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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Marion Beamer
(Jennie Jamison)
1839 Ohio; 1860's Ill & Iowa, 1880's Oregon
James Madison Bean Jr. 1834-1900; Jackson Co. Alabam
Ed Sweeny
Joe Beard
(Viney Jones)
February 1846/TN; May 1866
Rosalind Hess
Mary Jane Beard
(Tobias Kindlespire)
Aug 20, 1830 (DOB); Ohio, md. 1/6/1853
Cheryl Nesloney
Charles Beardsley
1838; New York
Allita Griffin
Elizabeth Beasley
(Solomon Mercer)
1835; Ware County, Georgia
Dick Hamly
Harry Beasley
1850-?; MI
Jeanette Sellung
Henry Beasley
(Juda Beasley)
1837; TN
Bob Beasley
Lewis Beavers
(Martha Ware)
13 Aug 1835, TN
Susan Puhek
Samuel Bechtel
(Harriet (Hattie Bell) )
Nov 6,1841; PA.
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Sarah A. Beck
(William G. Fisher)
1831; PA & MI
Harold C. Fisher
Fabius Beckwith
21 Aug 1835 ; Monterey, MA
Catherine Bedel
(Christian Ruh)
13 Feb 1827 Bas-Rhin, France; DOM 12 Aug 1856 /N O, LA; DOD 30 Sep 1858/N O, LA
Lynne April
James H. Beede
1843/4; Rockingham, NH
Shari Johnson
Harry Beesley
1850-?; MI
Jeanette Sellung
Andrew Plunkett Beirne, Jr. b.4/6/1842; Monroe Co. WV
William H Belcher
(Lucretia Johnson)
born 1842; Mo.
Michele Carroll
Mark (also Marcus) Bell
(Mattie (also Martha) Bailey)
Jan. 31, 1850 - Westerlo, Albany Co., NY
Murlyn Zeske
Stephen Bell
(Jeannette O'Brien)
May 5 1832 Newcastle Engl; 1860 New York City
Donna Atto
Thomas Bell
(Delila Ewing)
Jan, 19, 1836 Married; Golconda, Ill (Pope co)
Linda Hughes
Eli Belt
b abt 1830/50; TX
Jeri Medford
Edinger Benjamin F.
(Sarah Cornwell)
1845 OH>; 1868 IL> 1915 Montgomery Co KS
Patricia Johnson
Darling A. Bennett
(Sarah E. Robinson or Richardson)
1831, Lancaster County, SC; Monroe County, GA 1850-1863; Essex co., VA 1864-1899
Chad Bennett
Nancy J Bennett
(John D Slater)
1843 Indiana; 1843 Ohio
Noah Bennett
(Rebecca Wood)
1850; Scioto co OH
Tammy Duncan
Ezra Benson
(Agnes Morris)
1847 Illinois
Pat Arrien
William F. Bentley
(Martha Jane Green)
1844; Virginia
Vicki Hartsell
John Bermingham
1830-1911; NY
Jennifer Stice Rowe
Azalee Victoria Berry
(William Meazles II)
22 April 1848 Cherokee Co., TX; died 09 Aug 1896 Cherokee Co., TX
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Gilman Berry
b.1826; Alexandria NH
Solomon C Berry
(Ellen Conner)
1839 IL; 1860 IA (1) marriage Ellen Conner (2) Emeline or Nancy ? 1875 OK DOD NM 1913
Beth Moore
William Bertram
(Mary Collins)
1848 approx.; MN
Margaret Dodge
John Baptiste Bezzo
1827; Lewiston, NY
Lynne Sims
Henry Bieber
b: 5 Apr 1828 maybe NY.; d: 9 Nov 1899 maybe Savana, GA.
Ben Adams
James Lysander Bigger
(Violet Frances Partlow)
1835 York, SC; m. 15 Nov 1859
Wm. Roy Bigger
Carlos Billings
(Irena Eddy)
1827; Mendon VT
Thomas Billings
John Leopold Binard
(Mary Theresa Dhuyvetter)
12 Dec 1837 Antwerp, Belgium; 21 Jan 1888 Milan, Illinois
Aeller Bingley
1836 Maryland; Died 1878 Missouri
Jo Will
Morgan Bird
June 1849; OH
Charles Bird
E.T. (Edwin Taylor) Birdsong
(Letisha Ann Vick / Bradshaw)
25 June 1844 VA.; d. 13 Feb 1906
Delbert Birdsong
Linzy Bishop
(Nancy Salters)
1832 GA
Ann Schlemm
Benjamin Bivens
Sep 17 1837; TN
Alva Bates
William Black
(Mary McQuown)
1826; Indiana PA
Kathy Marconi
William Foster Black
(Rebecca Adams)
1829; KY>IL
Marc Simmons
Avy/Ava Jane Blackstone
(James Landrum)
October 10, 1829; GA
Nora Warnock
Elbert Blackstone
(Charlotte Rawls)
1827; Ga
Miriam Beasley
Minnie Blackwell
1850; Rapides, Louisina
ellamarie kalawe
Alexander Blair
(Susan Hydorn)
1837 Ireland; died 18 Feb 1903 DePeyster, NY
Charlie Bouchard
Joel Blake
1839 Missouri; 1839 Arkansas
Karen Noland
Levi Blank
(Mary Alice)
6-5-1848; Northeast Pa.
Ted Blank
Elvira Blankenship
(Elijah Blankenship)
1836 Massachusetts; Died 1878 Missouri
Jo Will
John Blodgett
(Martha Minnich/Cox)
27/11/1828, Orange VT; 1880 Colorado Census in Placer, Costilla
Nancy Eriksen
Reuben Blood
1829; NY/MI/IN
Sophronia Bloomer
(John M. Smith)
b. 02 Aug 1844; d. 18 Aug 1921; Fayette Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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Christian F. Blume
(Mary H. Grieff)
1826-1850; Easton,MD
Su Knight
Jesse Robert Blunt
1837, Houlton, Maine
Patricia Vollbrecht


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