William Edward Howard
(Victoria Debrille Carr)
11-2-1827 b. DC
Dotti Bourgeois
William Foster Howard
(Sarah Lane)
1830-1850's; MA > Brooklyn, NY
Pam Venn
Charles Howell
1850; Georgia
Don Howell
Crocket Hubbard
(Margaret Thompson)
1838; VA
Kay Thompson
George M Hubbard
(Susan )
1827 unknown pob; Henry, Ill until 1880
Kevin Hubbard
Thomas Hubbard
(Susan White)
1842; Missouri
Carolyn Frerking
William Huckaby
(Mollie Jones)
July 1830; Georgia
L'Tanga Johnson
Benjamin Hudgens
June 1, 1826 - November 8, 1848; TN>MO
Jerry Huggins
William H. Hudson
(Mary J. King)
1832; KY
Samuel Huff
b abt 1831 ; MO & TX
Lee Kirkwood
Daniel Huffman
(Rebekah Korn)
1837 - VA; IA > MO
Evalena Erzinger
John G. Huffman
c 1848; virg
Rosalie Bury
Peter Huffman
(Isabella Shaw)
1849 Wayne Co. NY
Gary Barton
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Sabra (Sobrary) Huffman
(Robert Wimmer)
1830 Franklin Co, VA; 1859 Buchanan Co, VA
Benjamin Huggins
June 1, 1826 - November 8, 1848; TN>MO
Jerry Huggins
John Hughes
(Mary Elizabeth Fitzwater)
July 1848 MO; Marriage March 21, 1869 MO
Marla Hathhorn
William Giles Hughes
(Laura Hamilton)
abt 1834; Herkimer Co NY > Holt Co NE
Terri Walker
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George Hunt
born abt 1849 ; born IN & died OR
Connie Hunt
James Hunter
(Mary Ann Harris)
1835 North Carolina; 1850 Missouri
James Hurst
(1. Anna Ritter)
(2. Rhonda J. Harrell
1844 MO; 1850 Claiborne Co census
Eddie Roberts
Margaret Hurt
(David C. Freeman)
b abt 1837; Pickens Co, SC
David Freeman
Anthony John Huxtable
(Mary Jane Jacka)
1829-1918; Mineral Point, WI
Trygve Arneson
Hyman W. Hyman
(Rose Friedlander)
1834 Prussia; San Francisco CA
Lynne Hiller


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