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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Samuel Dibble
1837-1913; CT > SC
Charles L. Dibble
Amelia James Dickson
(Joshua T. Ansley)
b. 1830; Warren Co, GA>>TX
Carol Ansley
Joseph Dietl
(Anna Schneider)
Feb. 1844 Germany; 1880 Census - Buffalo N.Y.
Edward Dietl
Peter Dignan
(Miriah Rolamd)
June1833 Canada; died 1913 Oklahoma
Barbara Harvey
Margaret Dildine
(William Meranda)
Abt 1831 OH; 1850-Shelby Co, OH Died before 1858
Karen De Groote
Matthew C. Dimmick
(Jincey Colley)
1826 NY; m. 1852 Marshall co KY
Sylvester Dimmitt
(Mary Jane Antrim)
1844 Wayne, IN; 04 Sept 1907 Kingman, Kingman, KS
Ella Hendrix
Amelia James Dixon
(Joshua T. Ansley)
b. 1830; Warren Co, GA>>TX
Carol Ansley
Carrenton Dixon
(Rachel Williams)
1830; Orange Co. Indiana
Billy Figgins
James (Jim) Dodd
(Synthia Francis Reno)
about 1846; Alabams
Carol Dodd
Thomas J Dodson
(Mary A)
1849; Petersburg Va
Edward Dodson
Silmer (Samuel) H. Doebner
(Mariah Shelton)
1839 Orndruf, Saxony; DOD 1906 Rusk, TX
Ella Hendrix
Richard H. Dollarhide
(Ida Dolly Louise Sessums)
May 20, 1828, North Carolina; Died: Dec 25, 1896, Tensas Parish, La
Jeanne Goldman
Augustus Donahoo
(Emelene Elliott)
Apr 12, 1827 Georgia; dod-Jun 29, 1889 Clay Co, GA
Barbara Donahoo Raines
Thomas Donaldson
(Nancy Jones)
1845? Maryland; Marriage- May 1876
Scott Donaldson
James Donohoe
(Alice Cassidy)
1830s, 40s; Lowell MA; From Ireland
Maryanne Patterson
James P Dougan
(Lucinda Gist)
1848; Tn.
Martha Foster
Barney Dougherty
(Lera Oles)
1835; Sanalic co, MI
Diana Bommarito
James Dougherty
(Mary Jane Irvin)
1845 - PA; m. 1871
Sandra Pratt
Burrell Douglas
(Mary ann strickland)
1829, Wayne Co., Ga.; 8 - 9- 1884, Ware Co., Ga.
Gerald DeLettre
Mary Douglas
(William Curtis)
abt 1842 TN.; died 1880-1885
Joyce Craft
William P. Douglass
b 1830; NY
Gregg Douglas
Olivier Douillette
(Olivene Gregoire)
1850 Redford, NY; Clinton County
Alan Douillette
William N Dow
(Susan Barbrea Strader)
1828 IND; ILL
Reba E Shepard
Audwell Dowdell
(Ely Jones)
1842: Alabama; 1863-1925: Caddo Parish, LA
James Downey
1834 South Carolina
Kevin Sealews
Joseph Downing
Sept.29,1847; Yellow Spring ,Pa.
Konnie Conrad
James Dowsett
1830; New York
Harry Dowsett
William R. Draggoo
1838-1913; Richland Co OH; DeKalb Co IN; Oceana Co MI
Tad D. Campbell
Robert Drain
(Alice Martin)
abt 1850; WV
Pauline Robson
John Driscoll
(Mary Hannah McFalls(?))
3-16-1837; Virginia(?)
Cindy Driscoll
Ira Driskill
(Jenny Netherlands)
1850; Texas
Sheila Aldridge
George John Droll
(Catharine Brandstetter)
11 Jul 1828; Bavaria, Germany; Germay >Seneca Co., Ohio; Naturalization: 1855
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Mariah Duckworth
(Pinckney A. Whitener)
abt. 1836, Catawba or Burke Co. NC; d. Burke Co. NC
Julie Cline
Benjamin Dudling
Abt. 1836 in Wurtemberg, Germany; married bef. 1859 in NJ
Sandy Goodchild
Maria Hunter Duell
(William H. Rogers)
11/28/1838, (probably) Schuylkill Co., PA; 1/28/1917, Philadelphia, PA
Judy Banja
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Mary Ann Duell
24 Dec 1831,,IL
David Ray
Nicholas Dunard
(Adaline Nagel)
1826 - 1902; Prussia>NY>TX>MO
Leanna Eversmeyer
Jacob Dunaway
26 Jan 1826-18 May 1906; TN
Glen Cook
John F. Duncan
(Mary E. Dugger)
1839-1841 Kentucky
William Ewen Duncan
(Phoebe Ann McMindes)
b. April 7, 1836; Ky., Ind., & Ks.
Marjorie Kagels
James Dunlop
1833>1894; Ire>Illinois
Emalu Dunlop Hart
Samuel Dunmire
1830 Carlisle, Pa.; 1852 death Hampshire Co., W. Va.
Ann Heinz
Antoine Dunston
(Ella Heberling)
1845?-1916; WI
Wayne Johnston
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Don Francisco Duran
(Maria Dolores Duran)
1845; Trinidad, Colorado
Shirley Frazier
John R. Duran
(Sarah Everett)
abt 1840; ?, TX
Karen Duran Dean
Maria Hunter DuWell
(William H. Rogers)
11/28/1838, (probably) Schuylkill Co., PA; 1/28/1917, Philadelphia, PA
Judy Banja
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Clinton Dyer
1836; Texas
David Bearden
Rufus Dyke
(Jane Heslink)
February 1838 Rotterdam, Holland; lived in Clymer, NY
Gary Mickle


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