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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Paulimas Decatur Stafford
(Martha Agee)
1800 to 1859; Alabama.
Sandra Patterson
James Staggs
1801 Kentucky
James W. Staggs
Sallie (Sarah) Stagner
(Isaac Reed)
abt 1808 in NC
Bruce Henderson
James Stamp
3 Apr 1813, MD>OH; 1835-1858, OH>1859-1884, KS
Charles Stamp
Elizabeth Stanton
1815, New York
Mollie Nobile
Wyman Stanton
(Esther Bliss)
Abt 1825 MI, NY or IN;
Lisa Van Heck
James Carol Starr
(Sarah Starr)
1818; Kentucky
Jill DeMoss
James Carol Starr
(Sarah Ann Campbell)
1819 KY -1881 AR; Eureka Springs, Carroll County, AR
Marcia Henderson
James Statham
born May 9, 1817 in Georgia; died December 2, 1908 in Bokoshe, OK
Katie Statham
Curtis Stearns
1812,Jefferson County, New York; 1850-1860,Wood County and Seneca County, Ohio
Curtiss Stearns
William Steel
(Mary Deen)
1820 Kentucky; 1870 moved to Indiana
Jacobina F. Steiner
April 28,1825 Winnenden GY; 1854 arrival US, New Orleans
Michael Steinway
(Emily Fleck)
abt 1825; Germany >Troy, NY
Donna Vaughn
David Stephens
(Frances Huitt)
b:1807; Spartanburg,SC
Linda Nelson
Dorothy Stephens
(Conrad Huffman)
m. April 1841 Warren Co OH
Christyne Massey
Gideon Stephens
(Ellen Arendell)
5-18-1818; South Carolina
Arnold Surley
Jacob Stetler
(Elinor J Smith)
1817 PA; Died 1889 Richland, WI
Karen Stetler
James W Steuart
(Pauline B Bridewell)
1807 Leesburg Loudoun VA; Death: March 10 1854 Florence AL
Reese Brown
Chauncey Stevens
(Susan Brown)
1817; NY
Patti Stevens Vinent
John Stevens
(Rachel Riggs)
Abt 1810 PA; m. abt 1850 OH
Charles Steward
(Mary Ann McWilliams)
abt 1820-1824; Piqua, Miami, Ohio
Lana Archibald
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Alexander Stewart
1810-1874; Abbeville, SC>Butler Co, AL
Harriet Nihart
Charles Stewart
(Mary Ann McWilliams)
abt 1820-1824; Piqua, Miami, Ohio
Lana Archibald
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Robert Stewart
(Belinda Irish)
abt 1820; New York state
Joyce Stewart
Thomas Stewart
(Sarah/Sally Faulkner)
1806; Talbot Co MD
Ellen Vester
Thomas Wilson Stewart
(Mary Bickers)
1821; Harrison County, Kentucky
Jean Winters
Walter Stewart
(Jennie Stewart)
1820; Lampasas, Texas
Tara Alaimo
William Stewart
1804 Kentucky; 1860 Johnson County
Karen Conroy
William Stewart
March 25,1821; Wilimington, Delaware
Leslie L. Walter
Zechariah Stiles
(Alsa Gay)
1800; NC
Iris B. Castles
Quincy Still
1800; Philadelphia, PA
Marshall R. Still
Alexander Stillwell
(Mahala Catherine)
Abt 1805 NC or IN; 1833-40 TN; 1840 Ark
Nancy Abraham
Isaac Stinsman
1817-40; Montgomery Co, PA
Bruce Stinsman
Benjamin G H W Stoddard
(Almira Johnson)
5/19/1822, MA or RI; Died 9/9/1895
William Stoddard
Eliza Stodder
(Rufus Coombs)
29 July 1806; Gardner, Massachusetts, USA
Ella Buettner
John Stone
Abt. 1800-Abt.1833; VA
Leah Froemsdorf
David Stookey
1824-1840; OH (Ross Co.) Steve Stookey
Charles Stratton
(Sarah Piper)
1813-1872; Boston, MA
Anne Pollitzer
Daniel Strawser
(Frances (Fanny) Ramy)
1806? - 1893; OH/PA
R. G. Strawser
Joahin Strege
(Johannah Frederitz)
1804 Germany; Lac Qui Parle County, MN
Kasey Johnson
William P. Strow
(Catherine Alberts)
1819 - 1879; PA>OH>IL>IA>MO
Leanna Eversmeyer
Frederick Strubel
Birth 6 NOV 1814  Mufeld/Muhlfeld, Germany; Emmigrated through the port of Bremen on the ship Caspar approx. 1842; Death 13 FEB 1889  Strasburg Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania
Phyllis D
Maria Anna Strude
(Anton Klotzer)
1806 Germany; Prairie du Long, Monroe Co., IL
Judy Schor
Alexander Stuart
born 12/3/1800; Davidson Co., N.C.
Betsy Monaghan
John Stuart
(Lucinda May)
1819 Terra Haute Indiana
Inger Stewart
William Stuckey
(Vincey Ward)
1815, SC; 1814, GA
Cathy Thomas
Carol Sturdevant
(Carol Sturdevant)
1800-1825; Erie Canal NY
Carol E. Sturdevant
John Sturges
(Elizabeth Radford)
1812 GA
Lee Nave
Dennis Sullivan
(Ellen Graney)
1818, County Kerry or Cork, Ireland; d. 1890, Barneston, NE
Avis M. Cawley
Smith Sullivan
abt 1800; US
Thelma Waters
William Sumner
(Philipina (Pinie) Walker)
before 1825; VA; md. Floyd County, VA
Melanie G. Whittington
Andrew Thomas Surber
(Nancy Ann Miller)
November 1, 1808, Ohio
Jeanne Surber
Powell Sutton
(Rhoda Taylor)
abt 1800; North Carolina
Janice Stokes
Henry Swain
1815-1881; PA
Christina Murat
Edward Sweeney
1817 Ireland; 1851-1895 Dakota, Minnesota
Elder Corniea
Benjamin Sweet
1808-1811; Stephentown, Rennselaer Co, NY
L Scriven
Ephraim Sweet
(Laura Babcock)
1821 Berlin, NY
Mark Dionne
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Martha Sweet
(James Lemon)
20 Nove 1819 Leroy, Genesee ,New York
Lorraine Rencher
Cyrus V. Swett
(Rebecca Morris)
1823; Hardwick, VT
Melvin D. Swett
John A. Syfrett
(Margaret Cawthon Edwards)
1800; Orangeburg, SC
Leigh Curry


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