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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Bridget Wade
(Martin Jordan)
1820, Ireland; d. Cambridge, MA
H L Fuller
John W. Wade
abt 1817>prob GA/SC
Stephen L. Wade
Moses Walden
(Jane Hanna)
abt 1804-08; GA>AL> Walton Co. FL
Peggy Martin
Sewell Walden
About 1825; TN
Sam Sneed
Elizabeth Walker
before 1810; Va>TN> Ar
Hiram Walker
(Mary Conway)
born abt 1823; TN
R R Geier
Isaac Walker
(Sallie/Sarah Roberds/Roberts)
1815; North Carolina
Barbara Crawley
John Walker
1814; Tennessee
Danny L. Ewing
Lee Walker
1804; TN
Smith Walker
(Euginia Studdard)
1822; Stocks NC
Sherry Stewart
Wiat Walker
1805; Ky.
T. McRae
William Walker
(Sarah / Sallie Wyatt)
abt 1818; NC or TN > Taney Co MO
Terri Walker
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Aaron Wallace
(Nancy Stanley)
Ca 1815 in USA; In Johnston County, NC in 1850 census
Iris Hill Brown
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Elisha Wallace
b. about 1818; North Carolina
Hugh Wallace
(Elizabeth Turncliff)
b. abt1823 Ireland, 1851 Hastings Co, Ontario Co, Canada; M. abt1856; 1870 Shawnee Co, KS; 1880 Waubansee Co, KS; d. in Topeka 1911
Thomas E. Moore
Thomas Wallace
b. abt 1804+ d 1873 ; born SC ,d. in Al
Inez Bush
Thomas Waller
1819; Haywood Co., Tn
Silas Marion Wann, Sr.
(Sarah A. Collins)
abt. 1802 or 1804- , Wayne, Kentucky
Cammie Haase
Andrew Jackson Ward
1820; Dooly Co, GA
William Ward
Daniel Dimmick Ward
(Harriet Newell Cook)
1804 Prince Edward Island; 1882 Quincy, Illinois
Toni Pralle
Meshack Ward
(Elizabeth Wilson)
born 17 March 1804 in Orange Co., North Carolina; died 14 July 1895 in Wayne Co., Mo.
Clara M. Lamkie
William Ward
(Lucinda Anderson)
1800-1805, N.C.; 1828 Marriage,Greene Co TN
Ray Ward
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William Ward
(Nancy Greenway)
1813 Elbert Co GA;
Sunni Winkler
James Waren
1820; Kentucky
Joseph Warner
(Ruth Trott)
1800; VA
Mary Grether
Andrew Warren
(Matilda Wann)
Abt. 1803, PA; d. 22 Mar 1867, Clearfield Co., PA
Shirley Boatwright
Andrew Warren
1816; Buncombe Co, NC
Marvin & Samme Templin
James Warren
1820; Kentucky
Moses Warren
1800; WashingtonCo. NY
Deloris Burton
Samuel Warren 1801 MA
Brenda Robinette
Thomas Warren
Abt 1800 New York; Abt 1851 Ohio
Helen Rector
Samuel Wasey
(Mary Bee)
1808 Pennsylvania; Bensalem, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Carol Thompson
Ephraim Washburn
(Clarissa Roberts)
1802; Tamworth, NH
Susan Bingler
Philo Washburn
(Olivia Lombard)
Oct. 15, 1811 Hampton, CT;
Bill Hammitt
J. C. B. Washington
(Ann E. Bobo Ray)
b. abt. 1800 probably GA; moved to Franklin, Missouri by 1820; d. bef 1838
Nicholas Waters
(Mary Cork)
1803 MD; Ross CO., OH > Tippecanoe CO., IN > Clark CO., IL
Helene Lishner
Daniel Watkins
(Jane Chamberlin)
born abt 1809; Renssalaer Co, NY
Betty Hadley White
James Watkins
(Martha Dozier)
abt 1815 GA maybe; 1840-1850 Madison Parish, LA
Rita B. Jones
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Edward Watson
12-25-1817 Cincinnati, OH; 1863 Meredosia, IL
Marie Butcher
Jonas Watson
(Barbara Sides)
est. 1825 Lancaster. Pa.; died 1903 Nebraska.
