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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John B. Tibbets
(Amy Wood)
m. 1829; Clermont Co., Ohio
Carolyn Kuczmarski
Jacob Tice
(Mary Norton)
Palatine, NY 1812
Charles Tice
Jacob S Tice
(Hannah M )
April 28, 1814, NJ;
Arthur Tice
William Tice
(Elizabeth Ellsworth)
03 1804 New Jersery; m 1838 Senaca Falls New York
Linda R Miller
Bennett Tichenor
(Angeline Condit)
Born: 27 Aug. 1807 Ohio Co. KY; Married: 1 Sept. 1831 Ohio Co. KY
Sheryl Rowell Townsend
Reuben Tidrow
(Sarah Amonette)
abt 1800; VA
Peter Tidwell
1819; AR
Michael Tidwell
Henderson Tilley
(Mary Cardwell)
ca. 1820 TN; d. 1870/1880 Putnam, TN
Janel Woodbury
George Tindle
(Mary Pace)
b.1808; Virginia
Nancy S. Lloyd
Ira Tinklepaugh
1819, Luzerne County,PA;
Josh Felter
Jesse Tinkler
1815-1889; Indiana
Yvonne White
George Tinnell
(Mary Pace)
b.1808; Virginia
Nancy S. Lloyd
John Isaac Tinney
(Elizabeth Davis)
1800 - 1851; Meriweather Co., Georgia
Tammy Tinney Caine
Henderson Tipton
(Elizabeth )
1818; 1890 / Unicoi Co, TN USA
Lavada Knight
Catherine Tisserand
(Joseph Senecal)
1824; Redwood, N.Y.
Gloria Cruppi
Abraham Titman
1819; NJ
David Titman
Mary Ann Todd
born 1818 died 1882; KY
Betsy Mathisen
James Topping
(Ann Halliday)
1812 to 1894; Ireland>MD>OH>IL
Leah Rodis
Anthony Torpey
1823-1885; Ennis, Co. Clare, IRL > Broome Co., NY > Hornellsville, Steuben Co., NY > Attica, Wyoming Co., NY
Karen Mohr
Anthony Torpy
1823-1885; Ennis, Co. Clare, IRL > Broome Co., NY > Hornellsville, Steuben Co., NY > Attica, Wyoming Co., NY
Karen Mohr
Thomas W. Tovery
(Mary Jane Shipp)
abt. 1824 MS; LA
Joan Carr
George Towne
(Sophia Cain)
1800-; US
Marva Tucker
Teressy Townsend
born. 1824; SE
Carolyn Black Hill
Jeremiah Trapp
(Mary Richards)
1802; S.C.
James M. Trapp
William Trask
(Jane Todd)
Aug 25, 1811 Deerfield MA; Flemington GA
Beverly Trask Murphy
John Travis
about 1800; Virginia
N Masterson-Reed
William Lewis Trice
(Ann Celestia Overbey)
b. 5 Oct 1825; d. 20 Jun 1891; b. Montgomery Co., TN; d. Christian Co., KY
Mary Lou Lisenbe
Thomas B. Trobaugh
(Mary Ann)
1822 TN
Patti Trobaugh
Jacob Troutt
(Margery Louisa Clay)
b. 3/21/1808; d. 2/13/1827; b. Tenn.
T. McRae
John Truelove
(Mary Downend)
1814, Lincolnshire, England; d. 8 Jun 1885, Avilla, Noble County, IN
Kyla Cathey
Hiram Trullender
(Ruth High)
b. 1804; Philadelphia, PA
Michelle Trullender Jones
Allen Tucker
1800+; Greene Co. GA
Shirley McCreedy
William M. Tucker
(Catherine E.)
About 1806 KY or TN
Mary Dougherty
Henry Tuggle
1801-1834; Knox & Harlan Co KY
Tad D. Campbell
John Singleton Tully
(Martha Rose)
09/09/1814 Carrol Co, Tn; 1870 Carrol Parish, La.
Julia T. Sciara
George W. Tupker
b 1824; GER>MO>IL
Julie Tupker
Felix Kenyon Turner
(Ganelda Brockett)
abt 1821 Isle of Wight, VA; dod: 1887-1889 Wayne, NC
Zacheus Turner
((Anna) Elizabeth Golden)
Abt. 1820 KY; d. abt. 1878 IN
Gaye Robertson
Aaron Turpen
(Jane Smith)
1800; Warsaw, Missouri
Cecelia Hudelson
William Twilla
(Lucinda Garner)
abt 1800; NC>TN
Kerry F Austein
Alfred Tyler
born 13 Mar 1816 in Benton, New Hampshire (?); McConnellsville, NY; lived in Missouri then NY, and Kansas
LC Johnson
Allen Twitty
(Patsey Willis)
abt.1820 AL ; d. 10/13/1877, IN
Margaret Solis
Isaac Tyre
(Mary Swindell)
before 1825; Georgia


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