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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Annie Cahill
(Charles McCoy)
abt 1849 NY; 1909 Ga
T.W. McCoy
Joseph B Cain
(Clarinda Lewis)
1831 Ohio(?); Died 1901 Shell Rock, IA
Jean Foster
Leanord Cain
(Laura Harden)
1849; West Virginia
Priscilla Cain
(Thomas Underwood)
1823 Jefferson Co, IN; M. 20 Mar 1845 Jefferson Co, IN and died Sep 1869 in Scott Co, IN
Robert Ross
Aaron Call
(Eniline Sprague)
August 23, 1832; MA
Thomas R. Flood
William L Callahan
Abt. 1846 in (Armagh), Ireland; Immigration Mar 22 1850 into NJ; married: bef 1881 in New Jersey; resided in Plainfield, Union Co., NJ
Sandy Goodchild
William J Callaway
6 Jun 1837; NC
Donna Morgan
William J Calloway
6 Jun 1837; NC
Donna Morgan
Lizzie Calvey
(John Sargeant)
1845-1848; MA>NH
Duncan Cameron
(Emma Gay)
b 1850 d 12/2/1920; Streeter, Illinois
Sunny Russo
Alexander Nicholson Campbell
20 Jan 1826; Gadsden Co, FL
Donald Draper Campbell
Eldridge Campbell
abt.1826-aft.1880; Claiborne Co TN
Tad D. Campbell
Patrick Campbell
1840; IN
Jane Slaughter
John Canfield
(Alice Hatch)
June 1849; NY-KS-UT-NV
Marcena Thompson
Katherine Cansler
1835; Blout Co., TN
Ruth Hunt
George Canterbury
(Mary Gruslin)
b. Nov 7, 1828 poss. Monroe Co, NY; d. April 25, 1902 Scranton, Lackawanna Co, PA
Lynn Francis
John Lucas Cantwell
(Catherine Blount)
b: Dec 1829 Charleston, SC.; d: 21 Dec 1909 Wilminton, NC.
Ben Adams
William Caple
(Olive Smith)
12 Feb 1844; New York State
Patricia Caple-Ruedy
William Capps
abt. 1835 GA
Ron Capps
William Caps
abt. 1835 GA
Ron Capps
Marie Carabie
(Lancelin Pelissier)
abt. 1838 LA
G. Weller
Marie Caraby
abt. 1838 LA
G. Weller
Simeon Cardinal
(Florence Bourgoin)
1849, Quebec, Canada; died 1930, Genoa, Douglas, NV
Timothy Lee
John Cardinell
(Matilda Piercy)
Aug. 25, 1829, Canada; 1853 California
Joanne Futrell
William Carlow
b. abt 1848 or 1849 d. 1881; b. Dutchess Co. N.Y. d. Henderson Co. TX
W. C. Carlow
John Carmichael
(Catherine McArthur)
b. Feb. 6, 1834 Dumfries, Dumfriesshire, Scotland; 1850 ==> North America; m. Oct. 9, 1866 in Flint, Genesee Co, MI; 1867/68 ==> Canada; d. May 16, 1921 near Burrton, Reno Co, KS; bur. Valley Township Cem, Reno Co, KS
D. Carmichael
John A. Carney
(Martha Painter)
1832, PA; 1834, PA
Warren Carney
Charles Carpenter
abt.1832-1868; Hillsdale Co MI
Tad D. Campbell
Cornelius Carpenter
(Mary Terhune)
1838 - Kentucky; 1860's - Missouri
Scott Fraser
Isaac Carr
(Catherine Cleveland)
abt 1835; 1866 Calhoun County AL
Dayton Carrell
(Ruth Harden)
Nov. 14, 1842 Greenup Illinois
William D. Carrell Jr.
Raymond Carrico
(Louvada Clayton)
1840 Daviess co, Ky; d. 1900-03 Rector ClayCo., Ar
James A Carroll
(Elisabeth Jane Lawson)
1826; Grainger, TN
Kathy-Lynn Carroll
John S. Carroll
(Elizabeth Barr)
Sept. 1832; IN.
Carol J. Helms
Robert Carson
(Jane Burns)
Apr 11 1833 TN; Bradley co TN
Cindy McClure
Elias James Carter
(Isabelle Baxter)
17 Feb 1835; Pleasant Hill MO
Isaiah Carter
(Martha Jane Bline)
17 Jan 1834 IN(?); d. 18 Sep 1913 Crawford Co., IN
Gaye Robertson
Sarah M. Carter
(Augustus Oard)
May 1, 1842 Jefferson Co, IL
Michelle Wisniewski
Wiley J Carter
1840-1850; TN-MO
Jim Carter
Amanda Cartwright
(Alfred MCCutchan)
1838- 1845; SanAugustine Tx.
