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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Benjamin, Jr. Fagan
(Sara Blanton)
17 November 1835; SC
Sam Crouch
Charity Elizabeth Faircloth
(William J Dunn)
b. 1826 Baker Co, GA; d. 1897 Miller Co, GA
S Daniels
Hiram T. Falls
(Hester E. Thomas)
1847; Virginia
Cindy Driscoll
Elizabeth Fallwell
(James Burgess)
Sep 6, 1843; Marshall Co., TN
Kevin Walters
Soloman Fansler
(Catherine Neil)
1835 OH; Tower Hill IL Maysville AR
Bob Fansler
Catherine Fass
(John Kippley)
3/25/1848 Roxbry WI
Carole Tembreull Keese
John Fatchett
(Alice Poucher)
abt 1844; Washington County, MO
Cynthia Fatchett Daigle
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William Faulkner
(Martha Elizabeth Autry / Auterry)
1835, TN; d. 1896, Walker Co. GA
Robert Fletcher
Ruth Featherstone
1837; New York
Rose Featherstone
Martina Feliz
1848; Monterey, California
Mary Feliz
Duncan Ferguson
b 1840; Seattle WA
Barb Johnson
Peter Ferguson
(Harriet Holly)
1839-1897; VA>DC
Aurelia Brooks
James Ferrall
1847; Brooklyn NY; From Ireland
Maryanne Patterson
John Leaver Fetterly
(Mina Casselman)
1847 Ontario, Canada; 1926 Seattle, WA, USA
Nancy Fetterly
Joseph Fialkowski
1850; NY
Anton Fieber
(Barbara Weber)
1841-1914; Oregon
Terry Fieber
Franklin Field
(Alma Clark)
Oct 1850; NY
Judy St. Eve Schor
Luther Fields
(Margaret Johnson)
Dec 11 1837; GA
El Fields
Charlotte Fine
(James Young)
1848 Randolph Co. AR; >1857 CA>md. 1868 Stanislaus Co. CA>d. 1897 Waterford CA
Gary Barton
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Richard Finley
(Mary Murray)
November 8, 1844, Tipperary; New Orleans, Louisiana
Shannon Antoine
Andrew Fisher
(Lorenda Dorsey)
abt 1848 Jackson Cty VA; Marriage 5 Jan 1867 in Jackson County, WV
Deborah Mullins
Jane Fisher
(Aaron Britnell)
1843 Glasgow. Scotland; 1855-65 Ontario; 1866=1928, Michigan
Joye Giroux
William Boyd Fisher
1827-1850; KY
Charles Fitze
1848; Prussia>TX
Carol E. Crockett
Sylvester Fitzgerald
(Mary Ellen Taylor)
l840-1940; Southern Illinois
Earlene Jefferson
Thomas Fitzgerald
(Mary Griffen)
1830 County Kerry; 1857 Wisconsin
Ann C Fitzgerald
Sylvester Fitzgerrel
(Mary Ellen Taylor)
l840-1940; Southern Illinois
Earlene Jefferson
Calvin Flanders
(Minnie Jackson?)
1847; MN
Karolee Plock
Alexander Theodore Flatbush
(Alzerrith, Seidel, Underhill, Baker, Crouch, Watson, Cash)
1842 NY, New Rochelle; d 1922 KA, National Military Home
Edwina Moody
Silas Pearson Fletcher
(Eliza Jane Faulkner)
1847, unknown; 7-20-1886, married, Walker co. GA
Robert Fletcher
Patrick Flood
(Mary Ratchford)
b1842-d1925; NY, Brooklyn (died); born Ireland
Kevin Patrick Flood
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Sanford Flora
(Elizabeth (Bettie) Githens)
1834, Nicholas County, KY; Died 1904, Woodford County, KY
Karen Flora
Wiley D. Floyd
(Sallie Reid)
1839-1840 Nash Co. NC; died 1920
Ron Floyd
James Foe
(Lue Jones)
1839 China; marr 1852 Pope Co. IL.
Barbara Brazell
Frederick Foley
(Elizabeth Leatherman)
b. 20 Apr 1829; d. Jan 1908; Hampshire Co., VA>Clark Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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Rachel Folts
1826-1850 Shenendoah, VA
Bonnie Wine
Rachel Foltz
1826-1850 Shenendoah, VA
Bonnie Wine
John B. Foote
(Mary A Smith)
birth 11/26/1836 New York; marriage 01/03/1860 Brooklyn, NY
Sandy Weston
Edward Smith Foreman
abt 1838 to 1865 in OH; Belmont Co, OH
Chris Foreman
Henry Clay Forester
(Emmaline Davis)
1841-1911; TN/TX
Suzanne Forester Stein
Anthony Forrest
(Elizabeth Thompson)
1845; ME
Joan Chace Carpenter
William Forsyth
(Cornelia Molsbury)
b. Abt 1830, NJ; m. 15 Jul 1854, Millstone, Monmouth Co., NJ. d. 04 Mar 1910, Monmouth Co., NJ
Jennifer Selfridge
Emile Fossier
(Anaise Cavalier)
abt 1846 New Orleans, La;
Donna Somers
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Andrew Foster
(Catherine Elizabeth Costiloe)
b. 1834/d. 1896; Winston Co., MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
Overton Harrison Foster
(Nancy Marinda Dickey)
1850; California
Sterling Foster
Sarah A. Foster
1839-1912; Ingham, Shiawassee & Otsego Co MI
Tad D. Campbell
Isabella Fowler
@1850 MO; MO> 1860 TX>
Joseph Allen Fowler
(Sarah Pirkle)
1850 prob. Hall County, GA; 1900-1926 Whitfield Co, GA; also lived in TX at sometime. Sarah is said to have died in TX.
Melissa F. Hunter
Posey Fowler
(Mattie Fowler)
1849; Bartow County, GA
Anthony Fowler
William Fox
1828; TN>GA
Harriet Morgan
William Wendel Vaclav Frana
(Josephine Matousek)
1835-1891; Iowa
Bethany Jane Busen
William Francis
(Martha Francis)
1846 Somerset, ENG; 1872 New York USA
Diane Rivet
Harriet Franklin
b1849; Madison Co, NC
Betty English
George H Frasher
9 Feb 1845 Licking Co OH
Rose Frasher Berg
Toby Freeman
(Mary Stamps)
1838 TN; 1900 AR
Marcia Hackley
Wallce French
(Nellie Hauser)
1847; Cardiff, New York
Pam French Brown
Jack Frisby
July 2,1826 Edgefield D.C.; 1848 St Louis Mo
Richard Frisby
(Elizabeth Mellen)
1840; Delaware co PA
Barbara Chytla
Christopher Columbus Fryar
(Martha Alice Rothwell)
Aug 1850 Mississippi; Marriage: 1890 Hempstead Co., Arkansas
Kimberly Fryar
Josiah Fuller
b.Aug.21, 1850; AL
Shirley Tomich
Timothy Fuller
(Scholastic Cratte)
c. 1833 NH; d.1901 MN
Kathy Brady
Margaret Fulmer
(James Thompson)
23 March 1839; Ohio
James Wall
Angeline Fulton
(Charles B. Elliott)
b. 1827/d. 1846; AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
George Fulton
ab. 1834; Va
Brenda Booker
Lewis Funderburk
(Agnes Till)
1850; SC
A. Funderburk
John Funk
1848 Va
Tanya Kovenich


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