Linda Johannsen
Joseph P. Watson
(Mary Pinkley/Pinkney)
1808 NC; Warren, KY
Dolores Melby Hibbert
Martin Alexander Watson
b 1807; SC>TN
Richard Burdette
William Watson
(1st. Louisa Hays)
(2d. Mary Evaline Yearwood Proctor)
1818-1903; SC>Jackson Co GA
Teri Koch
William H. Watson
abt. 1820-35 don't know; lived in Ohio and IN
Mary Watson
Catherine Weaver (Tisserand)
(Joseph Senecal)
1824; Redwood, N.Y.
Gloria Cruppi
Peter Weaver
1805, Franklin County, Tennessee
Donna Sharp
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William Webb
(Martha Morison)
Dec. 18, 1801; died Jan. 18, 1859 Webb Cem. Monroe Co. TN.
Rex Webb
Jane Webster
1823 VA; Hardy Co WV
Ross Webster
Sullivan Webster
(Eliza Lopaus)
January 1811 Maine;
Virginia Wood
Janette Weeks
(Samuel Weeks)
ca 1819 New York; Cedar Swamp, Queens County
Janice Bernath
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Samuel Weeks
1805; Maryland
Bob Weeks
Konrad Weisel
13 Dec 1802 - 21 Nov 1866; Hesse-Darmstadt>WI
Bonnie Weisel
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Peter Henry Weiser
(Anna Kerr)
23 Jan 1814, PA; OH>MO
J Welborn
abt 1800; MS
Becky Kennedy
Anson Wells
b. 7/1/1814; Wellsburg or Rochester, NY
Marjorie Bridges
David Wells
(Mary Ralston)
16 Mar 1806; New Jersey
George S. Robinson, Jr.
William T. Wells
(Tabitha J. Conner)
1825; Virginia
Nancy Kocevar
Benjamin Westerfield
(Julia Gray)
1820-1890; Ger>Upper Marlboro, MD
Micki Dobson
Isaac Westfall
abt 1814; VA/WV
Stephen Westfall
Thomas Weston
(Eliza Howard)
1801-1839 MA; Married 1823-New Bedford
Edwin Wheeler
abt 1820; CT
Tom Melton
Calvin Wheelington
(Lou Wheelington)
1822-1899; Arkansas
Johnny Wheelington
Alford White
(Lavenia White)
Milford Township Johnson County Tennessee; d.o.b.1816- 1817
Dolores Hall-Nimmo
Clement White
(Joanna Bell)
1810-1825; New Hampshire
Joy True
Elijah White
Feb.15,1822; Perry Co.Tn.
Dale White
James White
(Julia Springle)
1814 TN; 1850 Marengo Co AL
Robert White
Lydia Abigail White
(John Maltsbarger)
born abt 1810; TN
R R Geier
Nathaniel White
(Esther Peck)
1824 - Vermont; Married 1851 - Jay, NY
Lee White
Thomas A White
(Mary Jamison (Polly) Bailey)
1801-1803 VA/WVA; 1824 marriage VA
Darrel White
Vanderbilt White
1800-1900; NC
Weller B Johnson
Zachariah White
(Mary Hobbs)
b.June 11, 1814 in PA ; d. Feb 1903 in Knox County Ohio
Debi (White) Lehman
Matthew Jennings Whitehill
(Martha Jane Blakeney)
1810 England; Arrived on the Tucarora in Phildelphia from Liverpool in 1819
Lisa Pelliteri
Edward Whitelaw
(Theodocia Waite)
1813-1816; SCT>OH>MI
Rebecca Whitfield
21 Jan 1820; Anderson S.C.
Sharon Brewer
Calvin Whitney
1816-1832; Thomaston, ME
Christine M. Smith
Hiram Whitney
(Minerva Jones)
1805-1839; AL
Tara Whitney
Thomas H. Whitton
(Sarah Ann Hopkins)
1811 -@1876; Louisa, Fluvanna Co., VA
Sharon Sustar
Thomas Whitworth
(Sarah "Sally" Gullick)
5 Jul 1800 Vriginia; 1850 res Greene co. Indiana; died Apr 1892 in , Neosho, Kansas
Judith E. (McKee) Burns


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