Darlene Allen
John Caruthers
1839; 1864, Tennessee, USA
Joan Parkinson
Jurden Carvin
(Sarah Evans)
Hardeman Co TN 1836
Henry Case
(Abigail Kocher)
1848 Pennsylvania
J. Case
Henson Casey
(Mahala Jane Forrester)
1834; Roane Co TN > Pottawatomie Co Okla Territory
Terri Walker
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Mary Cassatt
1844; Allegany City, PA
Cynthia P. Witt
Joaquin Castellon
(Cecilia Robles)
1850 Mexico; 1890 - 1905 Texas
Arnold Castellon Castro
Charles Claiborn Cate
(Mary "Molly" Sayle)
ca 1840; McMinn Co, TN>Hopkins Co, TX
Rebecca Smith
George W. Cathey
1847; Arkansas
Allita Griffin
Charles John Caverzagie
(Martha Ann Strickerod)
1846; Switz>NE
Marc Simmons
Monroe Caviness
(Sallie or Sarah Mathis?)
1840; Arkansas
Cora JOhnson
Thomas Cawfield
(Ellen Brophy)
1831, Ireland; >Rochester, NY in 1849
Liz McGough
Mary Cawley
(Rushford Hancock)
1840; Troy NY
W J Cunningham
Leonidas Chaffin
(Sallie Rives)
Sep 1843; Fayette Co., TN
Kevin Walters
Tom Chalfin
(Florence Back)
1849 Louisville, KY;
Betty Elgin
Charles Metcalf Chamberlain
11 May 1827 unknown; d: 17 Mar 1896 Chicago, Cook Co., IL
Sandy Goodchild
Caroline Chambliss
(William Payne Lawrence Horne)
1826 -1850; Fla
Lucille Thorne
Caroline (Carolyn) Chase
1837-1919; NY>WI
Sherrie Sell
Frank Chase
b. 11/8/1848 - 6/4/1917; OH - Sonoma Co CA
Susan Faught
Buckner Franklin Christmas
(Elizabeth Brewster)
1850; Arkansas
Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie
George L. Cicotte
(Ellen Bursa)
1826 - 1850; Michigan
Shirley Blaisdell
Caldwell Clark
(Mary Brown)
1830; Tn, Ky
Phyllis Haynes
Edward Clark
(Orpha Eliza Anway)
1830-10 Oct 1865; NY>?OH>Monterey, Allegan, MI
Judy Schor
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Frank Clark
(Henrietta Kingsley)
July 14, 1841 Augusta Maine; Yellowstone County, Montana
Henry Clark
(Kate Horst)
August 9, 1837 Norfolk, Virginia; 1840-1850 New London County, CT
Gregg Stuart Clark
John Clark
(Delilah Platz)
abt 1829 in Indiana; Indiana > DeKalb, Illinois; died in Civil War at Battle of Wilderness
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Joseph Clark
(Ann McFarland)
1835-1840; 1860 Weakley Co, TN
K.C. Donovan
Rebecca Clark
(Joel Clark)
1834 Schoolcraft, Mi.; DOD 1870, Lake City, Mn.
Thomas Joel Clark
William Embley Clark
1850; Brookfield, MO
Deborah Lee
Thomas Clarkin
(Maria Griffin)
1832 in Ireland; Died Apr 7,1900 Jacksonville, Chickasaw, IA
Julie Harper Chlarson
Susan Jane Clausen
(John Martin)
Abt 1839 or 1840; Essex, NJ
Elias (Henry Elias) Clauser
b 1830, Earl Twp, Lancaster County, PA; 1860-1870 arrival in Kansas City area, MO; died 1899 in Kansas City, MO
Tina Gebhart
Elias (Henry Elias) Clawser
(Elizabeth / Eliza)
1830 Earl Twp, Lancaster County, PA; 1860-1870 arrival in Kansas City area, MO; Died 1899 in Kansas City, MO
Tina Gebhart
George Clay
1850; Pulaski Co. IL
Deb Davis
Sarah Claypool
(John Saunders)
9/7/1834; Warren Co., KY
Kevin Walters
William Cleland
(Elizabeth Cornwall)
1826 - 1850; Ger > LA
Rose Core
Mary Clement
(Mary Clement)
Abt 1832; Ga.
Mary Clement
Thomas Clements
(Martha Stroud)
9/19/1826 ; United States
Jackie Temsamani
Elijah N Clemmons
(Martha Plunk)
b Aug 1833 Williamson Co., TN; 21 Jun 1908 McNairy Co., TN
David T. Johnston
Isaiah Ancil Clendenin
(Victoria Margaret Fillinger)
1847-1917; VA>WV
Leah Froemsdorf
Elias (Henry Elias) Closser
b 1830, Earl Twp, Lancaster County, PA; 1860-1870 arrival in Kansas City area, MO; died 1899 in Kansas City, MO
Tina Gebhart
Elias (Henry Elias) Clouser
b 1830, Earl Twp, Lancaster County, PA; 1860-1870 arrival in Kansas City area, MO; died 1899 in Kansas City, MO
Tina Gebhart
Elias (Henry Elias) Clowser
b 1830, Earl Twp, Lancaster County, PA; 1860-1870 arrival in Kansas City area, MO; died 1899 in Kansas City, MO
Tina Gebhart


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