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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Alexander Braden
(Josephine Reynolds)
b. March 31, 1841, PA; d. Feb. 2, 1916, Parkersburg, WV
Sue Parks
Nathaniel Bradford
(Frances Rogers)
4/1/1835; Moss Point, Pascagoula, Jackson Co., MS
Kevin Walters
Able Martin Bradshaw
(Caroline Pierce)
1840-1925; North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas
Lynette Peraza
Hulda Branch
1848 TN; TN -NC-MO-KS
Carla V. (Hill) Leighton
Charles Brandis
(Caroline Wright)
1830 England; d. 1901 Nueces Co. TX
Shirley Johnson
Benjamin Brandon
(Martha Rather)
11/29/1829; Tennessee
Kevin Walters
Joseph Brandt
(Minnie (Wilhelmine) Ahrns (Orns))
1850 Germany; 1863 to USA
Karl F. Brandt
Atsy Brashears
(Joseph Arter)
1834 TN; 1860 AR
Rosa Morales
Elizabeth Brasher
(Jefferson Bell Elliott)
b. 1836-d. 1906; AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Delilah Brate
1849; Ohio
Friedrich C. Brattmiller
b 1838; Germany>Iowa
Gary B. Speck
Atsy Breshears
(Joseph Arter)
1834 TN; 1850 AR
Rosa Morales
Joseph Brennan
(Catharine Carpenter)
27 Apr 1838 Clinton Cty NY; M abt 1856 Clinton county
John Mathers
Jesse Brewster
(Nancy Dunlop/ Dunlap)
1836-1920; Georgin & Alabama
Janice Gorham
Joanna Bridges
(William Craney)
1833 Eastport,ME; 1930 Eastport,ME
Julia Cote
Aaron Brintnell
(Jane Fisher)
Syracuse, NY 1841; Ontario, 1864; MI,1866-1938
Joye S. Giroux
Margaret Brock
(William Ross)
1840-1912; Michigan
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Marcus Broderick
(Aurelia Armitage)
born ca. 1835; County Clare IRL>MI
Tom Sisolak
John A. Brooks
(Susan Matilda)
b. 1847 GA; d.1912 Boaz, Marshall Co., AL
S Daniels
Mathew Brooks
aprox.1841 to ?; Al.
John Hale
Ellen Brophy
(Thomas Cawfield)
1833, Ireland; >Rochester, NY in 1849
Liz McGough
Nicholas V. Brothers
(Lucy Hubbard)
1826 New York; 1852 Michigan
Phyllis Brothers
G. W. Brotherton
(Eliza Ann)
abt 1841 MO; to Phelps Co MO 1876-1880
Melody Pryor
William Browder
(Sarah Elizabeth Hudelson)
26 Nov 1846; Benton Co, Missouri
Cecelia Hudelson
Alex Brown
b. c. 1837 GA; d. unkn
Nora B. Acton
Anderson Brown
(Ciely Folsom)
1835 Indian Lands County; Arkansas US [west of]; Choctaw Freedmen
Imogene McClendon
Andrew Jackson Brown
(1.Mary Elizabeth Hoover)
(2. Narcissa Catherine Grant)
(3. Hinder Casey)
5 Aug 1826 VA; d. 15 Oct 1909 MS
Francine Ross
Daniel Brown
(Margret Rideout)
1840; Bath ME
Diane Brown
Henry Brown
1834, Ohio; 1860, Ottawa, LaSalle, IL, USA
Deborah Brown Van Cleaf
Henry Ezra Brown
15Dec 1840; New York,USA
Russ Hoffman
Isaac Brown
1842>1870; Tazewell Co. VA> Jackson Co. MO
Ann Juarez
James Brown
(Mary Anne Goggin)
1835 Ireland; 1845 Ontario 1868 to MN
Bill Grimes
James Brown
(Lavisan Cady)
1845; Bradford PA
William D Brown
James V. Brown
1842; Delaware
Beverly Williams
Porterwine Brown
(Malinda Friend)
about 1837; St. Laundry Parish, Louisiana
Wiliam Brown
(Elizabeth Belknap)
1826 NY; DOD 1864
Christine G. Brown
William H. Bruns
(Elizabeth Taylor)
1836 Germany ; 1917 Los Angeles, CA
Joyce Cooper
Phillip Bruton
(Mariah Gambrell)
1835 Al; 1860 MS
Bonnie Horton
Lewis Thomas Bryan
(Avey Lock)
1848 Florida; 1883, Hamilton Co., FL
Iris B. Castles
Nathan Bryan
1842; Macon Co., GA
Cindy Wright
T.J. Bryan
1840-1860; Lauderdale CO AL
Carl Young
John Bryant
(Margret Akins)
1839 Georgia; 1859 Polk County, GA
Bill Bryant
Lydia Bryant
(William Crank)
Nov 1837 IN; b. IN d. 3 May 1905 Clay Co. IN
Harry Van Noy
William Bryant
(Sarah )
1831 OK.;
Diana Schacher
Nicolaus Brzezinski
(Josephine Biskup)
1840 Posen,Poland; 1882 Westmoreland county.Pa.


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