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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Robert Eades
abt 1832, Maryland, USA; +1800, Virginia, USA
Bert Paredes
Robert Eads
abt 1832, Maryland, USA; +1800, Virginia, USA
Bert Paredes
Thomas Eads
(Barbara Albright)
1831 SE; Rowan Co, NC
Lynn Mosier
Anne Eagen
1829 - Ireland; San Francisco, CA
Amy Strapp
John Eagen
(Jeanette/ Janet Paton)
1835-1916; Detroit MI.>WI>IA>WI
Lori Hanna Bennett
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John M Eartherly
(Launa Joe Work)
1848 - 1928; TN
Lee Nave
Andrew Jackson Earwood
(Zeriah Archer)
1850; Tippah Co, Mississippi
T J Earwood
William Earwood
Graysbranch, Ky; 1831
George Easton
1826-1900; Ohio
C. Kelly
James McCarthy Easton
1827 New York
Chris Lucia
Henry A or W Eastridge
(Mary Francis Britt)
abt 1844 MO; Jan 1,1862 joined Confederate Army in Texas Co MO
Chizari Hans
John Montgomery Eatherly
(Launa Work)
1848 TN; 1928 TN
Lee Nave
Harriet Eaton
1829; ME,PA
Benjamin Eaves
(Emily Smith)
1840; Arkansas
Franz Ebner
(Margaurethe Schutter)
1830; Baden>Erie CO, PA
Elaine R
Anna Eddins
(George Woodruff)
1836; Huntsville, AL
Martha Barnes
Henry Edell
born about 1832 Philadelphia area
Sally Edell Dutton
Benjamin F. Edinger
(Sarah Cornwell)
1845 OH or IN; 1868 IL>1885-1915 KS & OK
Patricia Johnson
William Oscar Edison
(Samantha Ann Rea)
15 Oct 1842; Indiana
Amy Kwiatkoski
Perry (O.P.) Edmonds
(Arella (A,E,) Bingley)
1835 Ohio; Death ca 1860
Jo Will
Cecile Edwards
(Elihue Pridemore)
md 1851; Morgan, IL
Meridith K. Edwards
1847; Virginia
Tina Ellis
Robert Edwards
(Nancy Elizabeth Satterwhite)
abt 1830 - aft 1855; AL, MS, AR, TX
Carlton Edwards
Susan Eisenhuth
(Harry Wood)
1844 Schulykill, Pa
Kim Wills
Letha Elder
b 1842; GA
Gregg Douglas
Younger Elledge
(Jane Willis)
abt 1841; Ga.
Jackie Davis
Martha Ellet
(William Makepeace)
B. Oct 11, 1842/Tenn; Married 1/20/1860/MO
Margie Harper
Arthur R. Elliott
1829; OH
Maggie Elliott
Martha Elliott
(William Makepeace)
B. Oct 11, 1842/Tenn; Married 1/20/1860/MO
Margie Harper
Ralph Ellis
abt 1850; AL
Michael Murdock
Angenette Elwell
(Abraham Bell)
1846/Rocky Rodge, Ottawa Co., Ohio; 1929/Washington, Dc
Carolyn Wing Davis
Edwin Ely
(Olinda East)
1850; N Y - MI
Dain Hamby
Lawrence Endres
(Margaret Burnhartz)
by 1840; in Perry Co., MO
Anastasia Luettecke
Jacob Engle
(Ursula Lenz/Lentz)
1826, Germany; 1884, Weston, Platte Co., MO
Cheryl Wray
Welcome English
(Nancy Paul)
1826 - 1900; Marlboro Co. S.C.
William H. English
John Calvin Enlow
(Cynthia Ann Richardson)
1822 / 1889; SC / AL
Cindy Carson Mc Clure
Walter Ernst
(Harriet Freman)
1839; OH
Diana M. Jennings
James Allen Erwin
(Sarah Lavinia Garren)
27 Nov 1834 Caldwell, Co. North Carolina
Jennifer Brenner
Leo Eschbach
(Sophia Messerli)
1828 - After 1900; Missouri
Henry Esser
(Mary Schulte)
1845/1990; Cole Camp, MO
Valmeta Jones
Edna V. Ester
1850; Georgia
John Eve
b 1826 in Lorraine, France; emigrated to USA in 1847; St. Clair Co., IL
Judy St. Eve Schor
John A. Eversmeyer
(Anna Schaper)
1829 - 1888; Prussia>MO
Leanna Eversmeyer


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