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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John Taliaferro
(Ruth McCandless)
about 1821 Virginia; M:bef. 1862; D: in AR
Fran Higgins
James A. Tallman
(Annie H. Webb)
Born: 27 Nov. 1818 Abbeville Co. SC; Married: 18 Feb. 1857 Greene Co.
Sheryl Rowell Townsend
Thomas Tame
(Nancy Boswell)
1823-1890; Tennessee, Kansas
Anne Smittle
Asa Tarrant
(Mary Ann Robertson)
1818-1891; KY>IL>KS
Jackie Wilson Goddard
Alexander Taylor
(Sarah Woolley)
7 Apr 1816; Smith Co., TN
Cat Edwards
Andrew Taylor
(Janette Armstrong)
1806 Scotland; 1850 Mishawaka, IN
Joan Beeney
Andrew Taylor
(Janette Armstrong)
1806 Scotland; d.1891 Indiana
Joan Beeney
Asa Taylor
1801; Kentucky
Danny L. Ewing
Elizabeth Taylor
(James Sigler)
1815; Parma, New York
James Sigler
Eula Taylor
1800 Virginia
John Henry Taylor
(Eliza Cagle)
August 25, 1808 NC; AL ABT 1830
John Taylor
Joseph Taylor
(Nancy A. )
1825; Ga
Dorothy Wehunt
Robert A. Taylor
abt.1815-aft.1860; Adams Co PA; Dubuque Co IA
Tad D. Campbell
Robert J. Taylor
1814 SC; 1850 FL, 1860 AL
Ann Parker
(Dr) Silas Soule Taylor
b 1820; NY
Chuck Taylor
Teakle Taylor
1803; NC
James Robert Taylor
Thomas Asa Taylor
(Jemima Therell)
1819 NC or other
Jeanette T.
Warren Taylor
(Lydia Jackson)
1800-05; Warren County, GA
Fred B. Taylor
James Tedder
Dec 10, 1821; Thomaston, GA
Lemuel Templeton
(Margaret Miller)
1823 Fountain, Indiana;
Carol Oldham
Palmer Templeton
(Martha James)
1820-1870; Randolph Co, AR
Jane Templeton Cato
Samuel Templeton
(Nancy Hupp)
B. 1818, OH; Died 1900, Washington Co., OH
Brenda Perkins
John Templin
(Magdelene Templin)
abt 1820 Poland/Germany; immigrated 1875 Chicago Illinois
Stephanie Templin
John Ten Eyck
(Louisa Pegg)
1800-1880; Indiana
Linda Bonnell
Elizabeth Ann Tenney
(Austin Frederickson)
1825 PA; 1839 IL, 1850-1856 WI, 1858-1860 IA
Kathleen Race
Zealous Terboss
1820 NY;
Laurie Grimes
James Terrell
(Julia Liptrap)
1818; VA
Robert Terrell
George W Terry
(Sarah ?)
Abt 1800; Williamsburg County SC
Barbara Terry
Hiram Terry
(Harriet Beach)
1808; NY
Michael Terry
Michael Terry
(Mary Jennings)
1800; KY
Rachel Adams
Charity A. Terwilliger
b. 6/22/1817; NY or PA
Marjorie Bridges
George Thomas
(Orrisca Adeline Norton)
6/20/1805 Alton, NH
Cecil Thomas
James Thomas
(Mary van Osdol)
b. 6 Sep 1814; PA
Archie Thomas
John Thomas
(Mary Ann Turner)
b:abt. 1815; Virginia, died in IA
Dana Thomas
Rpwland Thomas
(Elizabeth Sasser)
1800; Camden Co, GA, Alachua Co, FL
Dianna Vaughn
Thomas Thomas
(Jane K. Strong)
10 Oct 1819; Missouri
EP Thomas
Elias Thompson
(Mary Finley)
abt 1820 Christian Co KY; married abt 1842 Lewis Co MO
Paul Laurier
Joseph Thompson
(Sarah C. Shepard)
abt.1819 RI.; MA, CT.
Sue Ruckman
Lurena Thompson
(Jabez Faught)
10/18/1818 - 1/17/1885; Hendricks IN - Sonoma CA
Susan Faught
Mary Ann Thompson
(Jonathan Turner)
1821 OH; 1848 IA
Meg Kemp
Nehemiah Thompson
2-22-1820 to1893; Rochester,NY
Duncan Thompson
Robert Thompson
(Mary Stevenson)
1820; Wisconsin
Lavone Poulos
Robert Thompson
(Anna Underwood)
abt 1807 SC; GA
Laurie Mercer
Rufus H. Thompson
(Mary Little)
Feb 10, 1825 Tennessee; 1850 Johnson County, Indiana
Danny Thompson


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