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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
Last updated: May 3, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Harriet Isabella Gracey
b 1839 m ca 1850; Il, KY, MO, or TX
Vera Belle Lane
William Graham
(Mary Graham)
August 7, 1845; Alabama
Brenda Ward
Calvin Peter Grant Sr
(Susan Jane Bell)
1838-1910; Covington Co, Al > Washington Co, FL
Sharon Daniels
William F. Gray
(Cynthia Skelton)
3 April, 1839 KY
Debra Hall
William Harvey Grayson
(Dorthula Roxanna Martin)
1830; Tennessee
Gail G. Evans
John Fenton Greathouse
(Mary Jane Webb/Sanders)
1840 Indiana
Theodore Martin
Benjamin G. Green
1846; Alabama
Virginia Green Marley
George P Green
(Julia Cain)
12/23/1837 Erie Co., PA; Died 07/31/13 Shell Rock, IA
Jean Foster
James M Green
(Ann Eliza Locke)
20 Feb 1831; Macon
Linda Walling
William B. Green
(Mary H)
1844 Conn
Carolyn N
Edward Greenberry
b 1850; AR>Pulaski Co. IIL
Deb Davis
Florence 'Flurry' Greene
Aug 1838 Ireland; Immigration from Liverpool Apr 16 1847 to Tracy Creek, Vestal, Broome Co., NY; farmer
Sandy Goodchild
Luther Greenfield
(Amelia W. Gill)
b. 1828 Cayuga Co., NY d. 1915, Bath, Steuben Co., NY; m. 1848 Peruville, Tompkins Co., NY
D. Stimbert
Joseph Greenhaw
1840-1900; AR
J. Guinn
Otho B. Grier
(Virginia Torn)
1842; Ohio
Nancy McPeters
Alfred Griffin
(Eliza Knowles)
1846 England; Florida, Mass
Judy McCartney
Andrew J. Griffin
(Susan E.Sumner)
1842-1890; Decatur Co, GA
S Daniels
H.B. Griffin
1850; Itawamba County, Mississippi
John Griffin
(Louisa Bailey)
abt 1849; Tennessee
Tammy Clawson
L.F. Lucius? Griffin
((A)manda or Adeline or Elizabeth Haygood/ Hagood)
b:1846; b:SC, lived Shelby and Madison AL
John Griffin
Mary A. L. Griffin
b. abt. 1841 NC?; d. ? Calhoun Co. MS; Perry Co. AL->Calhoun Co. MS
J. David Colburn
Melbia Griffin
1832? in Nash Co. NC
Frances Griffin
Richard K Griffin
(Julina Maddy)
April 21, 1828 Scott County Illinois;
Marty H Griffin
James Griffith
(Elizabeth Beck)
10/02/1838 Tennessee; Died 7/29/1911 Haskell County, Texas
Janelle Griffith Thompson
Robert Griffith
b abt 1828; Martins Ferry, OH
John Bedecarré
Sarah Griffith
(John Pearson)
1828; Va
Emilie Reine
Thomas Griffith
1830-1891; Wales/PA
Helen L. Griffith
Evan Griffiths
(Margaret Duncan)
Nov 13, 1832 Wales; PA, IL, d. Jan 17, 1890 MO
Rebecca Thames-Simmons
Thomas Griffiths
1830-1891; Wales/PA
Helen L. Griffith
John Griffon
(Louisa Bailey)
abt 1849; Tn
Tammy Clawson
James 'Jim' Grimsley
(Almeta 'Polly' )
Aug 1836 in eastern North Carolina
Sandy Goodchild
James Polk Gross
17 Aug 1846/1926; Ray Co., MO
Linda Maucelli
George Washington Grubaugh
(Melissa Mccumber)
Sep 22, 1829; Ohio
Joseph Grudzinski
b 1842; Groudenz, POL>Sherman Co, NE
Douglas Keith Melzer
George Adam Bickley Guice
(Louisa Guice)
1828; Franklin County, MS
Betsy Farr
Narcissus Guthrie
18 Feb 1838 Berrien County, GA; d. 1 Mar 1910 Ware County, GA
Lee Collins
Shadrick Guthrie
(Florence Chambers)
1830; Haywood, Cherokee North Carolina
Marie Aiken
Ezra Gwin
about 1834; OH>MI>IL>MO
Jean Holland
James Gwynn
(Edith Blackwell)
abt 1830; Locust Hill Township, Caswell Co., NC
Doris Gwynn Walker


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