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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Jean Baptiste Clemile Daigle
(Carmelite Hernandez)
1830; LA
Mary Dugas
Margaret Daley
(John Daley)
1826; Troy NY
Cindy Hoffman
John Daly
1848; Boone Co MI
Kathlene Clark
Thomas Danford
(Marcia Barker-Danford)
dob 1847; Ohio/Colorado
Sharon Price
Joseph Daniel
(Lovice Drake)
1836-Georgia; Died Feb, 1863-Chattanooga, Tennessee
Brenda Joiner
Ivey Dansby
1850; Newberry co SC
Eugene Stoddard
Simon Darlington
b. 1840; Georgia
Ramona Davidson
Kate Darr
(Charles C. Rose)
Germany 1843; Carrollton, Illinois 1870
Liane Leavitt
Mary J Darsey
(Thomas Jefferson Horne)
b abt. 1844 Laurens County, GA; m. 24 Apr 1857 GA
Jenny Horne
John Quincy Adams Daughtry
(Nellie N. Hancock)
1826; NE
mardi LaPrade
Mary Davenport
(Samuel Mccollum)
1840 Tn.
Tom Mccollum
Nancy "Elizabeth" Davey
(Alexander Belden)
8 May 1828 NY; OH, IL, KS, OR
Alice Allen
Mary Ann Davidson
(Francis/Frank Livingston/Levingston)
1847, Licking Co., OH; Died 1903, Licking Co., OH
Brenda Perkins
James Andrew Davis
12/19/1838; Hampton, Sc
Lisa Beebe
John Davis
(Mattie Catching)
8/27/1840 ; died 11/05/1889 Little River Co., Arkansas
Stacie Davis
Joshua Davis
(Mary Odom)
1827; Kentucky
Allita Griffin
Josiah Davis
(Ann Eliza)
1827 Southeast, Putnam Co., New York ; d: 1873
Sandy Goodchild
Lucinda Davis
(Newton Davis)
Abt 1839 OH
Randolph Reeves Davis
(Georgia Fowler)
June 4, 1834 VA
Roger Beard
Thomas J. Davis
(Lucy W. Costiloe)
b. abt 1840/d. 1868; Winston Co., MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
William Emerson Davis
18 Feb 1845; Princetown,NY
Chuck Lippincott
Holden Day
(Sitha McMurry)
DOB 1837-Ohio; Civial war 1861-1865
Christine Day
Mathilda De Witt
(Elias Krebs)
1850; PA
Sandra Hirsh
Leon DeBroux
(Matilda Gagnier)
Abt. 1833, Belgium; MI, KS, FL
Peter Deegan
(Bridgett Burns)
bn1844 D1886; Dushore,PA
Sharon D'Andrea
William Degroat
(Adelia Thompson)
1841 Bergen NJ
Alice Lyons
Joseph A Denning
(Julia Adams)
1827 PA; 1850 Rock Island Co., IL
James Dennis
(Emily Ringo)
?1840; Poplar Bluff,Mo
Francis Xavier Dery
(Eugenia Debaudt)
1826; Michigan
Joseph Desadier
(Lorenza Sauce)
1832/ Natchitoches Parish, LA; Natchitoches Parish, LA
Sheila Nelson
James H. Detyens
1847 Charleston, SC ; DOD 1907
Kay L. Dougall
Maria Hunter Deual
(William H. Rogers)
11/28/1838, (probably) Schuylkill Co., PA; 1/28/1917, Philadelphia, PA
Judy Banja
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Maria Hunter Deuel
(William H. Rogers)
11/28/1838, (probably) Schuylkill Co., PA; 1/28/1917, Philadelphia, PA
Judy Banja
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Maria Hunter Deuhl
(William H. Rogers)
11/28/1838, (probably) Schuylkill Co., PA; 1/28/1917, Philadelphia, PA
Judy Banja
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Eunice Dewey
(Jeremiah Knight)
1828 Conn; Lived Rhode Island
Shirley M Greene
James Dewey
(Christina Young)
1836 (about) MI; 1861 m Porter Co., IN


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