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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Thomas Haberle
(Mary Anna Dürr)
18 Dec 1828 Sigmarigen,Bavaria,Germany; came to US in 1850; lived in Scranton, Pa.;moved to Alpena, Mich., moved to Tex, d. 8/9 Sept 1900 Galveston,Texas
Lillian Champagne
Thomas Haberlie
(Mary Anna Dürr)
18 Dec 1828 Sigmarigen,Bavaria,Germany; came to US in 1850; lived in Scranton, Pa.;moved to Alpena, Mich., moved to Tex, d. 8/9 Sept 1900 Galveston,Texas
Lillian Champagne
Caleb Hagens
(Ava 'Amy' Hinson)
Abt. 1845 eastern North Carolina; married bef. 1872 in NC; on 1880 Census in Spreights Bridge, Greene Co., North Carolina
Sandy Goodchild
Cornelius Haggard
(Mary Edwards)
1849; Missouri
Phebe Hahurst
Abt:1830; EC>WV?>OH
Connie Schumaker
Charles Haigler
1850-1890 N.C.
W.H. Dendy
James Watt Hailey
(Angeline Caldwell)
12/20/1835 Tennessee; d. 1999
Ed Hailey
John Q. Hainline
July 11, 1848; Illinois
Stacy Seaman
Samuel Haithcock
(Rosa Anna Hiathcock)
12/1838 McColl, SC; 5/1862
Lesa Russo
Mary Halfhill
(William Barber)
1834-1922; moved to St. Johns Kansas, then on to Oklahoma. Buried in Waynoka, Oklahoma
Kathy Simon
Eunice Hall
(Gilbert Barber)
1827; RI
Nancy Phillips
Margaret Hall
(Charles Reeves)
1842 TN;
David Williams
Sion Hall
(Serena McDaniel)
1831, Irwin County, GA; married 1861 Rutherford, TN
Trina Hall-Steffan
William Hall
(Nancy Strickland)
1840; Randolph Co., NC
Paula Harrell
Ellen Hallacy
(John Glascow)
1843; KS
R R Geier
Hezakiah Thurman Hamby 1838, Oaklahoma, Georgia
KathrynMarie Connolly
Thomas Hamer
(Caroline Janes)
3 Mar 1837, Turkey; U.K.>NJ>WA
Kathleen Ruse
Alexander Hamilton
(Orphelia Phillips)
b. 1835; Louisiana
Stephanie Stephens
Charles R Hamilton
(Susanna Appel)
1830-1835; Maryland/PA
Ed Hamilton
David Hamilton
(Mary EllenWills)
Dec. 16,1834; Franklinville Pa.
David Wills Hamilton
William Hammatt
1831 Howland>ME; d. 1854 Melbourne>AU
Steve Doyle
Andrew Hammond
(Sarah Watts)
1827; PA
Marianne Wilkat
Rebecca E. Hammons
1840-1902; Cooper Co MO; Denton Co TX; Benton Co AR
Tad D. Campbell
Thompson Hammons
(Emily Townsend)
before 1830 North Carolina
Bruce Jackson
Wade Wayman Wright Hampton
(Mary Jackson)
1839; Texas
Mary Wade
James Hanafin
(Martha Reed)
ab 1840; La
John Hanafin
William Henry Hancock
1840; Panola Co., MS
Julia French Wood
Andrew Jackson Hand
1834; Upson Co. Ga.
Joy [Hand] Batteate
James Handy
(Sarah Jane Atkinson)
1838; North Carolina
Kathy Handy
John Hanford
(1) Olivia Chamberlain
2) Ruth Ellen Chambers)
1839-1840 England; (1855) OR > CA
Kathy Hanford Merz
Dennis/Denis Hanna
(Elizabeth Dugdale)
1843; Waukesha Co. WI
Lori Hanna Bennett
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Ole Hanson
(Carrie Aaby)
1849 Norway; 1882 Brookings SD
Sharon Darling
Charles Hapes
(Louise Strow)
1845 - 1921; NY>MO
Leanna Eversmeyer
William Harden
b 1828; PA>Adams Co. Indiana
Jean Whitright
Charley Wesley Hardin
(Elizabeth Scheckle)
abt 1827 DC, MD, or VA; Died abt 1900 in Cherokee Co, NC
Beverly Graham
Robert Jonathan Hardin
(Nancy Bryant)
1835/GA.; died 1892/MS
Marty Davis
William Mullins Hardy
(Dartha Ann (Dolly) Berry)
1848 MS; died 1923 Anderson Co., TX
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
John Harman
(Louisa Roadman)
abt 1830; Westmoreland Co.,PA
Judy Helmchen
Susan Harmon
1829-1898; OH>IL
Mary MacChesney
Elijah Benjamin Harper
(Lucinda Whitfield)
1850- Alabama
Janice Talley
James Harper
(Mary Smith)
1835 Guernsey, Ohio;
Robert Kerr
John Harper
1850; Chatham County NC
Sandy Williams
John Elam Harris
(Elizabeth C. Buffington)
Circa 1835 Barnwell, SC
Patrick Harris
Levicy Jane Harris
(Thomas Pope Bland)
born about 1840 lived died in Bagdad Kentucky
Dr. William Hester
Nancy Harris
(William Beve Traylor)
Feb 25, 1828; GA
William Harris
(Pollina Parlier)
1828; Georgia
Darlene Allen
James Harritt
(Elizabeth Bell)
1841 PA; 1874 Galveston TX
Nancy Fichter
Isaac Hart
(Jane Carter)
1829; GA
D H Deci
Hiram Hartford
1840; Deerfield, NH
William Hartford
Elizabeth Mary Hartley
(David Rogers Smith)
May 11, 1833, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Mary E. Locke
Elizabeth Harvey
(Josiah Sanderson)
1832, PA; Death-1905, IL
Susan Beddes
Adam Hasselvander
(Caroline Steiner)
4 Jul 1839 France; d. 17 Mar 1917 Alabama
Robert White
Adam Hasselvander
1850; Alabama
Diane Marx
Mary Hatfield
(Herman Baker)
1840; NJ
William Grubb
Delilah Hauck
(Thomas Bevington)
b. 17 Dec 1827; d. 2 Jan 1902; OH>Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA
Julie Humes
Lorenz Hauer
abt. 1832 Germany; 1846 New Orleans>Iowa
Traci Klostermann
Charles Hawkins
(Lucinda Willett)
1845 ; Michigan
Ellen Morrow
Zachariah Hawkins
(Elizabeth Jones)
1838; North Carolina
Margie E. Hawkins
Daniel Hawley
(Arminda Burdick)
1829; Pennsylvania
Lorena Auwarter
Edward Deforest Hayden
(Retta Fitch)
1844/45 New York; 1880 in OH
Martin Hayden
(Frances Martin)
1840-1860; Greene Co, IN
Christine Hayden
James Haynes
(Sarah Anderson)
1827; Georgia
Jeff Haynes
Cornelius Hazards
(Mary Edwards)
1849; Missouri
Cornelius Hazzard
(Mary Edwards)
1849; Missouri


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