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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
Last updated: November 26, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John William Back
b.1828;d.1885/6 Pulaski Co., MO.; KY/MO
Jerry Back
Abraham Baer
(Lucy Ney)
abt 1829; PA
Wanda J Thompson
David Hayne Bailey
1834 GA Clay Co.
Raymond Bailey
Edward Bailey
1830; Webster Co Mississippi
Jane Hall
Jacob Bailey
(Rachel Stallings)
abt: 1837, Ohio; after 1870, WV
Nancy Vernon
James M. Bailey
about 1830; Georgia
John S. Bailey
1828; Fayette Co, PA
Kenneth Bailey
Elijah Baker
(Mary Walston)
1831; GA
Barbie Cooper
Herman Baker
(Mary Hatfield)
1835 Prussia; lived in NJ 1873
William Grubb
Isaac Caskey Baker
(Mary Katherine Eckert)
1828 Lancaster Co., PA; d. 1904, Lycoming Co., PA
Penny Fuller
Owen Baker
1831-1894; Caldwell Co, KY
Kathlene Clark
Stephen Baker
(Margaret Butterfield)
1834 Ny
Stephen Williams
Johannes Baldauf
(Anna Maria Nicolai)
7 Mar 1846 in Germany; GER > Lorain Co., OH > Van Wert Co., OH; died 1903
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
John Edwin Baldridge
(Margaret Elizabeth)
about 1830-1885; AR and TX
Amanda Baldridge Lambert
Nellie Baldwin
(Richard Baldwin)
After 1825; North Carolina
Kelly Baldwin
Zerembe Baler
(Elizabeth Spaun)
1834; Ohio
Jeremiah C. Ball
(Emma Howe)
1844-1911; Indiana and Michigan
Robin (Carmichael) Campbell
Lacy Barbe
1831-1919; VA
Peggy Dunning
Joseph Barbee
(Rebecca Barbee)
abt 1826; VA
William Barr
Thomas Barefield
b 1839; KY>Pulaski Co, IL
Deb Davis
Wilson Barlow
1835; Florida and Georgia
Judy McCartney
Amanda Ellen Barnes
(William Warner)
1840 VA; 1884 Chase, WI
Patt Langlay
Judy Barnes
(Henry Barnes)
1850 Mississippi; 1880 Bolivar and Claiborne mississippi
Leonidas W. Barnes
(Malissia C. Grant)
Feb.,1843; born in Tennessee; United States
Rebecca Dunning
Thomas Barnes
1843; TN
B Barnes
Epaphroditus Barnett
(Mary Chandler)
3-11-1826 S.C.
Jerry Farmer
Joseph Richard Barnett
(Margaret Adeline Smith)
Born in 1827 in Tennessee; Died in 1891 in Newton County, Missouri
Sherri Park
Frances Barns
(Charles Newkirk)
1840 ; Michigan
Dorothy Bennett
Barbara Barr
(James Howard)
29 Nov. 1849; PA
Sharon Marconi
Leonard Barrett
(Mary Knight)
1812 Vermont
Joan Frederich
John Arthur Barrick
(Amanda Russell)
1848, Barracksville, WV; 1869, Ft. Scott, KS; 1871, Girard, KS; 1878, Leon, KS; 1894, North Arkansas City, KS; 1896, Rock, KS
Judy Williams
Alexander Barton
(Emma O'Neil)
1830s?; PA
William Grubb
David L. Barton
(Malinda George)
Jun 1829, Georgia; In texas 1851
Bill McCracken
Nancy Ellen Barton
(Warren Lesir Hill)
b. 11/24/1847, SC; d. 8/7/1929, CA; SC, TX, CA
Pat Tift
Benjamin Preston Baskin
(Esther Malinda Rutherford)
b.Jul 03, 1835 in Addison, Steuben Co, NY; NY>PA>MI
Tom Billings
James Knox Baskin
(Josephine Yandell)
b. abt 1850/d. 1903; Harmony, Johnson Co., AR
Barbara Craddock Pike
David Bass
(Alice McMillen)
born abt 1848; Mississippi or Missouri
Debbie King
Peter Bauman
b. 1830; Pa
Linda H.
Peter Baumgardner
(Martha J. Lethco)
1846 POB Unknown; 1880 Census, Wash. Co., Abingdon, VA
V Bumgardner
John Randell Baxter
(Mary Jane Cort)
1829; New York City
Barbara Baxter


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