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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1826-1850
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Fleming Garrett Abbott
(Sarah Elizabeth Parsons)
1835, IL or MO; Death-MO
Susan Beddes
Fleming Garrett Abbott
(Sarah Elizabeth Parsons)
1835, Missouri or Illinois; Pike County, Missouri
Susan beddes
Sarah Abbott
(James Spencer)
1850; Spartanburg,SC
William Spencer
Alonzo Adams
1835-1899; Franklin Co ME
Kathlene Clark
Emily Elizabeth Adams
(James Carroll Waldron)
1834; Ga.
Lucille Thorne
John Nathan Adams
(Mary Susan Sheek)
1828 Yadkin County, NC; 1883 Iowa
Robert G Adams
Regis Eugene Adams
1850> Pennsylvania
Suzanne Smith
Joel S. Adcock
1826 -1850; KY
Carolyn Adcock
Ezra Adkins
(Mary Rebecca Baskin)
b. 1846/d. 1933; Harmony, Johnson Co., AR
Barbara Craddock Pike
Georg Albrecht
(Mina Haker)
1837, Germany; 1880, UT
Leslie Huber
Heinrich Albright
1840; MO
Roy Albright
Harriet Aldrich
1833-1905; Preble, Cayuga Co., NY
Jane F. Larish
Michael Allen
(Sarah Whitney)
Oct. 16,1850; Tx
Tommie Malone
George Washington Amadon
(Martha Byington)
30 Aug 1832-24 Feb 1913; St. Lawrence Co, NY-Berrien Co, MI
D. B. (David) Robinson
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Helen Amerman
(Christopher Beale)
2 Mar 1839, MA; Marr. C1858
John Kracha
Gottfried Amling
b. 1832; Gremany>IL?
Gary B. Speck
Henry Anderson
(Katie Parnell)
Abt 1850 -VA???; => East TX; d. in 1911 Clawson Co, TX
Mary Spickler
Henry Randolph Anderson
(Kate Parnell)
b: 1850; Fredericksburg VA > TX
Alicia Goad Anderson
Peter Anderson
1843-1935; Greenville, MS>Pulaski Co. IL
Deb Davis
Peter Anderson
(Rosalina Johnson)
1845 Kalmar, Sweden; 1877-1900 Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana
Jean Phillips
Stephen Anderson
(Mary Rizer)
1828 Washington Co. Ky.; in 1860-1880 Federal Censuses for Nelson Co. Ky; abt 1896 retired in Louisville, Ky.
Ken Anderson
Martha Andrews
(Jacob Renfer)
b.30 April, 1836 Washington co., Ohio; d. 2 February,1896 Coggon, Iowa
Renee Reece
Jeremiah Anglim
(Margaret Mullin)
1835-co Clare Ireland; Brooklyn NY
Peter Anglim
Ira Erastus Angus
1843-1909; Livingston & Shiawassee Co MI
Tad D. Campbell
Henry Anthony
(Martha Tatum)
12/25/1829; Jones Co., GA
Kevin Walters
Mary Agnes Anthony
(Thomas Simeon Lord)
April 11,1828; Ga
Sandy Peaden
John Henderson Appleton
1832-1911; PA; Whitley Co IN
Tad D. Campbell
Pedro Aragon
(Altagracia Samora y Chavez)
b.1830 NM ; d. circa 1900
Ross Pierce
Henry Martin Arbuckle
1849-1936; Decatur & Howard Co IN; Sedwick Co KS
Tad D. Campbell
Joseph Arceneaux
(Amanda Darby)
8-10-1841 KY
Dotti Bourgeois
Andrew Stice Armstrong
(Martha Everts)
04 Aug 1833; Jersey Cnty, IL; d. 26 Sept 1906, Poplar Bluff, Butler Cnty, MO
Sue Mullins
Jane Fisher Armstrong
(Albert Larr)
1827 Indiana
Charles D. Arter
(Eliza Harrell)
b. 13 Dec 1829; PA; d. 30 July 1879, Cairo, Alexander Cnty, IL
Sue Mullins
John Arthur
(Tennie Davis)
1850-1912; Dallas, TX
C. Jones
Joseph Stearns Arthur
(Mary Christina May)
1835-1898; MO>IL>CA
Barbara Arthur Elliott
Henry Aselton
(Eliza Minkley)
1850 Vermont
Judy D
Hanson Ash
(Louise Hartsock)
aprox. 1850 West Virginia; Pattersons Creek W.V. or Cunberland M.D.
Susan O'Keefe
Delphia Ashcraft
abt 1850; TN
Susan Kinsman
Isaac Asplin
(Nancy Lewis)
abt. 1830; Richwoods, MO
Richard Wright
Henry Asseltine
(Eliza Minkley)
1850 Vermont
Judy D
Reuben Atkins
1827; Patrick Co. VA
Gerald Gordon
William Atkins
(Marcella Dial)
1845 McNairy Co TN; 1850 census McNairy Co TN
Sharon Atkins Lockett
Mary Atkinson
1837; GA
Robert Atkinson
(Ellen )
1842 Canada; 1918 Spokane, WA
Paul Manly
Hurley Austin
(Mary Hoffman)
May 19, 1827, Green County, NY
Patti Dossetti
Marcus Culpepper Austin
(Harriet Staton)
June 18, 1850; NC
Jane Austin Edwards
Martha Elizabeth Auterry
(William Faulkner)
1837, SC; d. after 1910, TX
Robert Fletcher
Martha Elizabeth Autry
(William Faulkner)
1837, SC; d. after 1910, TX
Robert Fletcher
April David Avery
b. abt. 1830 SC; d. abt 1894 Calhoun Co. MS; Perry Co. AL->Calhoun Co. MS
J. David Colburn
Henry Azeltine
(Eliza Minkley)
1850 Vermont
Judy D


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