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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John Mathias Wick
(Maria Rickenthaler)
md. 1840; Wisconsin
Jennifer Speich
John Lessenger Wickersham
(Elizabeth McPherson)
1819-1859; KY>AR
Jill Wickersham Burton
Joseph Widen
b abt 1822; MO
Dave Linnig
Hoover Wiggins
(Sarah Newman)
6/30/1800; Burlington, Bradford, PA
Patricia Murch
Robert Wiggins
(Typie, Tinnie Allen)
1800's Nash Co. NC
Felecia Thomas
Charles Wilcox
(Mary Counts)
1819; Kentucky
Rose Featherstone
William Wilcox
(Helen Morrison)
1802 New York
Charles Huff
Edward Wild
(Jane McDonald)
1800-1825; Virginia
Stephanie Shurley
John Wiley
(Ann McFaddin)
1809; NC, SC, TN, TX
Karen Duran Dean
Joseph Wiley
(Serena Gainer)
1810; AL/TN
Edward B. Wiley
John Henry Wilkin
1824-1896; Woodstock VA>Columbus OH
Meghan Dewhurst
John Henry Wilkins
1824-1896; Woodstock VA>Columbus OH
Meghan Dewhurst
Alf Wilkinson
1825 Belmont Co. OH
Kimberly Nolan- Frederick
Susan Willey
(F Billings Richmond)
1815; Massachusetts
Jean Hand
A. Benjamin Williams
(Sarah Flint)
Abt. 1818, VA; Cass Co., IN
Shirley Boatwright
Allen Williams
(Lucy Bledsoe)
1815 North Carolina; 1858 Jackson, Madison, Tennessee
Connie Craig
Anderson Williams
(Mary Ann Smith)
26 April 1821, GA., USA
Veralyn W. Rogers
Bazel Williams
abt 1811, VA
Charles Williams (Lucinda Browning) 1817-1865; VA, KY
Pat Davidson
Daniel Williams
(Esther Reeves)
Abt 1823, Illinois; White County, IL
Kate Boyer
Elijah Williams
(Catherine King, Cora Dunbar)
c1804-1872; PA>Westmoreland Co
Margie Pearce
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Evan Williams
(Frances Pierce)
1810* Wales; DOM 1/20/1863 Austin TX
David M. Williams
Hiram Williams
(Mary Redmond)
app 1810; Tennessee/Mississippi
Ann Hafner
Isaham Williams
1810; IL
Gary Romberg
Isham Williams
1820; Massachusetts
Jeff Williams
1800; Texas
John C. Williams
1804 North Carolina
Marylyn Hostetter
Mary Williams
(Thomas Scott)
approx 1825 Fredricksburgn Va
Minerva Williams
(Joseph Mullins)
1812 Ohio; Marriage 1829, WV
Deborah Mullins
Nathaniel Williams
(Louisa Cleveland)
Jan 8, 1816 Covington, GA; Stewart co, GA
Mary Lockhart
Richard Williams
(Lucinda Coates)
circa 1805 Tenn?; Mississippi
G Clodgo
Samuel Williams
(Mary Richardson)
about 1805; New York
Carolyn Stone
Selden Williams
(Rachel Brooks)
1800-1834; Winhall, VT
Nonnie Kolkebeck
Swain Williams
(Mary Ann Philbrook)
1815 NJ; 1830 OH, IN
Connie Loftus
William Williams
(Ann Titus)
1800 Kentucky; In Howard Co Mo by 1825
Carolyn Schaffer
William Williams
b. about 1801; Knox Co., KY
Steve Williams
Wilson Williams
(Mary Ann Galloway)
ca1804; Georgia
Bob Hatcher
allen williamson
(Sarah Fleming)
ca1815-1872; Ga
Linda Rainey
Jacob Williamson
1820; OH
Marc Simmons
Sterling B. Williamson
(Mahala Sibley)
b.abt 1812 AL or NC; d. before 1860 AL
Dianne Blain Williamson
Betsy Willis
(Abial Folnsbee)
1804 Vermont; 1835 Newport, NY
Natalie Weiss
Gilbert Willis
@1810 - 1846/9; Block Island, RI
Robin Yellen
Jesse Willis
abt 1810; GA
Rod Willis
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Joab Willis
(Adelaide Weathers)
1810-1899; NC>FL>GA
Bobbie Arrington
Joseph Willis
1800-1850; No Carolina
Gary Willis
Aaron Willson
(Alcy Carpenter)
1818 Illinois; died 1860 Texas
Robbie Wilson
Benjamin F. Wilson
(Charlotte Ann Hooper)
1811-1874; VA>Wilson Co. TN>Gibson Co. TN
Vicki Shaffer
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Harrison S Wilson
(Ann Shuford)
b. 1821 m.1844 d.1881; b. TN d. NC
Lila Sandstrom
Hilliard J Wilson
(Jane K Echols)
1816 South Carolina; 1860 Georgia
Ernest C Wilson
James G. H. Wilson
(Abigail Seely)
1819 Milton, Trumbull,OH ;
Barbara Cullings
Jane Wilson
(Samuel Roseburg(h))
1800 - 1825; Pa/Oh
Laura Jaworski
Jessie Wilson
(Sarah McEazer)
abt 1804; Tn
Tommie malone
John Wilson
(Martha Brower)
1823; 1904 New Jersey
Priscilla Del Gesso
John Wilson
b. 1815, NC
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Mary Wilson
(John? Wilson)
About 1812; 1850 Census: McMinn County
Shepherd Wilson
(Salina Craft)
abt. 1823; WV
Karen Wilson
Uriah Wilson
(Deborah Howell)
1816; OH
William Wilson
(Ellenor Dickerson)
1815; Delaware
Terri Clifton
William D. Wilson
(Elisabeth Anne Pennington)
1801 Virginia; m. 1822 Brooke Co., Va., Guernsey Co., Ohio
Shirley Bates
John E. Wine
(Sarah "Sally" Stewart)
ca 1803 VA; 21 Oct 1824 Wood Co., WV
Bette Butcher Topp
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John E. Wines
(Sarah "Sally" Stewart)
ca 1803 VA; 21 Oct 1824 Wood Co., WV
Bette Butcher Topp
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John Wingerter
(Barbara Dellit)
24 May 1818 Bavaria; 1850 Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Dellitt Wilson
Thomas Winkler
(Sallie Barnett)
1811 - 1887; Holland >IN
Samuel Winstead
(Frances Ann Smith)
1819 TN; Died MS
Harold C. Fisher
Elijah Winzer
(Mary McJunkin)
1821; SC
Mar Eskridge
Abraham Wireman
(Sarah Sally Dean)
January 23, 1819; Floyd Co. Kentucky
Patty Simpkins Cartwright
George Wiseley
(Sophia Green)
abt 1824; OH
Wanda J Thompson
James Witherington
(Nancy Jane Keen)
1805; NC
Jean Witherington
Robert A Witherington
(Sarah 'Sally' McGlawhorn)
Abt. 1805 in eastern North Carolina; d: bef 1870, married 06 Mar 1827 in Pitt Co., NC
Sandy Goodchild
Friedrich or Frederick Wittich
Abt 1825; Herman, Missouri
Anne Roberts


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